34 weeks: A Cantaloupe

Thirty-Four weeks: 4.18.12





Photo Thoughts: I'm big!! But I love our house. :) {not to be confused with the phrase, 'I'm big as a house'.}

Size of baby: A cantaloupe or a durian fruit, take your pick. Not sure about you but I have no freaking clue what a 'durian' is and I have no energy to find out. And so, a cantaloupe she is!

Cravings: Not a thing. Still love food but I'm definitely running out of stomach space in there. Every time I eat I feel 'Thanksgiving Stuffed' and uncomfortable. Not fun. Especially when you are already wearing the stretchy waistband pants 24/7 without relief.

What I love: Being 6 weeks away from meeting our girl (give or take a few weeks, of course). I just can't believe I'm this far along already. And I really love feeling her move inside of me, I love rubbing my belly, and I still love being pregnant. Lots to love these days, I suppose.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Her birthday. I am seriously so excited to see how labor and delivery pans out this time. My heart rate speeds up every time I watch Baby Story, when The Moment happens: holding the baby for the first time. Cannot.Wait.

Worries: Still nervous that this final stage of my pregnancy won't go as smoothly as I'd like. Once I hit 36 weeks, when my OB won't stop labor from progressing, I'll feel a little better. But let's be honest, I will ALWAYS find something to worry about even after she is born. Isn't that a part of being a mom/Type A worry wart? :)

What is different this time around: At 34 weeks last time I had my big blood pressure spike along with a 6 pound weight gain since my 32 week appointment. I was finishing up the nursery and I saw a big growth spurt in my belly. And this time around my BP is good so far!! It was 110/70 despite my total overanalyzation of the 34 week appointment. I did have a 5 pound weight gain since my last appointment but whatevs, I guess. I'm still 7 pounds under where I was with Truman so I guess that is good but I'm not going to lie---it really sucks to watch that scale spit out such astronomical numbers at me. I really don't like feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and I especially dislike my chubby cheeks and swollen thighs. But I am still able to step outside of my own head a bit and realize that this is all temporary and I WILL get my body back someday. It will be worth it to have my healthy girl outside of this foreign body. Also, I'm just getting started on this nursery and can't wait to paint her crib this weekend. Did I mention that Truman's white crib will be hot pink for his sister?

Symptoms: Upper part of my belly is still super sensitive and painful at times. I'm getting that really full feeling after eating and my upper back hurts after sitting down for too long. Yep, I'm pregnant and feeling it finally! Not a whole lot of BH contractions this week though, which is fine by me.

Sleep: Still sleeping comfortably. Don't kill me. :)

Movement: Crazy. Big old limbs sticking out. And there are times when she is laying on one side of my belly making it totally asymmetrical and I sort of love/hate that visual of my lopsided belly. Her kicks are starting to get a little painful at times and will totally catch me off guard

The belly: Big. Possibly even bigger than with Truman. And that outie belly button still makes me laugh sometimes--like a little nipple sticking through my shirts or something.

Milestones: She is 18 inches and anywhere from 4-6 pounds. And I just surpassed my scary 34 week pregnant mark without blood pressure issues. Holla!

Amusing comments from the general public: 'You are SO tiny'. 'I looked like you when I was 13 weeks pregnant'. 'There is no way you are 34 weeks'. Etc Etc Etc. And I just flip a coin to decide which standard response to throw at them: either, 'I'm measuring right on track according to my OB' or 'I'm lucky that I'm so tall with a long torso because I don't get huge with pregnancy'.

Best moment of the week: Having a good OB appointment. And then getting my nasty hair cut for the first time in FIFTEEN WEEKS. That is no joke, you guys. And Nate told me I was becoming one of those moms who becomes an 'old hag' that never does anything nice for herself. Next up? Mom jeans and baggy tee shirts. Totally.


  1. Ugh, the comments. Just start doing what I did. Look at them like "Did you really just bleepin' say that to me?" Works every time. Around 30 weeks I stopped being polite ;)

  2. Don't become an old hag, Julia! ;)

    And I've seen that belly in person recently and I can safely say I wouldn't call it "tiny" anymore by a long shot!! Love it.

    You are getting so close!!

  3. Ooooh, the belly is really starting to pop out now! She's growing bigger, I can tell.

    I remember all the "but you're so tiny" and "there's no way you're X months along." They were SO annoying. I usually just smiled and knodded saying, "Well, I'm a small person." GEEZ, people. Just say I look great and move on!

  4. I get so excited when I see that you have a new post! First thing I noticed was the rockin new hair, LOVE it! Getting excited along with you on the arrival of baby girl:)

  5. You look great! Question---what kind of watch do you have? I love it!

  6. ha, i get the, woah, you're due any time huh? I look at them with a goofy look and say, nope, got like 5 more months :) That is what happens when you don't have a torso! you look great though, i can't believe it's getting so close!

  7. The belly's definitely popping out!! Love your house - can't wait to see more :)

  8. The durian is a fruit in SE Asia. You either love it or hate it. The smell is SUPER overpowering too.

  9. You look great, as always. That's a great color on you and the shape of that shirt is great!

    Oh and I love your house too! Can't wait to hear how it's all going down! :)

  10. The durian smells so bad that it is banned in a lot of places (hotels, planes, etc.) in Asia.

    You look wonderful and your house is beautiful also!

  11. I love the hair. So chic.


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