Quotes by Nate

Quote of the day, from my hubby:

"If they'd stop being so hard, the tips wouldn't rip off."

Do you have any idea what he's talking about here? I'd like you to make your best educated guesses and then I will post the answer later.

And yes, it has to do with running [of course].

9.16.08 UPDATED for your enjoyment:

Yes, my lovelies. He is referring to his nipples. [Not mine, thank goodness. My little guys have hung in there without issues but Nate's are another story].

I would have enjoyed posting a picture of said bloody nipples but I fear that blistered toes + bloody nipples = over-the-top gruesome blog. And I never wanted to be a 'disgusting' blogger anyway. So instead of the picture, I'd like for the brave readers out there to google image the following phrase:

"mens bloody nipples after running."

You can thank me later.

The story is this: Nate has a painfully tight cut-off spandex shirt that I lovingly call his 'Bro.' It's so tight it acts as a sports bra for his girls and he sometimes wears it underneath a regular shirt....just like a sports bra:)

Well sometimes Nate freaks out and thinks the Bro is too hot, so he won't wear it. And do you know what happens then? His nipples get hard, and they rub on the shirt for 2+ hours during a long run, and then they literally bleed down the front of his shirt [did you google the pictures yet?].

The best part is when he takes a shower. I'll hear a scream, followed by cursing, followed by wimpering and I know his nipples lost the battle on the pavement. Seriously, there are little scabs on the tips.....it's the epitome of sexy, let me tell you.

He even stooped so low as to try band-aids for the 23 mile run, which totally didn't help and they still bled through. I wanted him to take off his shirt and run with just the band-aids but he refused. Can you imagine? I'm snickering now just thinking about that sight.

And so, when he has one of his PT labs at school, they have to remove their shirts and poke around on each other to learn about the human body [and yes, I'm okay with this...as long as his lab partner is an ugly chick]. So now my husband is That Guy With the Scabby Nipples.

True story. I'm sure you appreciate the humor as much as me, right?


  1. uhhhh......your toes?
    When does keri get her test results?

  2. i was going to guess that it's your toes, too. it does sound pretty funny, though!

  3. nipples. yup. I said it.

    If I'm wrong, I'll just crawl in the corner with my head down.

    p.s. what is the font you used on your banner/sidebar icons? I love it.

  4. Keri gets her biopsy results hopefully Wednesday. I talked to her today and she said it went well---creepy long needle and all. Now she is stoked for the new boobies tomorrow.

    The font is called 'pharmacy' and I love it, too!

    It is NOT my toes. Ahem.

  5. Ahh...then it IS nipples!
    Wishing keri luck tomorrow and for happy results o Weds.

  6. I'm too embarassed to guess, but have to comment about Keri. Yay for new tatas! I hope the goodness continues to flow.

  7. nipples. distance running adds a whole new element of bizarre pains. and the shower after? ugh! so good and yet so terrible! (at least for me!)

  8. I have to go witht he nipples as well.

    And I do have business cards chickie, just none with the logo on it. :P

  9. I'm going with nipples too. LOL at Nate. :-)

  10. Oh goodness that sounds so painful!

    Have you seen the Office episode where they do a run to support rabies awareness? I seem to remember Andy having a similar problem and taping his nipples. Hilarious! But I'm sure your husband might disagree...

  11. Holy friggin' crap............OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
    I googled it, and it ain't pretty! YEOOOWWWWWW!!!
    p.s. ~ Would a nice pair of pasties solve the problem?

  12. Haha! LOVE IT! So sexy, Nate! I wish my man had scabby nipples (oh that sentence is so so wrong!).

  13. BODY GLIDE!!! You guys really gotta get some :).

  14. www.nipguards.com

  15. Ow, ow ow! I've heard about bleeding nipples before so I'm not too surprised. But still, I think I subconciously crossed my arms over the girls while reading this post!

    And...um...you take your shirt off in PT school!? We'll have to talk, sista! ;)

  16. Good thing Nate will never have to breast-feed. Talk about sore nipples!


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