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Apparently we have a little family tradition: each year, I make handmade Christmas cards with photos on them. Since this is my third Christmas on this blog, I have nicely chronicled posts about these labors of love cards: 2007, and 2008 if you care about these sorts of things. And last year, we had the fabulous Andrea Weiss---friend, budding photographer, and fellow pregnant lady---take our pics for these cards. Remember? Well why mess with good thing? We just had to rope her in to snap some pics of our little family, complete with a Christmas-related prop for Henry again. Although his full blown Santa costume was a hit last year, we certainly couldn't re-use the same suit again. We found something just as cute and every bit as hated by dear Henry: a hat that stays on by his ears. Oh, can't you tell by his face that he just loves it?

So which do you like best for our cards this year?

1. (I almost broke this swing with my pregnant arse, for real)

2. (don't you love how a ray of light is hitting my gut here, highlighting the bump? Actually, Henry's facial expression is my fave here).

3. (Henry looks stoned, we look cute)

4. (Love me some b&w action)

5. (silhouette of love....try not to barf)

6. (belly shots as requested by our dear photog:) )

7. (this one might be going on a new blog header in the future, for sure. Good thing I painted my nails so my hands don't look like the man hands....right?)

8. (or maybe we'll let him be the showboat of the family card and go really simple with this one)

9. (but can you beat a b&w Henry dog?)

This is not an option for our family card, but I just love it. I forced Andrea to take a belly shot with me because A. Although she is only 15 weeks along and I'm 25 weeks, I seriously think we are showing the same amount, and B. She is literally standing on her tip-toes in this shot to come up to my gigantor level. Such a little peanut that one!.
baby bellies

It's been fun to share our pregnancies so far and I'm SO happy for her and her hubby. They totally deserve this gift of a wonderful pregnancy and they are going to be fab parents. Between baby talk, PT talk (she is going to apply to the same grad school program Nate is attending!), and photography talk we have quite a bit in common. Just not our height.....that's a little different:)


  1. I think my favorites are the top one of you in the swing and then the b&w of you three on the bench. They all look cute though and I love the belly!

  2. love love LOVE the photos. you and Nate (and Henry!) are so photogenic. You look awesome. What a GLOW!

  3. #4 is a fav, but sadly it doesn't howcase your baby bump as much. they are all wonderful!

  4. I like pic #2 the best. Love that it highlights your belly and a good shot of the doggy hat!

  5. I just might have a similar Santa hat that I force upon my dogs. Henry looks like he does a much better job of putting up with it. :) I think I'm liking the b&w with the three of you the best, but honestly, they're all awesome photos. You can't go wrong with any of them!

  6. I like the 3rd or the 4th one for the card. Cute pictures all around though!

  7. I love the first one but would vote for one where you can see Henry's adorable hat a little more. You're the cutest preggo ever!

  8. They are all SO good. My favorite is the 3rd.

  9. okay you guys are just beautiful people...but #4 (B/W of you three) is a winner!

  10. I think your bump is WAY more obvious in these photos than your weekly update photos. You are so obviously pregnant in these!

    I love the color pic of Henry and I love the B&W of the whole fam.

  11. So, I literally smiled ear to ear while reading this whole thing. The end may have made me tear up just a teeny tiny bit too :) You know the bench ones are my favorite but I dig the sillouette shot as well. As of course the close up of Henry makes my heart pitter patter....decisions decisions.

    Thanks for not mentioning my memory card mishap...I'll leave that story for my blog :)

    Oh, I thought you'd find it funny that Henry's head in picture 3 is transplated from another picture where I believe you or Nate are blinking!

  12. Um, fat chance I'll be able to pick a favorite from those! Gorgeous and super jealous of the two of you getting together again.

  13. #3 is my favorite, but you can't go wrong with any of them!!

  14. I like the second one the best! You won't ever be pregnant with your firstborn at Christmas time again so celebrate it :)

  15. love this!

    the 1st and 3rd are my favorites!

  16. all are so cute...but my fave is #2

  17. I like option #1, #3, and #4 best. You can't see your cute little bump but I like those best! Your family is so adorable!

  18. I love them all they are great. You are a photogenic family! My favorite is #2 where the light is hitting your baby bump. Can't wait to see which one you choose.

  19. I agree with Kristin, this is your first Christmas as a pregnant momma and I can't imagine not showing off that bump! so I vote for #2. They are all adorable, though.

  20. They are so beautiful!! Can't wait to get my card this year. ;) You two - no three! - no FOUR! - are so adorable. (I'm just guessing that little boy is just as adorable as you are. ;)

    Great job, Andrea!

  21. I love the 4th one down but I'm a lover of classic B&W. Great pics Andrea!

  22. I vote on 3....I love number 1 too but you can't see Henry's santa hat really....3 is more that a word?


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