33 weeks: A Pineapple

Thirty-Three weeks: 4.11.12




Photo Thoughts: Who needs to take pictures outside when you have a brand new house with great light indoors? And Truman hasn't been in my pictures that much so he had to come out and play a bit this time. Looking pretty big, huh? I didn't realize baby girl had such a growth spurt until I looked at these pictures compared to the past few weeks. Woah.
Size of baby: A pineapple according to BC or a honeydew melon according to TB. I love pineapple and think it was one of those fruits that seemed SO big, way back in my first trimester. And now I'm here!

Cravings: Had another fabulous burger/fries/custard combo last week that was divine. But no true cravings around here, other than just loving the taste of all food.

What I love: Settling into our house, so that I can focus on the remaining weeks of this pregnancy! Love that this is where we will raise our kids. Love spending time with my little family of three before everything changes with baby girl's arrival. Finally feeling relaxed and content after our big move.  

What I'm looking forward to the most: Holding my girl for the first time. I just can't freaking wait, you guys.

Worries: I'm starting to worry more about high blood pressure, just because I know mine spiked at 34 weeks last time. I realize it might not even happen this time, but I'm starting to get more nervous about that whole annoying process again. Also, during our big move I was sure I'd overdone it physically. I was really really tired, having more BH contractions, and feeling super uncomfortable. I'm really not the best at just chilling out and 'directing' things, as I'd really prefer to get in the middle and do it myself. But after Friday's chaos, I knew I had to slow it down a bit. And so far baby girl is behaving. Really don't want to have this child anytime soon.

What is different this time around: Last time with Truman's pregnancy I was a nesting fool who was deep cleaning the house and organizing and decorating like crazy. I'd just completed my last baby class on breastfeeding and was looking obviously pregnant. This time I'm still into the nesting thing, but only because we have been unpacking boxes and organizing our entire lives instead of 'just' the nursery. And I still look obviously pregnant, and I believe my belly is still bigger right now than it was last time.

Symptoms: Finally starting to get a little uncomfortable up in here. My upper back hurts if I sit too long, my belly feels incredibly heavy at the end of the day, I find it difficult to get into a comfortable position in almost any chair, and my stomach is so freaking tight and stretched I think it might pop soon. Obviously, with the move last week, my back has been hurting and my calf muscles have been on the verge of cramping up, too. Not too pretty for someone who has been flying in this pregnancy without any aches or pains for the most part. But still, really not too bad for being 33 weeks pregs.

Sleep: Like a rock. Although it's a little harder to roll over and my legs keep trying to cramp on me. And I won't have to pee at all but then in point two seconds I will be ready to burst. Very odd.

Movement: I think I can tell where her little butt is right now, wedged under my left ribs. She is still making those big, slow movements consistently but I really only notice it when I'm not walking around. Her busiest time is definitely in the evenings, so I'm picturing myself with a fussy baby from about 6 pm until 10 pm in a few more weeks.

The belly: Large. High. Belly button out. And extremely round. Still with that sensitive skin at the top of my bump, too. I have no idea how much longer I can go before I get stretch marks. Inspection of the belly region (the part I can see) happens daily, though, and so far so good!

Milestones:  She is now 18 inches long, and about 4-5 pounds. Can that be possible? That's like a real baby!! Apparently she is all about brain development this week, along with hardening bones and practice breathing. Eek!

Amusing comments from the general public: I didn't work a whole lot this week with the move, so I avoided a lot of my common traps of annoying comments with patients. But I'm still getting a lot of wide eyes when I say my due date. It never gets old, I suppose. :)

Best moment of the week: Moving into our first house. I feel so incredibly blessed and overwhelmed and excited for the memories that my family will have inside these walls that it's hard to explain. I sort of can't believe we survived. And now to get working on that nursery...


  1. I absolutley adore that you take pictures with the actual fruit. Glad everything is going well for you. :)

  2. L-o-o-o-ve that belly! You are getting close, lady, I'm so, so excited for you!!

  3. So many wonderful milestones! When we moved into our first house and when we were pregnant it hardly seemed real. What a wonderful time in our lives -the best years!

  4. Can't can't can't can't wait to meet baby girl! This is when things get REAL :)

    And girl, whatev...you aren't gonna get stretch marks so hang up that worry right now :)

  5. Aw... look at that little belly! So exciting! And, how sweet to have all of this documented. Congrats on moving in!

  6. You're making me all crazy/hormonal thinking about how soon you'll be holding your sweet baby girl!

  7. This post made me miss being pregnant! x

  8. You look fantastic! Congrats again on the big move!


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