Is the world coming to an end? You'd think so, with the way people are acting up here. In case you haven't heard [ALL day on EVERY station], good ol' Brett is officially retiring. Well, not officially but it's pretty much a done deal.

A few of my patients at the hospital were very emotional about this loss. Others were really ticked off. I thought about calling Nate to see if he was okay with this news. But my goodness, the man isn't dead, people. He's played a physically demanding sport for 16 seasons. I think it's time he moved on, especially while he's still on top. Look at his beautiful daughters and tell me he shouldn't spend more time with them:

Little known facts about Saint Brett, God of All Things in Wisconsin [well, at least I didn't know these things]
  • He had BRACES when he first started playing for the Pack
  • He was only 22 then and really cute [now he's just hott]
  • He went to rehab before it was cool. I guess he was addicted to vicodin?
  • The man is 38 years old and damn fine. Oops, I knew that already.
I love his adorable southern drawl, his commitment to the game and to his team, and his seemingly admirable relationship with Deanna. I'll miss Favre but I'm not crying or anything.

Other reasons to support the end of time drawing near?
  • The kitchen is almost done. Seriously. We are so close now!
  • Henry is going to the vet tomorrow. And the groomer on Thursday. Cross your fingers they don't turn me in for doggie neglect [although Nicole is right....I prove my eternal love for Henry by simply going outside in the crappiest weather ever. I have only briefly considered toilet training him instead.]
  • St. Louis actually got a "Snow Storm" while Wisconsin did not. And tomorrow, when it's 50 degrees down there, it will completely melt and Missouri will see something called "grass" again. I'm not sure Wisconsin has anymore of that stuff under there:)
  • We did not write a rent check out on March 1, and this week we both get paid. Are we actually saving money?! What is going on in this world?
I forgot one thing on my Miscellaneous Monday post:

1. My mother-in-law is a ridiculous cook and we are officially spoiled. She seriously cooks a three course meal, complete with like three side dishes, each night. For example: Sunday night we had a fresh salad, lasagne, fresh baked bread, and Texas sheet cake for dessert. Yesterday we had cheeseburgers with sauteed onions [I never think of that stuff!], curly fries, fresh fruit, cole slaw, a salad, and cookies for dessert. When we are on our own, we are lucky if we muster up enough energy to throw in a frozen pizza a few times per week.

Lois acts like it's no biggie but I'm flabbergasted at her skills. Not only does she cook up a storm but that woman can grocery shop like none other [something that I severely despise]. She literally buys two of everything at the and goes a few times per week. AND....get this....her deli turkey is $9.00 per pound! Holy crap. We buy the cheapest stuff on sale each week, for about $3/pound. So we are living the good life right now until our kitchen is up and running. Then we are both going to have withdrawls from her feasts. I'm not going to lie, it's a pretty sweet deal we have right now. No cooking, no grocery shopping? I'm in heaven:)


  1. Oh no - Favre really is hot.

    Hang in there with the house projects. The final result will be well worth all the effort.

  2. You are right, it's not the end of the world...his retirement was inevitable...and threatened after every season as of late. We all saw it coming, but will still miss him. It's sad.

  3. I HEART BRETT FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tag you are it chickie! Check out my blog and the "Seven Things About Me Post".

    All the cool kids are doing it!

    On a side note, i am going to miss Brett.....didn't he make a pair of football pants look like a little slice of heaven! Drool!!!

  5. Yay for the kitchen! I am really looking forward to seeing completed pics, that is, as long as you do the cool before and after side by side pics.

    Oh, you better do that!

  6. i am not a big football fan- but brett favre has been a staple- when i think of brett favre i think of that movie there's something about that shows how much i am into the packers!!

    yea for good cooking! my mil- not so great a cook- neither is my mom, but i actually am pretty good :0) so is hubby so it works out!

  7. Tag, you're it! Check my blog for details.

  8. I think its Armageddon when you don't post for several days!!!!!

  9. LOL at Amber's comment, because I just came over here to say the exact same thing! I cannot handle no new Julia posts for three days straight chica. I'm sure you're oh-so-busy with your kitchen and all...but too bad! We need a new post. ;)

  10. Amber, Kristal, and I are all thinking the exact same thing! How can you possibly think that it is ok for you to deprive us of posts for THREE WHOLE DAYS!?!?!?!?

    Get on it...pretty please!

  11. LOL amber, kristal, and jenn:)

    I'm still here just busier than hell. No excuse, I know. I have a list of three posts stay tuned! Damn this kitchen to hell. It's really taking me away from the computer which is unacceptable. At the latest, I'll have some "me" time on Sunday. And by "me" time I mean blog time:)

    Thanks for thinking of me!

  12. My parents live in Door County in the summer...they called some friends in WI after the NEWS broke about Brett...kind of as a joke. But when the husband answered the phone my mom said "you would have thought a family member died the way he kept going on about it."

  13. When I was a pre-teen and teenager, I didn't have a crush on an actor, I had a crush on Brett Favre. And I honestly spent every night before falling asleep daydreaming about how I'd meet him and, even though I was only 12 years old, he'd fall madly in love with me. I remember being devastated when I found out he was married.

    Anyway, I LOVE that picture of him and his girls. I actually just saw it for the first time earlier today when I Googled Brett for my own site. I even called Dave into the room to look at it. What a pretty family!!! We're sad to see Brett go, but I'm happy for him, too.


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