Christmas in Missouri

Tonight we are going to celebrate our second Christmas of the season, this one being in good ol' Wisconsin. So let's reminisce about our first time around in Missouri, shall we? Lots of pictures but not a lot of text, just how I like it:

My mom forced us into this shot. And somehow she also talked the boys--minus my brother who slept until 2 pm that day, probably on purpose to miss this shot---to do the same. Freaking hilarious, especially Henry's paws.

Mom got not one but TWO Snuggies. She also bought me a space heater. What can I say, the woman loves to stay warm (hence why she will never move to the Great Artic with her daughter):

My brother loves the idea of being an uncle to baby Carlos. So cute!

Speaking of adorable.....

Huge score on the baby product front: Mom got us our car seat! So of course we had to test it out despite protest:

The infamous 'loot' shot, which has never boasted such large baby products before. But I like it. In case you can't see it, my non-baby related loot included a pimped out Garmin for my car. Whoo hoo! No more getting lost in Milwaukee. And I got not one but two pair of 'faux' diamond earrings to replace my old studs I somehow lost. Yes, my friends, this was a very generous Christmas for our little family:

And did I have a mini baby shower from my mom or what? She went a little wild but again, who is to complain? Our car seat, diaper bag, travel swing, Moby wrap, and various clothes...

I did return the favor, though, and pumped out a few key items for my mom. I made her some photoshopped masterpieces, various Grandma books...

and this awesome necklace from Etsy:

And here is one of my photoshop masterpieces for you to enjoy. I've gotten really into the collage effects lately!

Henry got majorly spoiled. MAJORLY. I swear it will take us a week to return him to his properly trained self after all of this loving.

Mom has not one but two Christmas trees (plus the famous 'wedding tree' but never call that one a Christmas tree, okay?). My favorite one is her silver tree and this year she did a lime and blue theme. Makes for some fab pictures, no? And not to mention her wrapping was insane as always...



Then come the dog pictures. Lucie is my mom's baby and Henry is mine. They steal the camera time for now but we shall see what happens come March...







Our family did another puzzle this year, but only a 750 piece monster instead of the 1000 piece one from 2008. I wasn't that into it this year so I just took lots of pictures of my beloved family. So glad Memaw and Pepaw got to stay two nights with us!





I've said it before but I'll say it again: being home for the holidays will always be the ultimate comfort zone for me. Just lounging around with family, eating obscene amounts of yummy home-cooked food, and reminiscing about our crazy stories never gets old. I am so incredibly blessed to have an amazingly supportive and loving family. So before I get too overly mushy on you, I'll wish you a belated 'Happy Holidays' as we are off to celebrate again.

A few more posts in the wings...


  1. Sounds (and looks) like you guys had a great Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! :)

  3. Great loot! Would you mind sharing the etsy store you got the cute necklace from? I love all things etsy, esp. their jewelry. Love that necklace!

    That last picture...I can still remember the inside of your house! I think the TV used to be underneath those pictures of you and Michael? So many memories in that house. Like your waterbed! And coloring our hair with Glints! Making homemade Reeces! And, let's not forget, thats where the original collages all started with some Allure mags... ha! Okay, I'm being way too reminiscent!

  4. I want a silver tree so bad!! love the doggie+bokeh shots.

  5. Thank you for putting Henry in the baby's car seat! That picture made my day :)

    Looks like you had a great Christmas on the home front. Yay for amazing baby boy loot too!

  6. The Etsy seller is Madison Craft Studio. TONS of cute stuff. And yes, Erin, I remember all of those fun memories as well. Good times!!

    Thanks, ladies!

  7. Ugh, your photos are all so good. It's pathetic that I can't take a picture with this fancy camera of mine yet. But I'm hoping my craptastic photo-taking abilities will cease soon what with my Christmas gift from the hubs . . . a DSLR photography class at the art institute!

  8. Love the dog photos! They need to be framed! ;)

    Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas.

  9. I love your mom's Mizzou snuggie. I am going to need to get one of those! The pictures of Henry are just so adorable but that Lucie gives him a run for his money. The one of her in front of the tree... SO CUTE!

  10. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I love the photo of the guys doing the tummy hold :)
    Have a Happy Happy New Year!!

  11. Oh my where did your mom get her snuggie? We've been looking for a Mizzou one for my brother.

  12. My brother got my mom the MU snuggie....possibly at the Mizzou bookstore? But I know my mother-in-law just got a WI Badgers Snuggie from Kohls, too.


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