Henry's hankerings plus Hannah's b.day

Hello humans. It's me again---Henry.

Just stopping by to keep you informed. Mom figured out how to beat the blogger system and add pictures so I thought you'd like some more from my childhood.

But first, here are two recent pictures of me performing my finest talent: sleeping.
Yes, now back to my hankerings. Not much going on in my world except that I barfed again today. Mom totally smelled it on my breath when she got home but couldn't find my little treasure anywhere. Dad found it right away, on the end of the guest bed. Maybe I was just showing my disapproval that my Grandma left....so I puked all over her bed. I don't know but Mom wrote the following on the calendar, so she can keep track of my vomiting habits : "H Barfed". Very descriptive, no?
Also, Mom is officially on a diet except she doesn't use that dirty word. She likes to call it "eating better and working out more." Something about how she's become a lazy sloth since moving into our new place and eating my Grandma's good cooking. She's reached her limit with gym excuses and decided to suck it up and go. Marathon training starts June 1 but she needs to get her A in shape for the training. I think I'll stick to napping. My parents are attempting to schedule a St. Louis trip in the next few months. Nothing is final yet but they are pretty excited to see their STL buddies. I hope they take me or else I'll be left alone with my pink bear. Bad things happen when we are left alone. Bad, dirty things:

Sometimes I forget how cute I was when I was a pup. Now I'm so old and mature. Looking at these pictures makes Mom want another puppy. But that thought goes away in about two seconds when she remembers the horror that was potty training. Also, my family got some very sad news yesterday about a close friend. Mom can't blog about it just yet but it's weighing heavily on her heart. Maybe she will ask this friend if it's okay to blog about the situation before she goes and blabs her big mouth....because sometimes it's helpful to have more people praying simultaneously, right?
And lastly: It's Auntie Hannah's birthday today [if you are reading on Wednesday, March 19]. I miss her lots and wish I could give her a big wet kiss. This is my favorite picture of her because I can just smell the Del Taco through the computer screen:
Now because Hannah is so special in our lives, me and Mom picked out not one, not two, but THREE Some E-cards for her big day.

This one made my Mom laugh. She's known Hannah since they were mere babes at the tender age of 18. So 27 does, in fact, seem disturbingly old.
This is unfortunate but true. Mom and Hannah still watch MTV to pretend they are young, but they are definitely out of that age bracket.

And this is perfect because Mom and Hannah tolerated each other as roommates for SO long. Eight years, to be exact. When people asked how in the heck they tolerated each other for such a span of time, they just smile and say, "I guess we just lucked out." But really, they know the secret to their success is their opposite personalities. And a high tolerance for each other:)Happy #27, Hannie! It's no fun to be separated for the first time in eight years on your birthday:( Make sure the boys treat you right.

And that is all. I must get back to my life now, blog readers. But I quite like my computer time with you!


  1. Aw, I hope you feel better peanut! My Nina puked like 6 times in 2 days last week. Amazing how she finds the one area rug we have in the house to barf on as opposed to the other 1800 square feet of hardwood flooring.
    How cute are your puppy pics! I wonder if I have any photos of Neener on here, when she was a pup.....

  2. Hey Henry - it was great to hear from you again! And thanks for sharing your puppy pics...you were (and still are, of course) just adorable!

  3. Oh Henry you really are so cute! Feel better and if you are going to be sick do it anywhere but on carpet...try for the tile. It will make mom so much happier!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I can't believe how old I am! Even more amazing is that Henry has not only grown working thumbs but he has learned to read, write, and type! He should be on the Today Show or something.


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