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You can't be sick of Henry pictures yet, can you? Cause I have more my friends. Sunday afternoon I took about a bajillion pictures and here are some of my favorites:

Next to some good light:

And outside! Yes, I finally ventured out to see what some natural light would do:
Yep, still has a cute nose.
So then our friend Charlie and his dog Kevin came over for a surprise visit. Do you remember this post with the adorable puppy? That's Kevin but now he's WAY bigger than Henry and I don't think our little guy liked being the runt this time around:)

Kevin inspects Sammy.
I force the boys to take a walk before the sunset, but the good light was pretty much gone already. Isn't winter depressing? And don't Nate and Charlie looks like a happily married gay couple?

Oh, Kevin. Why do you eat so much snow?

A fave.
I can't wait to play with this one in Photoshop, but right now I'm staying away from the editing process while I learn the camera. The editing stuff is a whole other beast and I need to stay focused right now [no pun intended].

Cutie patooties.
They honored my wishes and began a [friendly] dog fight, just so I could play with different shutter speeds. I love how Henry is literally holding Kevin's paw in his mouth here.

And then he goes for the armpit, youch!

Such a snowy face.

We went for a walk in one of the nicest neighborhoods in our area. I can picture us living here, can't you?
Or here...I mean if you forced me to live there, I could survive. Is it creepy that I took pictures of random mansions? Probably. But I was ready for a still subject at this point.

Henry and his mommy, since she never gets to be in pictures anymore.

So then, the big decision was which camera bag to buy. I always thought I'd buy a girlie, fun-printed bag like the fabulous Shootsac, but I can't justify spending that kind of money right now. Nate, however, had different ideas: he wanted us to get an ultra-masculine, outdoorsy bag such as one from Lowepro. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those bags but they are just so plain and not me.

We debated on this for awhile and it almost got ugly. I personally think I'll be the one to use the camera the most and therefore I should have the biggest pull with this purchase. I doubt Nate will be strutting around the city, toting our camera in a girlie bag without me. He says it could happen and doesn't want to sport a bright pink floral print, although I can't imagine why not. I'm trying very hard not to be selfish with our new purchase and I've avoided saying, "It's MY camera that I bought with MY 'fun money' account...I earned it!!! Lay off!! Sigh.

Since marriage is all about compromise we settled for this adorable, custom made, padded bag from Etsy seller Wicked Stitch Designs.
But in this gender-neutral pattern. It was literally the ONLY one out of 1000s that we could agree upon, you guys.

If I had my way, I would have gone for one of these 'designer' patterns in a heartbeat:
But the green will do, I suppose. Since the bag is custom made it will take a full three weeks to arrive, and in the meantime I will continue the Crazy Tourist look with my camera hung around my neck.

Oh, and I'll still be putzing around with the new addition, too. I love it. So much fun.


  1. Ohhhh! What kind of doggie is Kevin? I love him!

  2. I LOVE the camera bag you choose. I am saving for a camera right now and will be sure to bookmark this Etsy seller. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome pics Julia. You're practically a professional now.

  4. Very nice looking photos...takin em like a pro

  5. Great pics! I still haven't taken mine outside.

    And I've been searching for a camera bag. I like the Shootsacs, but I can't help but think that's a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a bag for my camera. I like the one you posted though! And that first girlie fabric choice is exactly the same as my apron...could be fate. :)

  6. I love snowy noses! And what a fabulous camera bag!

  7. all such fun stuff!!

    btw, I think I know the people that live in the second house you pictured. I'm pretty sure that is the highlands anyway, right? Those houses are amazing!

  8. To tell the truth, I know the family who lives in the house in your second picture. And what you can't see is the in-ground pool they have up the hill behind the house! So, that's a bonus for when you finally live there! :)

    I like the bag, even if Nate did not want pink and the pictures are really fun. I think I'll be coming to you when I decide I want some pretty pictures of the baby. :)

  9. It was nice of you to compromise with him on the pattern, however, I foam at the mouth whenever I see Amy Butler fabrics, and would have had to trump my honey on that one.

    I love that you take so many photos of Henry. It makes me not feel so weird having a million pictures of our dog in the same pose.

  10. Love the nose shot. :) Isn't it funny how you'd never take a nose shot of a human, but it's somehow adorable with an animal?
    I think you need that bag. Go ahead, you have my permission...... :)

  11. That Amy Butler pattern is one of my FAVS!!!

    And, based on this post, I think you are going to LOVE the giveaway I have going on over here.

  12. Cute pics, cute bag. I have to give a shout out to this fabulous bag site also - www.tracyjoy.com. It's where I bought my bag and I love it!
    Can't wait to see more pics! It's addictive, isn't it?!

  13. Oh the doggie pics are too cute. Henry and Kevin are both very photogenic!

    Don't you just love your new camera. It really is life changing. I love ours!!


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