Baby #3: 12 weeks

Twelve Weeks: 12.24.13


Photo thoughts: Hate that the picture is taken at night, that I'm wearing an eight year old wife beater, and that it's off centered. Love the two adorable kiddos in the background, so it will do. Also: hi, bump!

Here, this is a little better but I switched the two cute kids for one cute dog. Christmas Eve!

Oh, and here was 11 weeks. Much better in the daytime light, must remember to take belly pics during the day.

Size of baby: An adorable lime baby.

Cravings/Aversions: Sweets are tasting mighty fine again. Uh-oh. I've still been consuming mass quantities of salt and cheese, plus pickles were a particular favorite of the week. So stereotypical, I know. Still can't do coffee--not decaf, not the real stuff---but I really *want* to like it again. Hot tea is fine for now but if I get a killer headache, only Diet Dr. Pepper will fix it. I remember having one diet soda daily with CC and could totally see this becoming a habit this time around, too. The carbonation is just awesome right now. Also, haven't had McDonalds in forever (like, maybe a year?) and we had it twice in the past two weeks. So.Freaking.Good. I cannot even handle the amazingness of the french fries and a double cheeseburger. First true craving, for sure, and I think Nate was secretly into it when I said we HAD to get Mickey Dees ASAP.

What I'm loving: Being out to the whole wide world! Pretty fun to spill the (baby) beans on the internet and to feel comfortable telling anyone else we see in real life, too. Anything can happen at anytime, but I'm loving the feeling of hitting 12 weeks. Another big sigh of relief with this one.

Also, this is totally random, but I think this first trimester will always be known as the 'Friday Night Lights' trimester. Nate and I are binging on this show right now to the point of ridiculousness. We have about 7 more episodes to go in the final season and I might cry when it's over. I love Matt Saracen so much it's borderline unhealthy and have definitely sobbed more with this show than any other show in the history of me being pregnant or not. It's freaking fantastic and seems to play on my pregnant hormones just a liiiiiittle bit.

We love FNL so much. I want to watch every episode again but I think this pregnancy will always remind me of it in the future.

What I'm anticipating the most: Having a basketball belly. Can't wait until it's super obvious that I'm with child instead of being just a little chunky in the midsection.

Missing anything?: A-a-a-a-alcohol. Especially being the Christmas season and all. A Brandy Old Fashioned, red wine, or even a cold beer sounds divine right now. DIVINE.

Worries: Still checking the heartbeat with my doppler but not every day, so I'm still worried about something going wrong but it's not at the forefront of my mind at all times anymore. Now I'm getting more nervous about the 20 week US and Quad Screen---still so many problems could arise.

Differences between pregnancies: Woah, this pregnancy is sounding a LOT like Cecelia's now that I read back on it. Wanting to lick a salt block? Pickles? GI issues (didn't even mention it here, but yeah. Not great)? And a higher heart rate on doppler? My 12 week appointment was yesterday with this baby and she found the HR right away, at 170. I am getting more like 165 at home. I guess CC was about 155 right now and Truman was only 140. Are we thinking *girl* yet?? ;)

The only thing I can say about Truman's 12 week pregnancy post is this: you call THAT a bump, girl?  Um, yeah. Definitely showing triple the amount as the first time around.

How I'm feeling: So.Much.Better this week. Energy, an appetite, the ability to function during the day without wanting to curl up and sleep/puke. It's awesome. I even spent my entire Saturday morning on a mission to clean, organize, and purge the hell out of the toy situation in this house. Nothing was left untouched, and then I even cleaned out the kids closets. Yeah, I'd say I have a little bit more energy compared to a few weeks ago.

Sleep: Yes, it's the best thing ever. Cannot believe we are messing up our great sleeping routine in a few more months with another newborn (who will presumably, NOT sleep for a solid year or so). I will enjoy this bliss while it lasts.

Movement: Not really but maybe. I also can't wait for that part of this pregnancy.

The Bump: It's doing that really odd thing when it can be super flat or super huge all within the same day. Bigger after I eat or if I have to pee, and seemingly not even present at times, too.

Milestones: I started working out again (hence the wife beater in the belly picture), because I have the energy and started to feel really horribly disgusting without exercise. I can't justify a gym membership but hope I can keep up with workout DVDs and walking Henry outside (as long as it's above 10 degrees or so). I just feel SO much better about myself and about life if I work out. So this milestone of actually doing something about the lack of exercise was a big one. Prior to this I was too scared and too tired/sick to even care.

Best Moment of the Week: Announcing our news, of course. A great uneventful 12 week appointment. And the fact that it's Christmas Eve and the most magical time of the year anyway. Merry Christmas, everyone!

And with that, I am caught up to real time in this pregnancy. Bring on the second trimester!


  1. I love the bump picture with the 2 kiddos in the back. Yay for feeling better!

  2. That bump!! That sucker is comparable to your 20 week bump the first time around. Woah!! My favorite part of my pregnancy with Miriam was showing SO much quicker. Makes the whole thing seem more real. <3

  3. PS - totally calling girl this time around. :)

  4. Had to click over to see your bump with T - ha! Most girls would kill for your 12-weeks-pregnant stomach when they're NOT pregnant! But yeah, for sure showing more now!! Love it so much!!

    Happy 12 weeks and Merry Christmas! xo!

  5. I love the picture with the little ones in the background! So glad that you're starting to feel a little better!

    I think it's a girl too!


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