Six Weeks

I told Nate the other day that Truman turning six weeks means he is somehow more of a 'real baby' now. He's less fresh-newborn-blob-baby and more of a real little man with such personality and adorableness that it makes my heart hurt. I officially packed away the newborn clothes and he's into 0-3 and some straight 3 month sizes. Actually some 3-6 sizes are already fitting him and instead of being sad about packing the old clothes away, I'm really pumped about all of the new options we have. This baby is one stylish dude! And ladies and gentlemen, we have REAL SMILES going on over here! They are still few and far between but he is definitely looking right at us and flashing a gummy grin on occasion. Of course that sends me into a tizzy, squealing and doing baby talk like a total moron but I just can't help it. He is too stinking cute when he's smiling.

(this is one of my new favorite outfits, from his Missouri Grandma. It's all fancy and organic and stuff. There aren't enough red outfits out there for baby boys!)

One thing that I noticed in the last week is that I'm able to read Truman's cues a lot better than before. I can kind of decipher his 'hungry' cry from his 'whiny and tired' cry and therefore we are doing a good job of having some guidelines throughout the day for a routine of sorts. No, we aren't following a strict schedule of any kind, but we've fallen into a general pattern just by reading T-man's cues. Most of the time we'll eat, then play a bit and stay awake, then it's time for a nap. Usually after he's been awake for about 1.5 hours he is ready to sleep and those naps go anywhere from 20 minutes up to 1.5 hours. He still isn't a huge fan of sleeping in his crib for naps but I still try my hardest! Usually I end up soothing him back to sleep after the crib fails and I'll put him in the Moby so I can get things done (which is ironic because when he sleeps on my chest and makes his baby squeaks all I want to do is kiss his head and stare at him the whole time).

(okay, so these pants might be a little big for him but it's too funny to see him with pants pulled up to his chest. Such an old man!!)

I downloaded two songs from iTunes that have made nap time more successful (although Two Step still works wonders!): one is a 'womb' sounds track that simulates the sounds he heard in my belly, and the other is an ocean sound that is basically white noise. I was playing the womb sounds really loud one day while rocking T to sleep and Nate came home from class to the sounds of a heartbeat and blood rushing around my uterus (simulated, of course). He immediately yelled, 'What the heck is that??' because he thought I bought a Doppler and was listening to T's heartbeat. Silly Nate. I admit the track is a little creepy but I swear Truman gets the glazed eye look in no time and falls right to sleep, so it's staying around for awhile.

Speaking of Nate, I don't want to forget two incredibly sweet things he said to me this week and I've been meaning to post about them for awhile now. It had been a long day, and we were just finishing our final nighttime feeding in bed when Truman pulled away and had a content look on his face, eyes finally closing and a little grin on his face. Nate said, 'Look how happy he looks, baby. It's like he's thinking, "I have such a great mommy". Melt my heart right now. Then another night after our last feeding, T was still a little fussy so I popped my pinkie finger into his mouth (his new favorite thing, since he still hates the paci) and he immediately calmed right now and fell asleep. Nate said, 'He loves you so much,' which again made my heart melt out of my chest. The support I get from my husband as I try to be the best mom I can be is absolutely amazing, and I couldn't do it without him. Not only that but I love to think about Truman appreciating what I do for him, even though he can't tell me himself right now.


It's true that these newborn days are difficult at times and it doesn't always feel like your love is reciprocated but there are so many sweet moments to make it all worthwhile. I am beginning to realize that I love being a mom, that my life somehow feels more complete and I cannot imagine what I did before Truman came along. It's so cheesy to say this but he really does give life a brand new meaning to me and I love him for that. Life wasn't bad in any way before I was a mom but it's just so much better now. In the past week I've had a few of those 'happy tear' moments as I rock my baby boy to sleep because I just can't control the emotions I feel looking into his face. Okay, end of sappy time---you get the picture, but I really love him a lot you guys:)

(cutest shirt ever! Thanks, great-aunt Dana))

On another note, I finally made Truman's shadow box and love how it turned out! I used more scrapbooking supplies for this one and I'm glad I did. Most of the items are from the hospital stay if you are wondering.

So here we are at his six week birthday and all is still well, I had my six week postpartum appointment today (different post entirely, but it went fine), and while I'm getting the hang of being a mommy, Truman is getting the hang of being a good little baby. And a cute one at that.


  1. So funny...I was thinking of your shadow boxes yesterday before we ran our races. What frames do you use? Where do you hang them?

    Truman is growing so fast. Isn't it amazing how quick they grow and change. Very exciting! He's such a cutie and I know that you are a great mom. He's a lucky little man :)

  2. It's amazing how Truman is changing week after week. I'm so glad you're keeping up with those pictures and preserving these memories!

    The picture of Nate and T is too cute :)

  3. I love that last series of pictures, especially the hint of a smile in the last two. I can't imagine what it must feel like when he genuinely smiles at you for the first time. It must be how I felt when Levi got excited to see me for the first time, but times a million! [sorry, I have no point of reference, so I'm just trying to relate]

  4. wow 6 weeks? time is speeding by way too fast. That baby is seriously, SO cute. And his clothes? They make me say awww! every time! You're doing great Julia, I can't wait to read more!

  5. I love the shadow box. I love the pics of T and Nate too! Green works for both of them! :)

    6 weeks! I can't believe it! Time just FLIES by! :)

  6. He is such a cutie, Julia! And, love those supportive comments from Nate. What a good hubby! It starts to feel so good when you get the hang of each other, doesn't it? As they get older things really start to fall into place. Of course, the moment you feel confident and all "I've got this mom thing figured out" they switch it up on you, lol.

  7. He's just too adorable, Julia. And I'm happy you're loving being a mommy so much. :) I get those teary moments all the time, too - just had one yesterday when little man was sleeping against my chest after nursing. We'll probably get those moments til our boys are old men! ;)

  8. Ohmy gosh. How can he be 6 weeks already? That is just mind boggling. Those smiles and outfit updates sure are worth it though. :)

    God bless Nate. What a sweet man Julia.

    It's funny how the cheese and corn used to be really apparent and now, it's just like, yeah, that's sappy, but it's also totally the truth. I'm glad you're finding your stride as a Mom Julia!

  9. You're such a good Mama and Truman...well he just keeps getting cuter everytime you post. I cant believe he's six weeks old already. Time flies! And the shadow box looks great. Is it going in his room??

  10. He makes the funniest them!

  11. I know I've said this before, but Truman has the best expresssions! They crack me up. :)

  12. love your shadow box. What frames do you use for these?


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