Sometimes I'm envious of my kids.

That sounds weird, but I love how simple their lives are right now. Carefree, innocent, naive---wouldn't it be nice to return to childhood for a bit? No real responsibilities or adult-like worries. Everything is new and magical and mostly FUN. The hardest parts of their day are when I force Cecelia to lay still for a diaper change, and when I force Truman to eat grilled chicken breast instead of chicken nuggets. The horror.

They are along for the ride and up for whatever activity we have planned. Running errands with mom, playgrounds, the pool, backyard play time, play dates....they never 'plan' how our day will go and most days they are usually pretty happy with what we've done together. Sufficiently worn out and content. I love watching them sleep at night after a busy day together and I like to think that we are creating fun memories each day. And of course both of my kids are too young to really remember our days right now, which is why blogs were created. Right? ;) Thank God for blogs and photos or how could Truman and Cecelia ever know how much fun we are having lately?

We tried the sprinkler with Truman last year and he was not a fan. But Monday night, after dinner with my mom and popsicles outside, mom mentioned that we should try the sprinkler. Partially because the kids were filthy from the popsicle escapades but partially because it was hot and a little hose-down sounded amazing.

I grabbed my real camera and can't help but smile looking at these images. Childhood fun. Summer evenings. My growing boy whose zest for life and never-ending curiosity and energy amaze me each day. I love it all so much. Especially the little boy undies---because who can be bothered with a swimming suit in your own back yard?














  1. These pictures are amazing...the smile on his face is priceless!

    "A child's smile is free therapy"

  2. beautiful pictures and great memory caught in time. I often think about what the next few years will bring our family, and how I long for life to be simple as my kids will experience it. I hope I can create a warm and happy home filled with fun and laughter and they look back as adults with such pride in our family and the love and traditions we shared.

  3. Love love love love. Please enter one of these in my photo contest next week! They're perfect!

  4. Love this post, Julia. I can feel the carefree giggling through the screen! Sprinklers and summer go together so well, don't they?!

  5. Love these pics! I've had the same thought about my kids - they have no idea what each day will bring, they just have to go with the flow - but they don't care! Life is good, that's all they know.

    I just realized that people's new posts aren't coming up in my Bloglovin feed, I have to manually go through my list of blogs. Weird? So I'm just catching up!


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