Reasons to tolerate winter

Do you hear that? I'll wait a second.... did you hear it?

That's the sound of me NOT complaining about the cold weather up here this winter. In case you haven't noticed, I really haven't griped about it at all so far this season and I'm pretty proud of myself. Sure, it's only been truly winter weather for about a month now but whatev. I'm turning over a new leaf this winter, promise.

I've decided that I will not complain unless 1. We get more than 10" of snow in one day, or 2. It is consistently below 20 degrees as a high for more than a week. So far we have not experienced these two situations (although it's been close with our 'blizzard' warnings and subzero temps). And really, I don't mind winter and snow and cold in just gets me ready for a traditional white Christmas. I will certainly try to follow my guidelines well into Jan, Feb, March and April when it will certainly still be colder than a witches you know what. I will try, dear readers.

But I've decided that I need to find reasons why I sort of like winter. So here we go:

1. Frost on our windows combined with colored Christmas lights looks dreamy.






2. Hot drinks to keep my tummy warm. Yes, this year I must forgo my beloved Cabernet to warm my soul, but I've found a new favorite: minty hot chocolate. With steamed milk. And marshmallows. Yummy! This is my version:

And here is Nate's. He told me I was a wussy for only using 4 marshmallows because he, in fact, used about 20:
3. Bundling up under warm blankets at night.

4. Taking scalding hot showers to warm up (do you see a theme here?)

5. Winter meals like chili, grilled cheese and tomato soup, lasagna...the list goes on.

I'm starting with five but that's it. I will try to look at the positive side every time I mumble curse words under my breath as I scrape my car from beneath inches of snow and ice. Third Wisconsin winter, bring it! I can handle you now...I'm practically a local:)

What about you? What do you like about wintertime? (And if you live in a climate that never dips below 60 degrees you can answer this question but please know how much I hate you. Kidding. Just a little.)


  1. I am uber jealous of your traditional white Christmas. Really, if it could be cold and snowy for just December (and maybe January), I'd be happy. After that, bring on spring!

  2. I'm just glad to live in the south. I wouldn't know what to do with snow or ice.

  3. Great post - and awesome photos! We are in summer in Australia so it is strange to see the winter pictures :)

  4. We had some 20 degree highs for a few days. Thank God that's over... :)

    But, you're right, there's nothing quite like a scalding hot shower. Hmm... I think I'll go take on right now.

  5. same as Lisa, here in Australia it's summer and today it's going to be 39 degrees (which is about 103 fahrenheit). i'm quite jealous of ur white xmas!
    best thing about winter for me? snuggles under doonas, hot noodle soups in tiny asain restaurants & enjoying a hot choc everynight on the couch with my mister :)
    best thing about this time of year in Melbourne? sitting on our balcony, swinging legs over the side and munching on sweet fresh pineapple, and evening strolls together as the day starts to cool down.

  6. Tomato soup and grilled FAVE!!! I could eat it everyday.

    I really wouldn't blame you for getting whiney after January. I've lived here my whole life and I still complain at that time of the year.

  7. I love the photos of the frost/ice but do you pay for your heat?! If you do you should really, really put some plastic on those windows. You shouldn't have any frost on your windows that's just a sign of how much heat you're losing through them. Plus it will lead to rot.

  8. Lovely pictures!!

    And I second the vote for warm drinks, though I prefer my cocoa with rasberry syrup to mint.

    Favorite thing to add to the list, sitting by a fire.

  9. I'd kill for a fire place!

    And yes, we pay for our heat. Our 'landlord' aka my father-in-law is contemplating getting all new windows someday b/c we know they aren't the best. But he doesn't like the plastic, either, because it sticks to the wood and pulls off the polyurethane or something....I don't know, I just try to stay in the middle of the room and away from the windows:)

  10. I always love seeing all the schools get cancelled in the morning, even though I still have to go to work. For some reason, it brings back memories of snow days.

    And, I love warm mittens. And long scarves.

    If I didn't have to leave the house, I would absolutely love winter. =)

  11. Thanks for this post. I'm a transplant to Maine (What is it about husbands meeting wives at school and spiriting them off to the frigid tundra?) and work hard to not complain too much about winter. I love it when it's all white Christmas and deck the halls. It's when we get a foot of snow in April that I'm crying. :)

  12. I have been trying to do this lately, too - think of good things about winter. I haven't had as much success as you ;) I've been living in Chicago for 5 years now and I definitely still complain too much. Maybe if I could stay home on all the horribly cold/snowy days, it wouldn't be so bad, but commuting is so annoying when the weather sucks. I guess one good thing is the tomato soup at Panera. And lots of chai tea. And I do like sleeping under the heavy duvet.

    Our windows get frost like that too, when it's really cold out. We put up the plastic shrink wrap stuff to help out; haven't seen any issues with the wood (just as an FYI.. I understand not wanting to fight your father in law!). Definitely be careful about it dripping onto the wood; we constantly have rolled up towels on the wood windowsills during the winter, to catch the water that accumulates. The frost does look pretty in your photos though!

  13. Pretty photos of the frost! Best things about winter: 1) snuggling with a blanket and watching movies, 2) putting adorable hats on my little guy, and 3) being able to cover up the last 10 pounds of baby fat with sweaters!

    BTW, I was miserably hot when I was pregnant. Is your cute baby bump keeping you warmer?

  14. Those windows look amazing!!! I've never seen anything like that (Arizona native)!

    You're braver than I am to battle the cold. Keep up the good work :)

  15. I hate winter, which is why I live in the south. It's been much colder than normal and I've actually had to bust out a wool coat. Usually it only gets used a handful of times each year.

  16. being a minnesota native i've finally succumbed to the fact that this is where i will be for the rest of my life. so i've been trying to accumulate some nice/fun winter gear - a jacket and boots that i love, makes going outside in the sub-zero temps a little more fun! and i love adding french vanilla coffee creamer to my hot chocolate - pure bliss.

  17. here in oklahoma it's been quite chilly lately and i am LOVING mint hot chocolate. melt a york peppermint patty in the milk and chocolate mix, vanilla coffee creamer...bliss. also, it took me a minute to realize your windows are covered in frost! (i'm slow, clearly.) and then i shivered because wow...not sure i could handle that sort of cold. and they are amazingly beautiful photos. very dreamy.


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