J.Lorene update

I dropped my prices a little bit, I hope you don't mind:) You can see the new list at the 'your investment' tab.Also, I just realized that my company email is being a little difficult. Apparently I never got a few inquiries and that makes me angry. I just found a completely random folder full of unread messages!

So if you contacted me and haven't heard back from me, please try sending me another email:

Or go through my contact page again. I swear, technology baffles my mind sometimes.

****update as of Saturday night: just to make things MORE exciting, the server for my site is down. Why you ask? A transformer caught fire in the data center of the website company. Who knows when this will be resolved, but don't send me any emails to the above listed address until it's fixed, okay? Try jules5.27.07 at gmail if you need me. And I guess you'll have to wait to see the new price list. Ugh.*****

****Sunday night: they are trying to get it all up and running but still no luck. Apparently this is a really rare event but nobody was hurt, so that is good. It's funny to read some of the hard core photographers ready to cut someone over this whole debacle:) Hang in there, and check back in a day or two to see my prices. AND you might have a new little example album to view [ahem, San Diego trip, ahem]****

***Monday: It's back up!***

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