By the numbers

2: gloriously free days to myself this weekend
3: shifts that Nate had to work
3: items purchased while shopping for myself [gasp!]
$95: total amount spent on said items [2 shirts and a pair of shoes]
$40: amount spent on my haircut
10: weeks since my last one [yikes!]
5: loads of laundry done today
1.5: number of hours spent on the phone with these companies: shutterfly, internet, Apple
0: help that I received from the bastards
0: number of pictures in this post [because of said inefficient companies]
10/10: my frustration level with picture uploading issues
42: number of layouts made for our album!!!!!
15: number of hours spent on album design in the past 2 days
4: scents of candles put into rotation during said album design
2: pots of black coffee consumed
2: very large glasses of red wine consumed
3: bottles of water consumed after said coffee and wine
4: number of dishes I'm making for dinner tonight
4: number of people I'm cooking for [in-laws included!!!]

Let me go a little Scarlet O'Hara on you for a second: "As God is my witness, I WILL post pictures again!"

I want you to see my designs! I can't take this anymore. And now I have to!

Stay tuned...


  1. Oh, my goodness! I feel so badly for you! I would be ticked too if I couldn't post pics. I really want to see your layouts too. Our wedding album is just one I did in mypublisher, so I want to see if your layouts are more creative. I may have to look into blurb.

  2. I can't wait to see your photo book layouts - I'm sure they're absolutely beautiful!

    Here's to people cooperating with you so we can all see them, and yay for hair cuts!

  3. Gasp!!! A post without pictures! Well at least you don't have pictures because you can't - I'm just too lazy to do it half the time.

    Sounds like your weekend was really productive though! I can't wait to see the layouts! I may hire you to do mine at some point in time... :)

  4. i finally just realized why blogger was sucking so much with my pictures- apparently i had them aligned wrong so now i am semi-happy but you know blogger i am sure it will make me mad again!

    so today i actually got a picture to post- and it is damn funny :0)

    you should like you had a busy weekend but totally fun! yea!

  5. I am dying to see your layouts. Would help if more people called to complain about your picture posting issues...maybe they would move faster?

  6. Yep, no pictures just won't do!


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