A few days after her first birthday: first steps taken.

At 13 months: walking 8-10 steps at a time.

Nearing the 14 month mark: walking room to room, turning around, stopping, super steady on her feet. Most of the time she does NOT want us to hold her hand, either. She is upright a lot more often than she's crawling, so I will just call it: She's officially walking! And this milestone is every bit as exciting the second time around. It happened sooner than Truman's milestone which doesn't surprise me, since she is fearless compared to Mister Cautious. All of a sudden in the past week she has just taken off and we cannot get enough of those chunky legs stomping around the house. Hearing her feet plunk along towards us is seriously the sweetest sound....until she starts running away from us, then it won't be so cute anymore;)


My big girl. So proud of you, Cecelia. Let the games begin. And then let's go shoe shopping together to protect those active feet with the cutest styles possible.


  1. Yay - that's so exciting!! Congrats to your little girl :)

  2. Yay!! Way to go CC! And the sound of the walking kills me, so cute.

  3. Love this milestone!! Way to go, Cecelia!!

  4. Look at her go! Such a big girl!

  5. Yay!!! Go Cece!! And how exciting that your mom and grandparents got to be around to see some of her first days of really bombing around - so fun!!

  6. Super exciting! I love the walking stage - they are just so proud of themselves and then it seems they just take off. It's crazy.


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