Cecelia at Fourteen Months

My girl turned fourteen months a few days ago and I can't believe it's time for another monthly update. In fact, I was just thinking about how I need to gear up to write Truman's 3.5 year old post in September....but, duh. Cecelia is still plugging along with her own growth and I'll be damned if I stop her monthly posts before I did with Truman (age two). Equality for all siblings! Or at least a good try at that concept.

See how much I love you, Cecelia? I'm going to do the monthly posts just like I did for your brother even though life is infinitely more crazy with TWO of you little buggers these days. More crazy and more awesome, but that's a broad topic for a different day.

I re-read Truman's fourteen month post because I wasn't really sure what to include for Cecelia here. Sleeping, eating, motor skills, personality.....sounds good to me this time around, too! I'll never shy away from bullet points, either.

-Like I said in my last post, this month brought about a major milestone with Cecelia walking full time! Holla! Separate bullet point is a must for this one.



-She also sprouted two of her bottom molars this month bringing the grand total to ten teeth. I think. I'm not really sure if the top molars are in yet or not because she does not approve of me sticking my fingers in her mouth. But there are lots of teeth in there and the molars were pretty horrendous for us all (read: lack of sleep) so I am hoping that the top guys are in there, too.



-Still using a pacifier for sleeping and for the car, but not so much at other times of the day. I guess I was basically weaning Truman from the pacifier all together at this point but don't really have the energy for that just yet with CC. Nothing that will voluntarily trash sleep will be at the top of my priority list for some time.


-Also, Cecelia is still nursing as if that magical 'one year' mark never even passed. She will definitely nurse twice per day (morning and night) and sometimes even requests it a few more times throughout a day at home together. How does a fourteen monther request to nurse, you ask? She grunts and smacks my chest over and over again. We are working on an appropriate word choice instead of physical aggression towards my boobs. I've said it before but I will say it again: Cannot believe she is still nursing. And I love it so much.



-Totally off bottles now, and I think it was closer to the thirteen month mark that we packed them all away. Must have failed to mention that before, but yay for an easy transition to the sippy cup! She doesn't even like the babyish sippies anymore...has to be the 'big kid' cups with a straw, just like big brother. She drinks milk at meals but also loves water. And my favorite part is that she will say, 'Ahhhhhh' when she is thirsty. As in the refreshed sigh one makes after a nice cold drink. Hilarious to see her say 'ahhhhhh' in a whisper and point to a cup.

-Little lady houses food like she is a teenage boy a lot of times. It's funny because I wrote in Truman's post about how he 'eats more than some three year olds' (and yet, now that he's three he probably eats LESS and gives us way more grief over food...but I digress), but I said he was really finicky over his food choices already. Oh, the foreshadowing. I really don't think Cecelia is picky at ALL right now. I cannot even think of foods she dislikes for this post since she pretty much eats anything as long as she is hungry. Any and all fruits, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, chicken, Italian sausages (random, I know), beans, cheese, yogurt, and of course any carbs or sugar will always pass the test. Very grateful for our good eater and I hope she stays that way. No clue how she remains long and lean...I feel like she should be a fatty, but she is dainty. And still quite tall, growing out of some of her pants this month. Mostly wearing 18 month, or 18-24 month clothes still. Truman was a freaking haas wearing some 2T by this point. Woah.




-Sleep: Eh, whatever. She was basically going down at 7:30 pm and waking at 5:30 am for the day but now with our family in town (and no solid routine) she is a hot mess this past week. Has been up at least once in the night crying, needing the pacifier, or needing to be rocked. Up most days at 5 am now. I swear that if she starts cracking into the 4 am hour heads will roll. Not really, but seriously? Napping is pretty good, usually around 8 am (when we are home for the day) and 1 pm. Sometimes 1 hour at a time and sometimes 2 hours at a time. One day she napped for a total of 5 hours and I rejoiced. But then I realized it's probably because she is exhausted from starting her day so freaking early. Sigh.

-Words: way more than the T-man here! Is this post all about comparing kids this month? Whoops. Anyway, sister can officially say the following:
GoGo (think she is pumped about this one?),
Papa (I think this is for Tony but sometimes it's in reference to inanimate objects),
Daw-Daw (Henry dog),
Tru-Tru (her fave),
Choo Choo (can't believe she likes and recognizes trains in this house),
Ball (which is never said in a normal tone, but always screamed at the top of her lungs and extended out to be 'baaaaaaaalllllllllll !!!!! '),
This (more like 'dis')
Shoes (sounds like shuss, but always used in the correct context)

She is trying to say 'please' and 'thank you' and sometimes her mumbles sound remotely consistent with those attempts. I also love the inflection she uses for her babbles, as if she is telling a nonsensical story that only she understands. Gesturing and shaking or nodding her head is still a favorite, too.


-The other day I realized she is really understanding a lot more of her world now. For instance, she grabbed one of my chapsticks the other day and pretended to smear it right on her lips. She will pull out her hair bows and then gently try to replace them on her head. If she gets ahold of lotion or hand sanitizer, she pretends to put some in her hands and then wipes her palms together. It's hilarious to see her imitate us. And she is still REALLY into pulling out her shoes anytime we are getting ready to leave, then sticks her feet up in the air to lure me into her plan. Guess it's time to teach her how to dress herself;) She grabbed a piece of Play-doh the other day, looked me square in the eye as she slowly put it up to her mouth, then pulled it away and shook her head 'no' vigorously. Beat me to the punch on that one, I guess. Really working on not eating disgusting things around the house and around the yard. Blech.


-She knows how to swipe our iPhones to unlock the screens. Pretty sure she has emailed a few unapproved people and maybe even placed a few phone calls on my behalf. Whoops. Kids these days.




-Pigtails. Lots of pigtails this month.



-Ponytails, too.

-Cecelia is still a cuddler when she wants to be, and she loves to lay her head on her daddy's lap when he's sitting on the couch. She's pretty social but a little leary of strangers who get in her face to declare her cuteness. Not that I blame her. She has no qualms with daycare drop offs and seems to really enjoy being outside or running errands. She loves the pool all of a sudden and is a little too brave in the water for my tastes. Miss fearless is bound to give me a few heart attacks each day and gets at least two ouchies a day, too.






-Also, she is disgustingly cute.





My little girl. I love you so, this month and every month.


  1. She is just so adorable!

  2. oh the pigtails! Could she be any cuter? impossible.

  3. Whoa, big talker!! Girlfriend will definitely be a chatterbox!

    But Cecelia. 5am is not morning. Hope she returns to acceptable morning wakeups soon! 4am? Just no. Never.

  4. LOL at Erin's comment. Seriously, these kids and their early wake-ups!!

    She is such an adorable little character, I just can't get over it. Growing so fast!!!

  5. So cute about the "ahhh" for water, love it! congrats on nursing still and we still use the paci at night/naps too. too scared to break it, and dont really mind since she doesnt use it during the day.

    Some of those pics are amazing!

  6. Love her! Pigtails and drunk toddler walking has to be the cutest combo ever.

  7. Cute pictures, seriously, she's adorable. Love the "ahhh" after the water, my son does the same thing and it's so adorable!

  8. Those pigtails are honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  9. wow...I feel like I just read her one year bday post...14 mths?!
    I noticed you have the same BOB stroller as me and perhaps you are already aware, but there was a recall on that model a while back. the stroller itself is fine, but the yellow cord that is used to draw the extra fabric on the hood/shade was deemed a strangulation hazard (check their website or hotline for details). They'll instruct you to remove the cord and send you a free retrofit kit if you use a windscreen or weather shield.
    I only know about it because we did indeed purchase a windscreen. The bike shop we procured our stroller from apparently isn't current with recalls and such.
    Thought I'd share :)


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