I never thought this day would come...

...but our kitchen is [basically] finished!!!

Whoo freaking hoo.

Seriously. The appliances are in [still have to buy the microwave but whatev].
The woodwork is finished [still have to apply the quarter round to the baseboards].
And the cupboards are packed full of our stuff. No more make shift kitchen in the dining room. No more stupid cardboard boxes. No more running up and down the stairs to get a glass of milk.

The final list for the kitchen? Puny. I scoff at it:
~quarter round to baseboards
~tile back splash [I don't even care about this right now]
~replace window
~start making bad ass meals in our OWN functioning kitchen.

I will post the finalized before and after pictures once the details are complete. But let's just say I'm one happy girl right now.

AND did I mention that my mom is coming for a visit on Friday? She's coming to relax, chat, and work on that headboard. And maybe even kitchen curtains. Things are looking up around here!


  1. Congrats!! And I love, love, love the wall color!

  2. GREAT JOB! It looks beautiful...I am so jealous! I know you were stressed about it but it all paid off! Congrats:)

  3. Living through a kitchen renovation is pure misery - congrats to you for getting through it in one piece!

  4. Congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment. And you did it in time for your mom's visit... and you thought that wasn't doable... :)

  5. Looks great! I'm totally jealous that it only took you 2 weeks to do what's taking us 2 months. ;)

  6. Awesome congrats! That's awesome that you're mom is coming have fun!

  7. Yeah!! Julia - it looks fabulous. I absolutely love the color.

    I can't want to see what you and your mom come up with for your headboard.

  8. Lookin' good! What a relief you must feel :-D

  9. Congrats on surviving the hell that is a kitchen remodel. It looks fabulous!!!

  10. Congratulations! It looks fantastic. Your hard work definitely paid off!

  11. Thank you ladies! We are quite pleased with the results. But it totally sucked, don't get me wrong. A test to my sanity and our marriage but it's over:)

    And Kristal, I WISH it only took 2 weeks. More like 4 weeks of working every free hour we had, plus another few months before we moved in for the electrical and plumbing. I wish I only lost 2 weeks of my life to this renovation! :) Take your time, it's not worth the stress of going full throttle.

  12. Oh my gosh, this is awesome news! It looks great! Good job you guys! :)

    And, yes, home remodeling is trying. I'm pretty sure that if you can make it through a remodel with your sanity and marriage still intact, you can make it through just about anything. I think I read that somewhere...

  13. Yay for progress! I know the feeling of living in a construction zone and I'm so happy for you! It all came together so nicely! Good choices!

  14. i love when my mom comes over- she just makes my apartment feel like home- probably because she insists on helping me clean, and buy shiny new things for it to replace the things i may not like of hubbys!!!! :0)

  15. Just last week, I checked your blog for 3 days and nada. I was having total JBW (Julia blog withdrawal), so I stopped looking so I would not torture myself. So, a few days ago, I checked back with trepidation, and lo and behold...there were 4 more posts. Allelujah!! No more JBW.
    On a side note, I love Henry's post. He is hilarious. And I love what you did to the kitchen and your wall decor. I thought I was impressive hanging wall art, until I saw your talent! Looks excellent! Oh one more thing...your mom inlaw sounds like a dream! lucky girl to have 2 spectacular moms.


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