32 weeks: a jicama

Thirty-two weeks: 4.4.12



Photo Thoughts: I hate that I had to resort to iPhone pictures this week, but I knew this was the only way I'd even document week 32. My camera is packed away along with my tripod and truth be told, we are getting to the 'freak out' mode of this move and have 0 free moments to take belly pictures. The pictures aren't as nice and I feel like they make my bump look exceptionally small but whatever. It's done. And come on, a jicama? Is this the smallest food EVER or what? Pretty sure Wisconsin jicamas are not as big as baby girl. This project is sort of getting on my nerves right now, just like everything else in the entire world (see? that's the packing/moving talking. I'll recover soon enough)
Size of baby: A jicama according to BC and still a squash according to TB. I just discovered The Bump's new/revamped timeline for fruits and I'm not that impressed with these remaining fruits. I suppose it's hard to keep things fresh for 36 weeks of fruit-picking, though.

Cravings: Not much. We had the most AMAZING dinner at Kopp's the other night (my Milwaukee girls will understand). It consisted of a big fatty cheeseburger, fries, and then the best chocolate custard ever. We rarely eat out but it was a little treat for our family and oh man, it was divine.

What I love: Being able to say, 'I'm due next month' (!!!)

What I'm looking forward to the most: This week it has to be our big move on Friday. Small steps. Once we move I feel like I can look forward to all things pregnancy a little bit more, but for now my head is all 'moving-related'. I'd like to be at a point when I can mentally relax a bit---that would be nice.

Worries: Pre-term labor. No real reason to worry about this as my OB did not see a problem with my BH contractions from last week. But I just worry that we are so close yet so far away to baby girl being born, and I just don't want her to come out too early. It's amazing to me how first trimester worries morph into third trimester worries with time. I still want baby girl to come out totally healthy and fully baked, bottom line.

What is different this time around: Last time at 32 weeks I had just converted to my giant-knocker C-cup bras, my belly button was on the verge of popping out, and I was really into my pre-natal yoga. This time I have had my belly button poking out people's eyes for a few weeks now and I'm pretty sure my belly is still a lot bigger right now than it was last time. In fact, I was looking back over my old posts and feel like my belly is as big at 32 weeks as it was at 35 weeks for my maternity photos with Andrea.

Symptoms: Still a little hard to move around overall and I can definitely feel that I'm slowing down with my energy levels. Maybe that is because I'm sure I'm pushing myself too much with the move and packing and house projects but man, I'm just tired. Sort of reminds me of my first trimester.

Sleep: Love it, need it, and have been squeezing in naps many days per week. Like I said, I know I'm probably staying up way too late each night and should be kind to my pregnant self so I'm really trying my best to back off a bit. No problems with sleep around here, though. I think I'm a pregnant rock at night that doesn't move a muscle for a solid 8 hours.

Movement: She is nuts and I love it. I finally got a half-way decent video of her movements if you care to watch. And Truman is pretty cute in this one, of course. Check out the kicks on the left side of my belly.

The belly: As you've seen, it's pretty big. Linea negra is there, belly button is out, and skin is super sensitive. A little nervous about getting stretch marks this time around because I just don't see how skin can stretch this much.

Milestones:  For me: I started wearing my Big Girl C-Cup Bras this week! Yes, my pre-pregnancy A-cups are packed away and I hope I don't see them again for at least a year. For baby girl: she's 16.5 inches and almost 3.5 pounds. And isn't it a milestone to make it to 'the month before the due date'?

Amusing comments from the general public: Overall a lot of people are asking when I'm due and commenting on the fact that I am, indeed, pregnant. My favorite conversation went something like, 'When are you due again? (me: May 29) You are SO tiny. You will have no weight to lose after the baby comes (me: HAHAHAHA!!!) Most people don't carry a pregnancy so well, you are lucky.' Isn't that the sweetest?  I even had one patient tell me that I looked really nice in my work outfit and my top was very flattering. I will seriously hang onto ANY positive comments at this point because they are seemingly rare, and most people prefer to say that I'm 'too small' and therefore my child must not be healthy. I really hate when people ask how much my son weighed at birth, which basically means: Do you just grow small, unhealthy babies each time, or what? You'd think that by me saying I'm measuring right on track with this pregnancy they'd back off but whatever. I guess it will just be my 'thing' to deal with during pregnancy when it comes to other people's comments.

Best moment of the week: My OB appointment because 1. Baby girl is head-down!!, 2. My blood pressure is still fabulous at 122/70, and 3. I've 'only' gained 24 pounds so far (was up to 30 at this point with Truman). Also, baby girl is still measuring right on track and after my next appointment I will start WEEKLY appointments. I just can't believe how close I am (yet so far away). 

Wish us luck with the movers on Friday! We still have a LOT to pack and there are dozens of projects to complete at the new house once we are there....but this is a GOOD event in our life and I'm trying to look at the big picture.


  1. love it. that video is awesome. and good luck with the move! it will all be wonderful soon. :)

  2. You look great! That shirt is so cute! Good luck on the move. I know it's stressful but getting there is worth it!

  3. You really do look great! You have such a cute little belly (and I don't mean 'little' in a bad way) When I was 32 weeks I was the size of a house so I'm jealous of how great you look. Good luck with the move!

  4. Woo! Good luck with the move.can't wait to see your house with yyour stuff in it!

  5. This is great! Moving will be crazy, but great!

  6. First of all, that's the smalled jicama I've ever seen! Our jicamas are HUGE!

    Second of all, I can't believe you're 32 weeks!

    Third, do you feel like you did anything differently this time that has resulted in the lower weight gain? 'Cause Lord knows I would NOT like to gain as much weight as I did with Lizzy for future kiddos!

  7. I'm with Meredith - that is a tiny jicama!!

    You've been on my mind a lot this week cause I know you all are preparing for the big move. I hope it goes smoothly and you settle in quickly!!

  8. LOVE the video!! She's a wild woman in there!

    You look adorable in those pics, you're rockin that shirt. The horizontal stripes weren't quite as flattering on me. ;) I say embrace your "small" belly! Baby girl is big in there and you look awesome!

    And yes, take a deep breath and try to enjoy this huge milestone in your lives, as crazy and tough as it is! It's so exciting!

  9. i started drooling when I read the word Kopp's. We always stop there when we're in Milwaukee--I think I love it more than I love Ted Drewes :)

  10. I think you look absolutely fabulous and adorable pregnant; those who make their crazy comments are just jealous. :) Good luck on your move. Knowing how organized you are, I'm sure it'll all go nice and smooth. Can't wait to see some more pictures of the new house!

  11. Oh I am SOOOO happy for you that baby girl is head down!!!!! That is still my biggest worry and hopefully my OB will be able to tell me tomorrow (my 33 week appointment) if baby boy is head down as well!!! So nervous about it!

    The video of your moving belly is awesome and adorable!!! It is just simply amazing!!!!!

    You look great! Good luck for the big move!!!

  12. You look fabulous, as always and best of luck to you with the move. :)

  13. I love your video! We found out last week that we are having a little girl and around the same time I started feeling and seeing some of her kicks. It's just wild and I love staring at my tummy now :) I can also relate to people saying "Your so small" I try to take it as a compliment but I have gotten a few side eyes that make me feel like they doubt that I am pregnant and as far along as I am. I thought up lifting my shirt up once to show off the belly and say "See?!?" Ha! Watch out for sassy pregnant ladies!

  14. First, what the heck is a jicama?

    Second, I'm slightly obsessed with this video of your baby belly. Does it make me all stalker/creepy if I watched it 3 times (or more)?

    Third, NEXT MONTH!!?? Wow! Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!

  15. Good luck with the move! I am so excited for you right now!

  16. I love that shirt that you are wearing. I need to get some cute maternity t-shirts, I mostly only have dress clothes. Also, The video was exactally how I have been feeling...AND I also love being able to say that I am due next month. In fact at this point in time I am down to saying "six and a half" weeks:) Maybe that is because I feel so much bigger this time around. Love reading your blog...keep it up.

  17. ha, jicama cracks me up! I can't believe it's been down the wire, ahhh! Good luck with the move, i am tired reading your post ;)

    hey, the comment i got tonight? oh you look like your ready to pop. Uh, thanks. no.

  18. SO I have been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Truman and I just love it!!! That video made me miss being pregnant. Watching my belly move was hands down my favorite thing!!! :-)


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