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Hello, blog world. I heard some of you want me to have my own day on the blog and that's really cool and all, but I'm an extremely busy dog. I have to get my 12 hour nap each day but I suppose I can humor you this week at least. My mom added a few pictures of me when I was just a pup---a few weeks old, to be exact---because she knows you like pictures in posts.

Not too much new in my life. Mom keeps talking about the kitchen and how she's so happy she could just puke. Dad found a new hobby fit for geriatrics....he now likes to do jigsaw puzzles in his spare time. He just finished one of a farm and it's really ugly and boring. And me? I'm perfecting the art of barking at nothing while staring out the window. My big brother Sammy starts barking downstairs and that makes me want to bark, so I do, and then my parents scream at me to stop. This happens about ten times a night. It's so much fun.
Oh, and my other Grandma is coming on Friday! I'm going to lick her face for about twenty minutes straight. My mom says she might not be able to blog for awhile when Grandma is here, but don't worry because I'm sure she'll have plenty of pictures to share on Monday when she's off work. She's a psycho with that damn camera.
Also, mom has a continuing education course tomorrow for twelve hours straight. She's complaining about that already in anticipation. She has to go again on Friday but only for six hours, which is still better than working I guess. One thing that made her happy today was writing out the check for their wedding photo DVD, which she's been coveting for almost a year. This is a very big step in my parent's lives and I can't wait to sniff the album when it's done.

Oh, and they've been scouring the internet all the freaking time looking for the perfect vacation spot. Apparently they're looking into every city in the USA and even some in Mexico. I'm secretly ticked off they aren't taking me on the trip, so I might drop a mad deuce on their bed tonight to prove my disdain.

Okay, back to my life now. I'm trying to get my favorite ball freed from under the couch. I just whine until my parents can't take it anymore and then they'll get it for me. I totally own them.


  1. Henry,
    What a great first post! I know you must be swamped, but I for one, really appreciate you taking the time to blog for us.
    Good luck with your new barking hobby... practice makes perfect, so keep at it! No matter what your parents say. Sometimes yelling at you is just their way of supporting you. Silly parents, you know!
    Tell your mom Congrats on ordering the DVD, too! That's big news in the human world.
    Good to hear from you, and I look forward to reading more from you.

  2. Henry -

    Love your first post! I should say welcome to the blogging world, but I'm sure you're already well versed in it (since your mom probably makes you sit and watch her blog all the time). I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.
    Good luck with the barking, trust me, your mom will get sick of yelling at you eventually.
    Oh, and have fun with Grandma!

  3. Henry,
    your first post inspires me to have dexter write one :0)

    you have the best teacher to teach you all about the blogging world- your mom is a top notch blogger!

  4. Henry, you are one funny dog! LMAO. My favorite part...the possibility of you dropping a "mad deuce" for Mom and Dad. Love it!

  5. Henry, can I borrow you for a day? You're too cute.

  6. Hello ladies. It's Henry again--ignore the name on this comment.

    My mom just got home from her REALLY long day and is too pooped to type but I have to tell you a story.

    I did, in fact, drop a massive deuce. But it wasn't on their bed ...it was on the rug this morning because they didn't take me out in time. I haven't done that in months but damn it felt so good!

    Thank you for the kind welcoming words. I'm glad you like my post and I'll try to do it often. Also, I have my own Dogbook on my mom's Facebook account----so look her up so you can be my friend, too! I have a ridiculous amount of pictures on there and love virtual petting:)

  7. Hi Henry, this is from Louie in St. Louis. I wanted to tell you that based on your newfound love of barking and given how handsome you are from your pictures, I think we could be good friends! I don't get up to Wisconsin very often, but I did escape and make it down the driveway with my brother last weekend, so we're getting closer...

  8. Henry I love the title of your post--very cute. You and my dog Brucey would be great friends because she loves to whine and bark at the window, door and us for no good reason!! And she always hides and then later whines because she can't get her bones out from under the couch!

  9. Henry,

    It's so nice that you could fit a blog entry somwhere in your busy day of barking, napping, dropping deuces, and ball hunting. Your puppy picture makes me want to reach into the computer and steal you for myself. You're still pretty cute too;) Try not to be too hard on your parents when they go on vacation; they will probably feel horribly guilty for leaving you and will bring you back some good souvenirs. Have fun with your grandma this weekend.

  10. Hi Henry! Butch here. Thanks for the fab idea of dropping a mad deuce on mom and dad's bed. I'd never done it before, but thanks to me, they had to get up in the middle of the night and clean the quilt last night. Hahahaha!

  11. Henry,
    Roxie here. Listen, I know we haven't met and it is cliche for two dogs to fall in love on the Internet, but from this one post I think I have true feelings for you and I look forward to the day when you will be in MO and we can sniff each other's butts.


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