final nursery reveal

One of you mentioned in the comments that I should do a final nursery reveal. FABULOUS idea, now that I don't have to blur out his name:)

I can honestly say that decorating Truman's nursery was one of my favorite things about pregnancy. I am in love with the final result, as nothing screams JULIA more than this nursery. Nearly everything in it was made with love by me, my mother-in-law, and my mother. I know Truman can't see any of the bright colors just yet but I'm hoping someday he will love to look around at all of the bold things in his room. Every time I walk into the nursery to do a diaper change I feel happy with how it all came together. I hope you agree!




My photoshop projects can finally be revealed:

It seems that the stuffed animal theme has become giraffes, sock monkeys, and puppies:)

Baby boy:

I wanted one of those fabric covered letters from Anthropologie but didn't want to pay $25 for one. Plus the 'T' wasn't my favorite pattern. So I made my own, of course! :)



This is the frame I painted, with my favorite picture of our little family:

Puppy dog who looks JUST like Henry:) I am brave putting this guy on the bottom shelf because the real Henry likes to come and pull this dude out and lick it to death. It's pretty funny when I walk in to see the doll laying in the middle of the floor, totally busting Henry for his antics.

And my canvas, without any editing:

His little closet is actually serving as enough storage for now, combined with the dresser, the shelves, and the window seat trunk. Little Truman will never go naked, that's for sure!

So that's that. Any questions? :)


  1. Love it, Julia! It makes me happy just looking at all those photos!

  2. It looks GREAT! You're so freaking creative, Julia, I just can't stand it. I love how you pulled everything together!

  3. soo cute! You did a great job, Julia!!!

  4. LOVE it - and I'm sure he'll love it as he gets older. I love that it doesn't scream "baby," and it will grow with him.

    So...I have a question! I absolutely adore his name...just curious how you came up with it!?!

  5., yes. First, can you please come and decorate my nursery some day? Second, where to you get your inspiration for all of your creative elements in the room? Third, how did you make that adorable T pillow thing on the wall? Great job!

  6. Congrats Julia! I have been a stealth reader for a while now, but just wanted to stop by and compliment your beautiful nursery and stunning little family!

  7. I LOVE the frame with his birth details on it! Where did you get it? It's awesome. It's so pretty -- when he can see colors, he will have tons to look at!

    You are so creative in ways that I am not! :)

    Thanks for the final reveal. It's wonderful!

  8. CUUUUTE! I love all those bright colors and the bunches of fabric used! good job mama!

  9. i second the question re: where you got the frame w truman's birt details on it. did you make it?

    i'm super impressed you were able to hang all the pictures and stuff already. i gave birth almost 2 months ago & i am JUST getting around to ordering pictures now.

  10. I've been waiting for this post! Love it Julia - everything looks amazing. And I totally know what you mean about being happy just walking into the nursery - I feel the same way. :)

  11. I love it! I'm very impressed that you already have your frames filled! I still need to get around to it and my guy is 7 months! I know it was already asked, but I've got to know where you got the personalized frame with his stats! Love it!

  12. Answers:

    -his name: it was on our HUGE list of boy names from endless research on the internet. It's not a family name or anything like that (his middle name is a 4th generation name through Nate's dad's side, though) but it kept sticking around on the narrowed down list until the very end. My top pick was Truman and Nate's was Grant. We thought about it for about a week once we were down to two and Nate is actually the one who made the final decision. We love it:)

    inspiration--LOTS of stuff I made came from searching on Etsy for inspiration. The fabric banners, most of the artwork I framed, parts of the canvas painting, the mobile...all from ideas I saw on Etsy. LOVE that site!

    T monogram--it's not a pillow, it's a pre-made 3D monogram I bought at Joanns. Then I covered it with fabric using Hodge Podge. So sneaky, aren't I?

    The aqua frame with birth details---got the frame along with most of the other brightly colored ones from Ikea. VERY cheap. Extremely cheap. Like, plastic instead of glass for the frame cheap. But I do love that blue color.

    Timing--I had everything hung and ready to go weeks before Truman was born. I just had left a few frames blank and added pictures that I ordered from Mpix with our CD from the pro shots at the hospital. I still have one blank frame if you noticed...the yellow one:)

  13. Oh, I get the question now!! The aqua frame that surrounds his 'birth stats' artwork is just a plain frame from Ikea. The white background with words surrounding his picture is all one sheet of photo paper. I designed the words and added the pic in the middle. I guess it sort of does look like a white frame around a smaller picture. But no, I made it and got my inspiration from Etsy, of course:) Photoshop baby, then printed at home.

  14. I absolutely love it! I, too, was curious where his name came from. Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is just the cutest nursery I have ever seen!! I am Jealous!

  16. Julia - everything looks absolutely AMAZING!! You are seriously one talented girl!

  17. You did such an incredible job on that nursery!! It should be in a magazine!

  18. Adorable! You are so talented! I may be stealing some ideas in the future!

  19. I love all the handmade details! It looks great!

  20. What a dream room! Love your PH artwork. Just darling!And the colors - so bright & cheerful. Truman's a lucky boy.

  21. This is one of the best nursery's I have seen in a long time. Love all the colors!

  22. You did a great job! It looks amazing!

  23. What does the front of your house look like? I know you've shared a picture of it in the past but I can't quite remember.

    I LOVE how the nursery came together. It looks great. It was quite fun for me to see the progress each week (or thereabouts). Still praying for y'all, friend!

  24. What an amazingly lovely nursery. Every single item shows your love and Truman is a lucky baby to be surrounded with so many people who love him.

    I was curious about the birth detail frame too. It has to be the most beautiful frame I have ever seen.

    Can you tell me something about the furniture pieces you chose; where you bought them etc.

    I have a web-site and I would love, love, love to post your nursery and details on my site. You can email me at richa (at) decoratingideas4kidsrooms (dot) com

  25. LOVE it!! So colorful and fun!!

    Where did you get the frame that has all his birth info, with the blue frame? Did you make it or buy it?

  26. Amazing! The canvas you painted is definitely my favorite thing. I don't feel like I've seen a lot of nurseries with bold colors, but I really like how Truman's turned out.

  27. What font did you use on your birth information picture, it is really cute?

  28. What an amazing nursery!! I love all of the vibrant colors and fun details. You did such a great job! :)


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