Just call me Bob Villa

I'm so handy it's scary. I used a laser level, tape measure, drill, hammer, and a lot of muscle to complete my wall. And nothing has fallen off yet!Yes, that is a lot of pictures. But I tried to remove a few wedding pictures and replace them with engagement pictures, honeymoon pictures, and Henry pictures. So that makes it less obnoxious, right?

My H found it's spot!

Family wedding pictures, plus our typed up vows on digital scrapbooking paper. Probably my favorite part.
So you likey? If not, too bad. I'm not touching the thing anymore. :)

P.S. The kitchen floors have been grouted. And the final box has been broken down and stored away.

And I can't believe we've only been here three weeks. In some ways it feels like forever.

P.P.S. My mother-in-law outdid herself tonight. We had: turkey breast [think Thanksgiving style], mashed potatoes, gravy, Stovetop stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, fresh rolls, and then homemade apple pie. Freaking ridiculous, I tell you.


  1. Wow, your wall looks great! I have so many pictures and frames that have yet to make it up onto our walls. I think you may have given me that motivation.

  2. When I saw the first photo on this blog, I wondered where you found such a stunning wall design. Then I gasped as I realized this is YOUR wall. I am definitely coming to check this out in person!
    Love you!

  3. J- absolutely LOVE IT! It looks great. Can't wait to come visit and see it myself. All you hard work has paid off.

  4. It looks awesome Julia! So you. ;)

  5. Wow, the picture/collage wall looks so cool! I would have never thought to do something like that... what a unique idea!

    Keep the inspiration coming lady! After the wedding I'm gonna need some new projects!

  6. Criminy. You...the queen of symmetry...allowed an asymmetrical design on your wall?!! BLASPHEMY.

    Your house is lookin slick. Can I hire you? My house is a clusterf@ck.

  7. We want a funky lighting fixture (i.e. a blue chandelier) for our third floor hallway. Any suggestions of off-beat web sites to check out?

  8. LOVE IT! Your wall looks great. I am a picture-a-holic so I am so into your wall of pictures.

  9. Sierra~Do it! And post pictures.

    Mom~I can't wait for this weekend. I'll be putting you to work asap on some projects:)

    Keri~You too--plan a trip up here so I can delegate projects:)

    Kristal~thank you!

    Nicole~start filling the wedding void now. Get ideas a going so you don't sit around and wallow in the post-wedding blues.

    Ame~now, now. Don't curse me just yet. The wall is somewhat asymmetrical but overall it's balanced out. Or else I couldn't stand it. I suppose I'm turning over a new leaf and embracing imperfections:) Glad you stopped by!

    Hannah~ a blue chandelier? That is very wild, is Michael okay with that? I will brainstorm options for you. I normally don't allow myself to look at fun lighting we can't afford but now I have an excuse.

    Liz~glad you like! I'm a bit obsessed with pictures, too. Obviously.

  10. Julia - I'm in love with your wall! I just made Brian come look at it because, with your permission, I am totally copying it when we move!!!

  11. Thanks for the welcome, Julia! On yet another snowy day last week, I decided to take the plunge. I have been reading your fabulous blog for awhile and have definitely used it as inspiration!

    I love your new photo collage. I especially love the family wedding photos. I can't wait to move into a house to have more wall space so that I can display more photos!

  12. Nice job! I could never do this by myself. I'm sure your hubby was happy to see his handy ways have rubbed off on you :-D

  13. it looks sooooo awesome! you did a wonderful job! you must have been exhausted after all of that- that project would have taken me a whole weekend- if not more! it looks gorgeous!

    i really have to get my butt in gear and get some pictures up! your truly an inspiration! :0)

  14. LOVING the wall. I may have to try something like that one of these days!


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