I'm still here but I'm I warn you, I'm all riled up right now and probably not making sense.

You see, I've been trying to post SINCE LAST NIGHT on this stupid computer. No biggie, right? I just wasted precious minutes of my life staring at my reject computer while it considered by request then rejected it. "Your internet connection was lost" my rear end.

So here we are trying to self-diagnose this major issue. Uploading pictures is the problem but we have no idea what is the cause. Computer? Internet? Certain websites? Who freaking knows? It's not just uploading to Blogger anymore, it's also nearly impossible to coax Shutterfly into working. Nate seems to think these websites themselves are problematic but does anyone else have these issues? Ugh.

I was GOING to show you four really fabulous pictures I've never seen before. Ones from our wedding DVD which magically revealed new hidden images. Instead, you get two:
Out of the 2000+ images I've seen from our wedding on the online gallery, these two [plus a few others] never made it online and thus were a total surprise to me. I love them! Why not have 2002 images, right?

I've been spending my time narrowing down that number to a more manageable group....say, about 300 instead. Still a ridiculous amount because they can't ALL go into an album, right? But it's progress, people.

Next comes the album design, which I've officially decided to create on my own. I like the idea of an inexpensive album as a temporary fix until we can more comfortably purchase the pimptastic album. Or maybe we'll never get there, but right now the cheap-o version feels right. Thanks for the advice, ladies.

In other news, it's snowing again. No, this is not a joke. Yes, it's really freaking cold and dreary and depressing up here. We have a good chance of hitting the 100 inch mark for the whole winter after this little storm. I swear to you that if this madness doesn't end soon there is a good chance I will jump out of a window and surrender to Mother Nature.

Speaking of Mother this post from Dooce's blog and try not to laugh:

A Canadian columnist rips into Mother Nature for the very mean things she has done to us this winter: "We've tried to have patience. Some of us have also tried patience's little helper, Xanax. But look what you've done to us. We're a quivering mass of shattered nerves, deadened eyes and extended middle fingers."

The entire article is here and I'm in love with it [and with Dooce, she's freaking awesome.] If only I could uncover the secret to making a living off a blog.

Something else happened this week to set me off on a complete biyatch rampage. Are you ready for this?

Nate has always said his classes start in June because that is what the school website told him. So we booked our vacation around that assumption, to celebrate our one year anniversary and the last weekend before his schooling started. I've only been a LITTLE bit pumped for the trip and often find myself day dreaming about the beach.

I'm sure you can guess the next sequence of events. Nate got an email from a professor stating the first day of class is.....drum roll please....May 27!!!! Our anniversary itself! It would be pretty hard to attend class from San Diego, right? And I suppose the first day of a three year program is fairly important.

So of course we had to switch our flights [cost us a pretty penny], find new coverage at work [cost me my sanity], and shorten our trip by one night [cost me my relaxation time.] Needless to say I was running around like an insane person for a bit until I calmed myself down. And now my co-workers have seen the inner B living inside my head:) It's not a big deal, we still get to go on our trip, but this is just so freaking typical!

On a positive note, my boss approved a day off in April so we can make the trip down to STL. I cannot wait to see our friends and breathe the warm Missouri air. It could be a little out of control, so be prepared!


  1. 1. I love the new pictures and can't wait to see if there are more new ones!

    2. That REALLY sucks about Nate's school but at least you were able to switch everything? :) trying to be positive for you!

    3. I got your message on facebook and I'm so excited for you to come to town!!

  2. 1. I'm not having problems uploading to Blogger or Snapfish (I don't use Shutterfly).

    2. Great pictures! I wanna see the other two. ;)

    3. OMG. I can't freaking believe that. Julia, that is exactly something that would happen to Chad and I. And I'm so flipping anal and such a planner, I would be flying of the ever-living handle. Good lord woman, that sucks. At least it's taken care of now. But how ridiculous! Seriously, my blood pressure is shooting up just thinking about it, and I'm not even the one it happened to!

  3. Your photos are beautiful! Where did you get your wedding dress from?

    I'm obviously delurking. I came to your blog through Erin's and loved it and kept reading as we have the same name. :)

  4. I'm sorry your vacation is getting cut short :( I am hoping for warm weather for your trip back to MO. Hopefully the weather won't screw that up for you!

    The pictures are beautiful!!

  5. Those pictures are fantastic! The black and white one made me tear up a little. And no, I don't know what's wrong with me.

  6. I LOVE your dress Julia, and your pictures are gorgeous. That sucks about your anniversary trip. How exciting that you get to come back home in April though! Have a great weekend. :-)

  7. The pictures are beautiful...I love your dress!

    And when you come to STL in April PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not bring any of that WI snow with you! I beg of you because I need Spring!

  8. What a beautiful bride! I love your blog:)

  9. Loving the two new photos chickie.

    I can't wait for brunch either.


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