Miscellaneous Monday

It's been awhile but I'm feeling very miscellany tonight:

1. I am about to commit bloody murder to an old friend, a pal, my go-to hobby. My FREAKING computer!! Remember how I complained about blogger and picture uploading? Well let's just say it isn't getting any better and in fact, has gotten worse. I tried to play detective tonight and attempt photo uploading on my in-laws computer. It wasn't much better but I'm still blaming my laptop at this point. Seriously, three minutes to upload ONE picture? I can't handle this. I've always saved pictures to my desktop and uploaded from there---cannot deal with hosting sites right now. Anyone else having problems?

2. We have hardware on one set of cabinets!!!

3. I don't know why, but I got a good belly laugh from this little episode tonight: the boys were supposed to "quickly" secure the final lower cabinets and counter top. Four hours later this happened:Let me explain. That, my dear friends, is a vacuum cleaner from 1975. Yes, it is older than me. And it exploded everywhere, hence the dust. I guess this bad boy has lead a long and happy life and just gave up tonight. Rest in peace, you piece.

Dude, look at the size of that bag! Lois can't even find that type anymore except for one store across town. Classic!A sign of a good vacuum? Duct tape. And a hideous pod shape. Now why on earth would the boys use this sad little excuse for a vacuum when we have the Ultimate God of Vacuums. Cue the angels singing, please:

Ah, my beloved Dyson Animal. Now THERE is a piece of technology that never fails me [you hear that, stupid laptop!?] The Dyson encompasses all that is right with the world: beauty, power, and pimpness. I just made up that word in honor of the Dyson. It makes is so much sweeter to know we could have NEVER afforded [ie, I wouldn't have let us spend the money] on this stunner. Thank God for wedding showers:)

4. Lying in bed last night I started going over the ever expanding list of things to do that are not related to the damn kitchen. Then I had a minor panic attack. You see, those pesky little details of life [dentist appointments, paying bills, hair cuts, rolling over old 401ks] have taken a back burner to the black hole of life [kitchen renovation.]

So guess what? I TOTALLY forgot to take Henry to the vet for his yearly check up. No biggie, right? I remember going sometime around Valentines Day last time so I'm not that far off. But wait....I checked his rabies tags and they expired at the end of 2007. That means his yearly check up is a year overdue and I was supposed to go in February of 2007! I am such a bad mom, I know.

Not only that, but the poor munchkin hasn't seen a groomer in way too long and the "stoner/dread lock dog" look is so last year [apparently, just like going to the vet]. I felt so bad for neglecting my darling I took it upon myself to brush some of the stank out of him. Well after an hour I had successfully navigated his head and ears. Not good, folks. I'm a horrible person, aren't I? Does this mean I'll just forget to bathe my children or take them to the doctor if life gets a bit hectic? They say dogs are like a trial run for kids and right now I'm failing as a mother.

5. I had a bunch of cool pictures to show you from Flickr but of course, my computer is being a little tramp and won't upload them. Someday I'll present fabulous photos of far off lands I once experienced [Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Rome, Dublin, Mallorca]. There are some goodies on Flickr, even ones with pink details! How perfectly fabulous, and inspiring. I love that site.

That is all my friends. I apologize for being so negative lately. I'll try to perk up or avoid posting because I know it's annoying to hear me whine, but by God I'm just moody these days. You'll forgive me, right?


  1. OMG... that vacuum is FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    "Rest in peace, you piece"... I seriously LOL'd!

    Thank god for the trusty Dyson. My bridal shower is this weekend (::fingers crossed::) please OH PLEASE let me get a Dyson! I totally agree though... I would never buy it on my own but would adore it as a gift!

    Keep up the hard work... you'll catch up on everything eventually. Oh, and I think you're a good dog mommy because there is no way I could bring myself to trudge around in the Wisconsin snow to take my dog to pee pee. That takes some serious dedication!

  2. Oh, I love my Dyson too. Even more so due to the fact that it was a gift.

    The cabinets are looking great! Hang in there--kitchen remodeling sucks, but it will be worth it in the end.

  3. Posting pictures is also one of my LEAST favorite things to do because it also takes me 4-eva. I have a brand new Dell and high speed and 3 minutes is entirely too long. I've got American Idol to watch for Pete's Sake!!
    QUESTION for you - how do you get your pics to post a little bigger than mine?? Is there some special setting to adjust in Blogger? Can't figure it out...HELP!

  4. Dysons unite!! Nicole, you MUST hold someone hostage for yours. It's the bomb.

    But our only problem is that our entire duplex is hardwood. Oh well! It works for that, too:)

  5. Ah yes, the Mac laptop. Remember my J.Crew issue?
    NO J.CREW FOR YOU!!! (yelled in the unforgettable Soup Nazi manner). I have a serious love/hate relationship with mine. The next time my smart-ass laptop tells me that 'my request has been acknowledged and denied', I'll stab it, I swear.
    Kitchen is coming along nicely, but perhaps you should take your time. These things shouldn't be rushed, you know. No detail should be overlooked. Haste makes waste, and all that. (Are you understanding where I'm going with this? Allow me to spell it out....your MIL is cooking gourmet meals for you while your kitchen is under construction. Once construction is finished, gourmet meals will stop, or be halted to a bare minimum. Just saying).
    And as for the Dyson, it's like a piece of art. When I told my hubby I wanted one, he was like, 'Um, for the 3 area rugs that we have?' Alas, we have hardwood floors, so no Dyson for me. There is actually a new vacuum called a halo that is gorgeous too. Did you ever think as a kid, that when you grew up you'd get excited over things like a flippin' vacuum?


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