Quotes by Nate

N: I forgot to tell you but last night I decided what we are going to do for our vacation.

J: Do enlighten me.

N: We are going to fly down to Naples, Florida and just deal with the layover 

[this is where we want to go but I'm throwing a fit about having a layover. Apparently Milwaukee doesn't have direct flights to Florida, the bastards. And apparently we can't find a decent hotel ON the beach, either. And apparently everything costs a small fortune which is simply unacceptable.]

J: Okay....and?

N: Then we are going to rent a convertible for our car.

J: Why?

N: Because we'll be really cool in a convertible.

J: So you can feel the breeze blow through your hair? [said with a smirk]

N: Exactly. Otherwise we'll get stuck with the gay Kia Rio and that will suck.

Sometimes I wonder about my husband's thought process. Because in the next sentence he said:

N: I think we need a Roth IRA. 

Followed shortly by:

N: Since you are buying our wedding DVD now I can buy a new driver, right?

Please. I thought he knew better by now. 


  1. Nate quotes crack me up!!! Can you say RANDOM????

  2. Roth IRA? I know a few things about those :)

  3. LOL! I love the transition from Kia Rio to Roth IRA. :-) And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I also have an obsession with Tiramisu! I ate it any chance I could in Rome. I even had Tiramisu gelato. Yummy!

  4. Ok, there are so many things wrong with all of these quotes.

    First of all, how random! Second, while on my honeymoon we had a convertible and it was fabulous, but as a proud Kia rio driver I take offense (not really). Third, if he really wants a Roth IRA then a new driver is out of the question.

    Oh and I LOL at the "wind in your hair" HEHE.

  5. lol! i seem to remember having very similar conversations with darin- sometimes he is so random!

    wind in your hair! lol- is it just me or does every guy want to drive a convertible once in their life so they can have the wind blowing through their hair? hilarious!

  6. SO funny. Men can be so random. And they complain we're random and hard to figure out...


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