Story of Us part I

You smell that? It's the scent of our first anniversary hanging in the air. And in the weeks leading up to the big celebration [May 27, for those of you who forgot] I will be sharing bits of our story. And don't worry, I promise not to be all sappy and nauseating. We have some funny stories, okay?

Let's start at our very beginning. Want to see me on the night I met my husband? Are you sure?
BAM. I know, try not to spit coffee on your monitor. It was Tacky Prom---which in Gamma Phi Beta lingo means "The best event EVER because we get to dress in Goodwill 80's dresses." And make stupid faces for the camera. And meet our future husbands while wearing said 80's dresses. Ah, glory days. Why did you leave me?

This event was a switch with Nate's fraternity. I searched high and low to find a picture of my meat head that night, but apparently he didn't purchase party pics like I did. Curse those boys and their lack of photography skills! If I remember correctly he was dressed as this guy from The Village People. Mustache, facial expression, and all:Our first encounter was rather odd. Nate was talking to my friend in the picture with me. I marched right up to him, and interrupted their conversation with, "Do you know who I am?" VERY sure of myself, right? His response: "I can't remember your name, but I know you drive a black Mazda SUV."

Okay, creepy stalker boy who knows what I drive. Seriously? He was correct, by the way. Same car I have today.

I remember him asking if I liked his mustache and I informed him [without hesitation] that it was probably the most disgusting thing about him. Our first conversation was full of cockiness, attitude, and big egos. It was meant to be, I tell you:)

But our infamous second encounter trumps the first. To my family members out there, I hope I've reached the age where my foolish past doesn't disappoint you anymore. I don't think I shared ALL the details of our second encounter before. So here goes nothing...

It was the weekend before my 21st birthday and I had just attended our Spring formal with my hot date, Allison:) Because we enjoyed staying out until 3 a.m. and socializing in smoky bars [makes me want to gag now] we made the trek to Humphreys----otherwise known as the bar that stole all of my money in college.

Nate was there and we began to chat again. As I whipped out my fake ID I set myself up for the worst pick up line known to mankind. I asked him, "Doesn't this girl look just like me? It's such a great ID." He paused for a moment while he pondered the license, then said with the straightest face ever: "Yeah, if you lost thirty pounds."

THIRTY FREAKING POUNDS? As a member of the female species I was appalled. Dumbfounded. Furious. I didn't understand my future husband's dry [sick] sense of humor back then. And I wanted to strangle him that night. So I did what any sane woman would do and I sought out support from my best friend, Hannah. Actually, I dragged her by the arm from the other side of the bar to meet this Giant Pike Jerk. And like a good best friend she continued to yell at him while I shot him my best biyatch face.

What did Nate do, you ask? Apologize? Make things right? Nope. He laughed. He thought it was the funniest thing ever and from that moment on, he learned how to push my buttons. And I couldn't let it go. In fact, we stayed up until 5 a.m. that night talking both in person and on the phone. I'm pretty sure most of our conversation went like this:

J: "I cannot believe how much I hate you."
N: "Give me a break, I was kidding with you. You're not fat."
J: "Your sense of humor is not funny. It's stupid. And you are a jerk."

But obviously there was something special between us or I wouldn't have cared so much. If he tried to pull that line on me now, 6 years later, I would rattle off some stellar comeback without missing a beat. That's what years of sarcasm will do to you. It hardens your heart:)

And then there is our first picture together, from the PT pub crawl night. It was the night we decided we were officially dating. "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" or whatever kids these days call it. I wish I could reach out and shake these two crazy kids and say, "Do you realize that you are going to spend the rest of your lives together? Quit ignoring that little voice in your head that tells you this is The One."

Because it was hard for me to let my guard down and just enjoy our relationship. But that little voice in my head finally talked some sense into me and here we are, six years later. Things have changed and things have stayed the same. But no matter what, one thing is certain: my husband has no game. Who says that to a girl in a bar without getting slapped? :)

Anyone else have funny stories from 'the early years?'

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Your 80's prom picture trumps my Steve Urkel picture hands down.

  2. That is the best "how I met you" story yet! Definitely beats meeting your future husband at the LIBRARY where you worked... :)

  3. Great story, Julia. I am looking forward to many more to come :).

  4. Very cute! And I totally get what you mean about our "foolish past". In my post about Jim and I meeting, I "forgot" to mention that I had about 4 tequila shots before telling Jim he was my future husband. :-D

    I can't wait to hear more stories. Keep 'em coming.

  5. Aw, that's such a great story! I look forward to hearing more.

    P.S. That prom picture is priceless. The side pony is a great touch.

  6. Haha! The prom picture is great! This is such a funny story. I met my future husband while we were both wearing fishnets in the Rocky Horror Show. Oh, and I thought he was gay. He was complaining about a break up, and I asked him what his boyfriend's name was. It was a girl. Whoops!!

  7. Love the story. You two are so cute! You went to SLU right? Do you know Katie Shupe? She was a Gamma Phi Beta, but I think she might of transferred to another school.

  8. that prom dress is sooo hilarious!

    awesome how i met you story- you two are so cute!


  9. In your prom pic I am thinking you look a little like Cameron Diaz!


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