Story of Us part 3

We met each other in 2002. It was hilarious.

First came LOVE.

Then came the proposal. Here is the story of how I got my freaking ring.

~Julia almost gets the ring thrown in her face~

After dating for nearly four years you can't blame me for getting a little antsy. I took my anticipation up a notch around Christmas of 2005. I did NOT get my ring, nor did I fully expect it, but I remember Nate's cousins calling to ask if I was going to get any shiny new gifts on Christmas. Hmmmm, so if his family was thinking of an engagement surely Nate was, too.

By February we decided to take the plunge: we went ring shopping together. If you've never had the pleasure of shopping for your own engagement ring let me just tell you---it's freaking nerve wracking! We were both SO nervous as we walked into the jewelry store we nearly peed ourselves. When the salesman asked, "How can I help you two?" I think Nate went through puberty again because his voice cracked, "Um......uh.....we need to look at engagement rings." It was squeezable:)
We looked at a lot but I found my absolute favorite: princess cut stone with tiny baguettes on either side. Sort of like a solitaire but not quite. Loved it. I made to sure reiterate that fact about 600 times on the way back home. Nate said, "If I just get you the one you like then it won't be special. So maybe I'll just pick one out that is similar to your favorite." Not that I don't trust Nate's sense of style---because I do, he's one of the most metrosexual stylish men out there---but I wanted that particular ring so bad I could taste it. I tried to play it cool and act like I'd be happy with whatever he chose [while secretly sending subliminal messages to him to pick the right one!]
Weeks passed and nothing. Valentines day was rapidly approaching. He even insisted on taking me to The Tap Room, where we had our first date. I admit I was pretty disappointed when my left hand remained bare that night. More weeks passed. Still nothing. I started to get a little whiny: "Don't you want to marry me?" Ugh. I hated myself for being such a brat about it but I couldn't stop. Nate remained calm and probably bit his tongue each time I went on my tirades. One night he snapped and said, "Julia, do you want me to just throw the ring at your head or what? Be patient!" Ooooooh, the 'p' word and me are not good buddies. But I tried to shut up for awhile.
Then came Sunday, March 26, 2006. I was passed out asleep in bed [probably drooling and sweating, too.] Nate got up to take Henry outside which I thought was kind of odd, since that was traditionally my job at the time. I heard Henry's little footsteps coming my way and then he eagerly jumped up on my bed and sat down like a good boy. He stared at me proudly like he had a secret to share. I noticed the pink ribbon around his neck first, then the pink gerbera daisy and pink rose all tied together. Henry had a pink floral party on his neck and it was too cute. Nate walked into the room and I said, "Thanks for the flowers." I wasn't suspicious yet because I was still half asleep. But then Nate said,"Keep looking," and my eyes popped open with fury. I knew.

I looked under Henry's little chin and tied to the pink ribbon was my beloved ring. Henry stood amazingly still as I untied the ribbon from his neck. At this point I think Nate started his speech but all I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears. My upper lip definitely started to sweat and my hands began to shake. I became a broken record and asked, "Are you serious?" so much that Nate replied, "Yeah, I'm serious. Is that okay?" We hugged, kissed, and the world stopped spinning for just a moment. It was the second happiest day of my life. I discovered that Nate purchased the ring over a month ago and carried it around in his backpack that whole time. He was waiting to ask my Dad for permission and wasn't sure if we'd see him in person anytime soon. Of course I felt like the biggest jerk on the planet for being Princess Whines-a-Lot but Nate didn't rub it in too much.
We were so wrapped up in our little moment that we didn't notice our puppy wandering off into another room. I suppose Henry was pretty excited, too, because he dropped a nice deuce on the carpet for us. It was his celebratory poop:) At least I got to clean it up while staring at my bling.

So yes, I got my ring. And immediately began planning our wedding. It's hard to believe that was over two years ago but I suppose time flies when you're having fun.


  1. "It was his celebratory poop:)"

    LMAO. What a great story :).

  2. I'm currently the "girl who whines a lot", but I have to admit we've been together for 5 1/2 years. (That's my disclaimer!) We just started looking at rings online, as we are nowhere near a major city. I think my head is about to explode, so this post really cracked me up. The poop made me laugh out loud!

  3. LOLIRL!!!

    "celebratory poop"

    Don't feel bad about whining about your ring. I started bugging DH after about a year and it only got worse once I entered the jewelry industry. He didn't proposed until after we had been dating for more than 4 years.

  4. Cute story. :)

    I got like that a little bit, too, when we started talking marriage. I couldn't wait to be wearing that bling! And I'd picked mine out, too, so I knew it was coming - and, like you, the 'p' word isn't my strong suit, either!

  5. Ugh....I was the same way. Except I didn't get to pick out my ring - but you know what's ring is almost exactly like yours!!! Yay for happily ever after! And. Um. Celebratory poops...ha!

  6. Sorry, completely off subject here... I think that Nate looks like Ashton Kutcher in most of these pics!!

  7. You've got some beautiful bling!

    The first time we went shopping we pretty much had the same experience. For some reason when we walked past jewelry stores in the past I never had a problem pulling him closer but that day we may have had to make a few laps... Once we got in there my brother shows up in the store and says, so what are you guys doing?

  8. Erin~Ashton Kutcher?! I'll take it!

    Karen~I think Nate might have died if we saw any family members at the jewelry store. Too funny

    Abbie and Jamie~Hang in there. You'll regret being whiney someday:)

    I'm glad some of you felt the same way as me. And Amanda ~I didn't know you were in the bling biz!

  9. Very cute and I love that Henry took a celbratory poop for the two of you.

    I loved that he told you to "keep looking" how sweet. I can just imagine his expression when saying that.

  10. Cute proposal! Nate did good! And your ring is beautiful.

  11. Aw! That is a cute story! I got o shop for my ring too and ended up with the one I wanted. Isn't it great?!?!? Scott has no taste, so he knew to get the one I wanted!

  12. I love all the old pictures of you guys! You have lot of looks between the two of you! I especially love to see nate with hair haha!

  13. Wow...I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years 7 months, and I thought I've been waiting a long time!

    Your story made me smile. :)


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