video killed the radio star

Just because I am bound and determined to use this blog for some video action, I spent way too much time learning iMovie tonight. Then I figured out that Flickr only hosts videos that are 90 seconds long or less. So I spent more time editing in iMovie. Sheesh. I know Blogger has an upload function, so I could bypass Flickr all together but I like having the videos stored in the same spot as my photos. Anal retentiveness at it's finest.

I have three videos for you to watch, each less than 90 seconds (thanks, Flickr!).

The first is a belly movement video, not the best but at this point I'll take what I can get. Watch the left side of my belly the whole time. And try not to get dizzy from the stripes:

The second is our little family, behaving like fools. And Henry can yodel, did you know? Everyone needs a little live Henry action in their lives, so enjoy:

And finally: Angry Santa. Poor little baby!

This last one I made slightly bigger. Does it look worse? I mean, we shot all of these in HD but because we have to compress them down so much they basically look like crap anyway, right? I tried uploading a whole, HD 3 minute long video and Flickr almost was going to take 2 hours to upload, seriously. So I guess grainy videos will do for now unless anyone has suggestions? Please tell me you can at least see the videos or I'm going to croak.

Also, I made a new blog header. I really like making fun things with photos more than videos....perhaps someday it will be easy to do both but for now my brain hurts from those videos:)


  1. Fantastic post!
    1. Your pregnant belly is SO cute.
    2. I'm extremely jealous of your super cute pregnant belly.
    3. Henry is the best yodeler I've heard. Well, second to my boys when I'm playing the piano. I may have to get video of that one.
    4. Henry is also a talented actor.
    5. Even though I've met you IRL, for some reason I've been "hearing" your voice different in my head... hmm... now I remember. :)

  2. I absolutely love Henry's eyes- they are always so expressive!

    And I'm with Stephanie, I am totally jealous of your cute pregnant belly and even though I have heard your voice before in the video of your wedding vows I still "hear" it differently when I read your posts.

  3. Holy crap, I'm seriously laughing my butt off right now. "Nate, participate, or shut it!" Classic.
    p.s.~left you something on my blog. (sorry, I know they annoy you!)

  4. OMG! The dog videos were cracking me up!

    Your belly is very cute!

    I was thinking the same exact thing as PP, when I heard the first video play I always imagined your voice would be different. You had a different voice when I read your posts. You have a nice voice though!

  5. 1. I saw some nudges! I can't believe you "videoed" only to find out you weren't really recording. I would have been so irritated!

    2. "Nathan! Participate or shut it!" Jeez girl...that is way too similar to something I'd say to Chad. I died laughing at that point. And Henry's yodeling is hilarious. Alvin does the same thing.

    3. Even though I've met you before, I'm still surprised by your voice. I don't know why, but it's different in my head.

  6. ivideo is my nemesis. I used that thing for hours trying to work on my son's first birthday video. All it amounted to was tears and frustration!!! I could never figure it out!

    The movement videos that you and Kristal did are such a great idea. I can't believe I didn't think about it when I was pregnant with my first. It was like an alien was trying to get out and it would have been fun to go back and look at that. Mostly because I can barely remember what it felt/looked like now! I'm sure to be reminded in about 10-12 weeks : )

    Where in Missouri did you used to live? I live in KC, MO. It sucks. I want to go into hibernation and wake up again in the spring : )

  7. I definitely saw the baby move :) And as always, I just love Henry!

  8. I couldn't see the baby move. :-(

    I love Henry!

  9. So, I think that my dog Zeke and Henry could be BFF's. (um, or is it BFFs... sorry my brain isn't quite up to full speed this morning. Gah and I just looked at the clock and it's 10, so really I just need to face facts that the damn apostrophe gets me every time and not try to blame it on being early.) Anyhow, 1) Henry's eyes remind me so much of Zeke's, they are very soulful. 2) Zeke is the best dog yodeler ever he'd just love to pair up with Henry and start the Dog Yodeler World Tour. :)

    Love the rest of the videos, your belly is so super cute!

  10. love the new header and love the videos. saw baby boy kicking - can't wait to find out his name! my hubby even lol'ed about henry's yodeling. thanks for sharing!

  11. Is that an Old Navy T-shirt you have on? If it is I have it and love the fact the sleeves are actually long enough.

    I agree with everyone else I totally hear your voice in my head way differently.

  12. ~I love that everyone is surprised by my voice. Did you expect it to be really manly or something? Or is it just my southern/northern accent that gets you? :)

    ~Definitely not the best kicking video. He kicks much harder than that every time I DON'T have the camera in hand:) I will do better next time for sure.

    ~yes, that is an ON 'tall' maternity shirt with the stripes. LOVE the long sleeves.

    ~my parents live in Jeff City and I was raised there. Went to SLU and lived in St. Louis for 8 years so that is kind of 'home' in a way, too. Trust me when I say if you think it's a rough winter in MO, WI winters are basically nightmarish. Living through my third one this year might do my in for good:)

  13. Oh my gosh...we are laughing so hard over here. I turned up the sound of Henry yodeling and Mia was going nuts. She was turning her head right and left (and almost upside-down) listening and she jumped of me and started attacking my computer. SO FUNNY!!!!

  14. I forgot to mention that your voice is much different than I remember. I pictured it much higher in my head. I have met you and talked to you but I don't remember...

  15. These videos are great! I can't wait to feel the kicks over Christmas. Love, Grandma

  16. i LOVE henry!!!!! he pretty much is a celebrity on your blog. just sayin'.


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