two videos and two pictures (part one)

Random moments of Truman smiling take one:

And take two: please forgive me for being such an idiot when talking to my son. I just can't help it. And the deep laugh is truly frightening, but it works to get a smile every time!

And the pictures:
1. Little sink face

2. Just too cute


  1. Love the stink face.

  2. I love in the second video when Henry decides Truman just needs a good face licking. Fantastic!

  3. Baby sneezes are the best!!! And that dimple is too much!

  4. Don't worry, we all sound like idiots when talking to our babies, part of being a good mom. People used to give me crazy looks while I was walking down the mall with my baby in the stroller and me right in his face making all kinds of silly sounds and talking to him. I ran into a lot of clothing racks, trash can, etc. but my baby was always happy and laughing or smiling and you know what... he is still like that at 20 months.

  5. He's growin' like a weed! What a cute face! Happy Bday too!

  6. Thats a very happy baby!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  7. How cute! Love the dimple :)
    Happy Birthday!


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