Random musings

[kind of like a Miscellany Monday but not.]

1. Look at these hunks of burning love and try not to be insanely jealous of me:

Nevermind the fact that Henry looks like he split his torso down the middle. That is his signature porn star pose----he's patented it, in case you care.

2. My husband is a metrosexual. This isn't a new announcement or anything, but please take a look at the evidence:

[Henry is saying, "WTF, Dad?"]
A closer look yields the truth: Nate bought a pair of Sevens. He is officially the perfect blend of frat boy/meat head/a guy's guy AND a well-groomed/girl's guy/fashion slave. I never thought this day would come, my friends.
He is a multi-faceted one, my husband.

3. Did you notice my new blog lift? So much for changing it every month....bah to that. I'm trying for every other month now. And I decided to move away from the sickeningly sweet pink and settle into some nice cool greens. You like?

4. I just finished reading "The Kite Runner" and it was so-so. I never thought I'd like a book set in the Middle East but it really was pretty riveting. No, I've never seen the movie---I'm just way behind on the times, okay?

And now I just started "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Um, can you say obsessed? Anyone read either of these bad boys?

5. Nate's cousin Mike just sent me some mysterious digital negatives from their Beyond the Booth. Hmmmm, I wonder why I didn't print these off for myself? My father-in-law and I are so hawt. He is saying, "Why is this crazy chick living above us?"

Sometimes I like to practice my pregnant pose. "Ah, my aching back....rub my feet, please, honey." Can't you just hear me being all whiny and stuff?Then there is my husband: just looking plain cute. Poor guy, has to deal with his insane wife.

6. Guess who bit the bullet and ordered some business cards? That's right, I'm pretty much official now. And did I ever mention that I registered for my business license, too? Yep, I've gone corporate. Tax ID number and all---for reals.
You didn't think I'd post my actual phone number on my blog, did you? I have to draw the line somewhere: you might know a lot about me but not that. :)


  1. i really enjoyed "eat, pray, love". interesting story and if i had the opportunity to hang out and eat in italy for four months, i would SO be there!

    like the new blog layout too!

  2. I absolutely LOVED Eat Pray Love. I read it on Vacation and got a ridiculous sunburn since I refused to put it down and go indoors. It's a beautiful story, and reminded me to slow down and enjoy the little things, even the ones we tend to miss.

    Funny you should mention The Kite Runner too...I've been putting off reading it forever. Might continue to do so!

    I'm Jessica, by the way-I've been loving your blog ever since a friend put it up on her favorites!

  3. You two are adorable. Love the blog lift. And, I've read Kite Runner. I struggled through the first half and then couldn't put it down. So, that averages out to a so-so for me too. I'll grab E,P,L next.

  4. I read Kite Runner several years ago and thought it was excellent. But I will never read it again and never see the movie. Tooooo emotional. I was a ball of tears for a good part of the book and have no desire to re-live it all again.

    I've never read Eat Pray Love but everyone seems to rave about it. I'll have to pick it up this winter when I have nothing else to do I guess.

  5. I love the new blog layout!

    How freakin' adorable are you & your Hubs?

    Eat, pray, love has been on my to read list!

  6. I want to CLONE your dog, he is absolutely adorable!

  7. Lovin the new blog - very clean and modern. Congrats on the business cards. I'm glad I'm not the only one who moved away from STL but kept their STL number (DH did too).

  8. I already have my business cards designed for the nonexistent business idea in my head. I love yours!

    Also, lovin' the new blog simplicity. Cute!


    you will totally love it and never want to put it down :0)

    lol- love the seven jeans- and the fact that you state your hubby is a metro :0)

    yay business cards!!!!!

  10. 1. Is Nate wearing a cut-off t-shirt? Sick!
    2. I’m surprised you allowed the purchase of Sevens for Nate and wasn’t he the one that made such a big deal on how much you spent on jeans a couple of years ago? I’m going to have to have a talk with him in October…
    3. Glad you are moving beyond pink :-)
    4. I read both. I liked the “Kite Runner” a lot but it was pretty depressing and I have no desire to see the movie. I liked the beginning of “Eat, Pray, Love” but never finished it because I got bored which I know is horrible, maybe I’ll finish it one day.
    5. No comment.
    6. Very cute! Next year you are going to have to buy the Business Turbo Tax, how exciting!

  11. omg Hannah is RIGHT....Nate is wearing a cut off shirt!!! Too funny....Kite Runner for me was...eh. Don't bother with the movie. Eat Pray Love was awesome in the beginning (good rec for Jenn - good call) but I was tired of it after a while. Good, though. My rec is Stephanie Klein's, Straight Up and Dirty...such a good read. And funny! Love the blog-lift, but I'll always be a fan of the pink!

  12. I keep hearing about "Eat, Pray, Love" so I'm gonna have to check it out. Love the new look of the blog. :-)

  13. Cute blog lift! Me likey. ;)

    The Kite Runner is next on my list to read. It's sitting on my table at home, waiting for me to finish my current book. I read his other book - A Thousand Splendid Suns - and it was incredible. I couldn't put it down. I'm hoping The Kite Runner lives up to my expectations based on the other book...

  14. I watched the Kite Runner the other day. It was hard to get through the disturbing parts but really made me think about how quickly someone's world can completely change.

    I have started eat.pray.love but haven't gotten to far. I might pick it up again tonight!

  15. Those pictures made me laugh and say "Awww" at the same time. Your business cards are awesome and the blog looks really pretty!!

    I think I need to pick up Eat, Pray, Love. Even my DAD is reading it!!

  16. Hi Julia!

    LOVE the blog design. I don't click over from GR for just anyone, you know!

    I read both those books and really, really liked both of them. If you liked Kite Runner, you should read A Thousand Splendid Suns by him, too.

    Congrats on being a real, live business, that's so exciting!

  17. I like the new green layout!
    I also loved Eat, Pray, Love. I fantasize about having the guts to just pick up and take an extended trip like that.
    I also have Kite Runner on my shelf, but haven't picked it up yet.

  18. I am liking the new clean, simple page. And your header photo is to die for. You two are nuts. And I'll have you know, that my Nina has already patented that pose. We sent out Christmas cards of them one year, with a reference about being exhausted with all the holiday hoopla, and my Grandma got all bent out of shape about the 'vulgarity' of the pose. Geez Grandma, get your mind outta the gutter, it's just a freakin' dog taking a snooze!

  19. YAY for Nate buying a pair of Sevens and I LOVE the business cards. I better be getting some.

  20. Reading Eat, Pray, Love right now. Splendid. The cool greens are nice on your blog too.

  21. i LOVED LOVED LOVED "Eat Pray Love". It was one of those books that inspired me to read with a notebook close by so I could jot notes down!

  22. I am with those who LOVED EPL. I loved it so much that I want to reread it and write some of the things down that she said. I could so relate to her! I also like The Kite Runner, but it was hard to read (emotional). A Thousand Spendid Suns is harder to read.


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