Say goodbye to our economic stimulus check, Henry:

Please welcome the new addition to our household, Mr. iMac:
The 20 inch screen is optimal for viewing fabulous websites. How did we ever survive with a 13 inch screen? The horror!
And so, my friends, it's official: we are hemorrhaging money. Our bank account is crying out in protest but we are doing our best to ignore the screams. Because this is one pimp computer!

Our poor little laptop is quite jealous. She was functioning at her optimal level today until we brought home this bad boy. Now she refuses to turn on. Thank goodness we burned all of our important files and photos to DVDs last night! I think the only thing we didn't rescue was our iTunes library, but we can manage. 

So here is to a fresh start!


  1. Wow, that's beautiful!!

    Congratulations, and good for you for doing your part to stimulate the economy. ;)

  2. Niiiice! Looks like we both got some fun toys this weekend!

  3. I'm SO jealous! I'm still "suffering" with my beautiful 13-inch MacBook. I'm hoping to upgrade to a nice MacBook Pro someday...

  4. that screen is a beauty! awesome way to spend your stimulus money dear!


  5. I just got the macbook and as a first time mac user, love it! It's still taking a bit of getting used to but so far it's great. How could I not love it when the "owners manual" is about 12 pages!

  6. oh, molly. Just wait until you become a Mac pro yourself. You will never go back to a PC:)

    and Kathy~the 13 incher always worked for us, until we came to the dark side. And now we are officially spoiled.

    I just love posting comments on my own blog from my new computer because everything on this computer rules!!


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