Lots of firsts

It never ceases to boggle my mind how NEW everything is to Truman. I mean, everything in the whole wide world is brand new to this little guy and that means he has lots of 'firsts' everyday.

(hello, world. You are so big)

Now that he is a whopping two weeks old, he's experienced quite a bit if you ask me.

(First time wearing his baby legs. And I think he's playing the flute here or something)

When he was 12 days old, Nate and I took my in-laws up on their offer to watch Truman between feedings so we could go to brunch. Of course, I was totally freaking out the whole time and could not WAIT to get back to my little man but in true Truman fashion he slept the entire time and didn't even notice I was gone. I told Nate to be proud of me for sucking it up and leaving my little man so early---I hadn't been away from him since he was born, so this was a big step for me. And I can admit that having a date with my husband was pretty awesome even if we did talk about Truman 80% of the time:)

(Bad Mommy for not wiping off his milk mustache! But don't his cheeks look fatter here? And those are Nate's hairy legs, not mine. My grooming hasn't gotten THAT neglected.)

When he was 11 days old, we took our first family trip to Target! Again, he slept almost the whole time while I shot death glares to anyone who looked like they MIGHT breathe on my little guy. It was pretty fun to get out and about with him and I was glad Nate was with us for that one, too.

(New hat from Etsy...LOVE it!)

He had his first fussy night where he protested sleep at 14 days old. That was a fun one for all of us but we survived and T-man was still a total gentleman in the process, avoiding the meltdown crying fit and instead choosing constant grunting and wiggling around like a worm.

(don't you love that swirly cowlick on his head?)

When he was just 7 days old he took his first real car ride to the doctor's office and blew them away with how well-behaved he was.

(love baby yawns!)

On day 13, Nate cut his little dagger fingernails without incident and I think our little guy might be a metro-sexual because he seemed to love the male grooming:)

(new hat from Great Aunt Dana in Texas...our little monster. Also, love this hoodie)

He's taken a few walks around the block in his new stroller, has tested out both a Baby Bjorn and Moby wrap for baby-wearing, has spit up, farted, burped, and projectile pooped off the changing table at least once or twice. He's peed through four different nightgowns in one night, somehow managing to pee up the back and onto his shoulders in the process. He's started to do that drunken post-milk grin that makes me just melt with anticipation of a REAL smile in the future. He's started to awaken more and sleep a little less and is definitely starting to look a little more chunky in the face. Just looking at his photos from the hospital shows us that he really is changing every day and I'm not so sure I want my little peanut to grow up this fast! I mean, both Nate and I are totally pumped for him to get a little older and be more interactive with us but at the same time there is nothing sweeter than my little newborn boy nestled up against my chest for the eleventh time of the day, staring up at me with a look of bliss. I know he won't always be this dependent on me and even if he can't play, or laugh, or talk to us he is still teaching us how to be parents every day. I am so thankful he's a patient little guy who is willing to wait on us silly first timers to figure it out:)


  1. He is absolutely adorable! I love the hat from Etsy...so cute :)

  2. I'm your newest follower :) Your little man is adorable. Loved reading back about your pregnancy journey. Soo amazing!

  3. Delurker alert :) I just absolutely cannot handle all the cuteness so I had to post... He is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! Congratulations!!!

  4. How sweet. He is just too adorable! Every baby should be so loved. :)

  5. um, that orange hat from etsy is beyond adorable. like, maybe it made my uterus flutter. oh dear...

  6. He is so sweet!!! Love the pictures!

  7. Oh that last paragrah. I could have written it, but you did it so beautifully.

    He is such a cutie pie Julia!

  8. Lovely post! They change so quickly, you will be glad you have so much of these first precious days recorded.

  9. That etsy hat, the monster hat & the hoodie are so freaking adorable!!! Truman gets cuter by the day!

  10. He's so cute! Savor every second...they FLY by!

  11. Those hats! Adorable! I love this post because it just shows how you are taking the time to appreciate every moment, even though Truman is just a newborn and isn't doing too much yet.

  12. Super cute! Isn't it amazing how we get to learn about this big old world all over again at the same time as our babies? It's a wonderful blessing.

  13. What a sweetheart! I love the pictures! :)

  14. I love all the pictures you're sharing of your Little Mr.!

  15. You are seriously making me so ANXIOUS to meet my little guy :)

    Truman is a doll...those yawning pictures are too stinkin' cute.

  16. Okay, seriously, Truman takes the BEST pictures! They are so entertaining!

  17. He's so adorable! The hat and hoodie are especially cute.

  18. He is such a cutie! I love his little hats, and the yawn is precious!


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