I love that Bud commercial where the only word uttered is "Dude." Love it. So many different connotations.

I would like to share with you a story. It has to do with Milwaukee's weather [big surprise] and may or may not convey my bitterness towards this climate.

Friday was the second day of "Spring." Quite ironic because Mother Nature totally dumped 15 inches of snow on our little hell-hole city. FIFTEEN INCHES, people. I am not kidding. Out of nowhere just to screw with our heads.

Henry became timid as we opened our front door and discovered a boat load of snow. Look at that pile almost above his head.

Okay so here is our street that night after plows went through about a hundred times.
This shot says it all: the dumpsters and the patio furniture were completely cleared the night before.
I mean, are you kidding me? Easily 15 inches.
I admit this one is kind of pretty. Snow is beautiful and all but I'm over it.
And I love snow on trees, you know. But still.
Just when our yard was starting to show signs of grass, the new blanket is enough to smother the poor blades for another few weeks [I pray to God not months]:
And now, this winter season is officially the second snowiest winter of all times. EVER. In the history of the world [well just Milwaukee, but who's counting?] Aren't I so lucky to experience it first hand during my first Wisconsin winter? We've gotten 96.9 inches of snow this season and the highest ever is 109. Dear Lord please let us stay at #2 for this year. Please.

Also, I exited work on Friday night to find my car COVERED in snow. I mistakenly parked in the street that day and my whole tires were covered to the brim. So I had to use my miniature shovel to dig myself out of the snow. Literally. I am christened as a Milwaukee resident now:)

In other news, Keri is doing well. Thank you all for your support and kind words. We both appreciate it. The power of women supporting each other is pretty amazing---even online for total strangers. Please see my next post if you have no idea what I'm saying.

My good friend Kim shared a few great websites for Keri and one of them is just awesome. It's
Young Women and Breast Cancer and it has some really sobering facts I'd like to share:
It's really interesting to me and maybe you'd like it, too. I promise to keep you updated on Keri but make sure to mark April 2 on your calendars. That is her surgery date.

Have a happy Easter everyone!


  1. What a nice snowy surprise the Easter Bunny left for you! I hope he also brought you a chocolate bunny and some Peeps. Maybe this will be your last snow for awhile... hopefully. I've totally got spring fever, but actually, there's also a chance of snow for us today!! But not 15 inches....
    Also, so sorry to hear the tragic news about your friend. I can't even imagine what she must be going through. Seems like these days it's not IF you're gonna get it, but WHEN you're gonna get it. How about a cure already?? Please keep us updated.

  2. I am still in denial about the weather. I figure that if I don't acknowledge that it happened, then it didn't. Right??? Ah well, wishful thinking. At least it's starting to melt out.

    Again, my best wishes to you and your friend. Now, you have even more of a reason to participate in the Race for the Cure this fall. My mom and I did it last year in honor of my grandmother and it was so much fun. Definitely keep us updated on how Keri does. I am really thinking of her.

  3. i agree with sierra- i am in big time denial- but my blog admits that i do recognize there is snow- just look at our cute pics! :0)

    best wishes to you and your friend! keep us updated on keri- we will be thinking of her! :0)

  4. 96" of snow....that is just so wrong. I am so sorry! We had flakes here in STL...not that that makes you feel any better.
    Your friend Keri will be in my thoughts and prayers each day. I do the Race for the Cure each year and I will think of her when I do it.

  5. Thumbs down to the snow.

    Thumbs up to the Race for the Cure.

    That's all I've got today.


  6. I CANNOT believe you got another 15 inches of snow! Its ridiculous! Just keep thinking about your upcoming trip!!!


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