one month birthday

April 1 = Truman's one month birthday! To celebrate we went to the pediatrician for his one month check up and baby boy now weighs 10 lbs 3 oz and is in the 61st percentile for his weight. What a little chunker! At his one week appointment he was only in the 25th percentile overall and now he averages at 50% with height, weight, and head circumference thrown in there so he's definitely shown major growth. The doc was very pleased with little T-man and had no concerns. I had the Lactation Consultant watch a feeding to make sure T's hour long feeding sessions aren't due to poor latch but basically, he is still a champ with breastfeeding and is just really hungry:) Okay then!

After that we stopped by the daycare I have picked out for Truman to show my mom the place, drop off some paperwork and introduce Truman to the caregivers. They all loved him of course and even though it's going to be really hard on me to leave him when I go back to work, I know he is going to love it. It's a great place and my Mom even approved:)

Just to push our luck a bit, we made a final stop at my work. My co-workers loved seeing him and he did great the whole time just to prove that he's a social butterfly:)

So what has mister social been up to this week? Oh, nothing. Just hanging around in cute outfits being adorable. I have found that his newborn clothes are getting way too tight so I'm trying to get them into the rotation while I can, and this little orange and brown outfit is one of my faves:

Nate thought we should try out the Bumbo seat and Henry was intrigued...

No idea how a 4 weeker is able to sit in this seat already but he did it somehow!

And let's not forget that Missouri Grandma is doing some MAJOR spoiling all week:

Of course, we've had countless photo sessions...and this was the first day I put him in a 0-3 outfit and it fit perfectly! Now he can stretch out his legs straight again. Also, please note what it says on his outfit. Typical!

What 'chu lookin at?

Little mouth...

Chunky cheeks...

And now I present to you a series called 'The Many Faces of Truman':




My new favorite picture of T-man.

Those cheeks make my heart flutter.

He is obviously thrilled with his new outfit and his fatty crotch area proves he's being cloth diapered! :)

I tried to show off his cloth diapered butt in this pic but he was pretty unhappy with me for exposing his bare chest, mister modest:)

Me and my little peanut.
Another favorite outfit in size 3 months!
It matches his nursery, duh.

And I've been meaning to make Truman's monthly onesies for some time now but just got around to designing these in Photoshop. I will use iron-on transfer paper and take a picture of him wearing the appropriate number on each monthly birthday. Can't wait to see how much he changes in the next year!

The really typical and hilarious thing is that once I ironed on the 'one month' patch, I realized that my baby boy is WAY too big for the 0-3 Gerber onesie I bought him. So to get it over his head we had to REALLY stretch it out and thus, my beloved iron-on got all kinds of stretch marks on it. Plus he was totally ticked at me for these pics, I missed the natural light of day, and overall the shots turned out pretty bad. Gotta love it!

Happy birthday, baby boy!


  1. Happy 1 month, Truman! Don't go growing up too fast, mmkay?

  2. Hope you're having a good week with your mom!

    Those pictures are priceless, especially the one-month ones!! Happy b-day, Truman!!!

  3. OMG Julia!!! These pics are priceless. He sure is a cutie and you look like quite the natural mama :).

  4. Wow! A month already?? I love his many facial expressions. Sounds like you're enjoying this motherhood thing.

  5. very cute!!! Which diaper covers do you use?

  6. month?? You JUST had him! :)

    Anyway, happy birthday Truman!

  7. love those onesies, and all of his cute, colorful outfits!

  8. Oh Lord, he makes the best faces. Where has the month gone?

  9. Does it feel like the one month has flown by? Love the monthly onesies!

  10. Happy One Month Birthday, Truman! Love those faces. :)

  11. It's not T, it's the unnaturally small Gerber onesies -- Ryan has 12 month ones that are skin tight.

    They are just weird.

    Very cute idea though! I love it.

  12. I love his little faces!! You look so happy with him :) Very natural.

  13. I have to agree, Gerber runs REALLY small. He is adorable! Happy 1 month!

  14. Happy one month Truman!!!!

  15. Holy cow, I can't believe his birth was a month ago! Happy birthday, little Truman! That picture of him in the Bumbo seat is hilarious. He's like, "okay, and now what am I supposed to do?"

  16. Isn't it crazy how the birth pains feel like they were another lifetime ago? And just yesterday?

    You're doing so good mama. He is quite the looker! Love the onesie that matches his nursery lol!

  17. Happy 1 month!! Love all the great pictures! Oh, and I'll second the Gerber onesie dislike. Not only do they run ridiculously small, they shrink no matter what you do!

  18. You are so crafty for making those images in PS! You go girl! What an adorably creative idea!

  19. This is the cutest the onesie idea for each month! How creative! Just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Can't wait to read more. My lil' GG is 8 months old and it seems like only yesterday that she as as tiny as your little man. He's super adorable! Happy Easter!


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