Cecelia's first hair cut!

It was time, but it's still a big milestone to reach despite the scraggly mess that was Cecelia's hair. Her bangs were constantly hanging in her eyes and the back was getting dangerously close to a mullet. When I finally decided to get Cecelia's hair cut, I actually got excited about it. Maybe she could actually wear her hair down a bit and the curls would return?

We got an appointment at a cute local place called Whimzy Kids right here in our town, for today at 10:00. I took Cecelia as Nate dropped Truman off at Sunday School, and he met us girls there for the big cut. We weren't sure if Cecelia would be excited about a haircut or not, considering that Truman's first cut was traumatic and involved lots of tears and cuddles (and suckers). He was almost 23 months at that time and our 18 monther seems so much OLDER than he did back then, but that is probably because she thinks she is 13 years old most of the time.

How did she do? Not a tear, not even a whine or a longing look in my direction. She was all business and very serious about it all. She wouldn't answer any questions that the stylist asked her and instead chose to focus on Elmo on the TV. I'm not sure she even blinked the entire time we were there, but she sure looked proud and resigned to the fact that it was her turn for a little pampering and attention.

I snapped pictures like crazy because her cuteness was overwhelming. Nate and I chuckled at our stoic little girl, marveling at how different she is than her big brother. The stylist didn't take off a ton of hair but did get rid of the mullet, made a more defined bang, and added a few layers to give the curls some bounce. And then she blew it dry with a diffuser and added a little red bow for special effect. I am in love with the results.


Her classic look of uncertainty/focus: 2013-12-08_0003
Goodbye, mullet!

Hello gentle bangs!

Curling up and looking mighty blonde! Where did my red headed girl go?

The diffuser. Not sure why I found this hilarious.

Ta-Da! Look of indifference noted.

A true before and after at home, both with  her scowl.
And another before/after shot:

We took her to Starbucks after the cut as a celebration and to kill time before getting Truman at Sunday School. She did not complain about this one. The rocking horse was from the hair salon and she cried when we made her leave.

Just because I'm a sucker for comparing kids and because Truman's event was so freaking funny, my two kids look a lot alike, huh?

Pouty mouths, raised eyebrows.

Sweet profiles.

hahahahaha, Truman! One of my favorite pictures ever of him. And note Cecelia is denying the high-five.

2013-12-08_0012 Oh, so much fun. And so begins a lifetime of haircuts for my girl;)


  1. Seriously your children are identical! It's nuts. This reminds me a lot of Annie's first haircut! So stoic and did not let her eyes leave the TV screen. The diffuser cracks me up for a kid! At Annie's last cut they used a straightener on her! Hilarious.

  2. You have the most adorable children! Cece needs to be in Gap Baby ads immediately! :) Love the flashback comparisons too.

  3. So sweet! And I love seeing the resemblance in the comparison shots. Whimzy Kids is where Noelle got her first few cuts too. Cute place!

  4. Those comparison pictures are hilarious! They really do look so much alike - scowl and all!

  5. I cannot get over how cute your kids are. The before and after shots made me laugh. Cece's little face is adorable & it is crazy how much they look alike!

  6. Her face cracks me up. And yes, your kids are so similar looking it's almost eerie!! Looooove that sad pic of Truman, remember it well! Oh, T.

    Cece looks beautiful!


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