Let it snow!

Snow before Christmas is awesome and magical and totally fine by me. Now I'm not a huge fan of temps in the single digits and wind that takes your breath away and makes you curse the great state of Wisconsin, but snow is fine for now. Let's warm it up a bit though, WI, alright?

On Tuesday, I pushed Cecelia's 18 month appointment back a few more days. We were rushing around like crazy trying to get out of the door by 8 after the kids slept until 7:15 (again with the WHO ARE THESE KIDS? comments). Truman was angry that he had to get dressed immediately and CC was also fussy, so I just decided to push it back and relax for the morning. It was a very good decision.

We baked (more) sugar cookies and decorated them with royal icing. The kids were quite helpful for a change and didn't even throw various inappropriate items into the running mixer (ie teaspoons, whole eggs, etc). It was actually fun despite me burning my hand to oblivion.

Then I checked the weather and saw it was a balmy 11 degrees outside, but sunny. And the 3-4 inches of snow on the ground remained from the other day. So we decided to go for it. I knew Cecelia wouldn't last long but Truman promised he would come inside when his sister lost it.

I grabbed my camera and couldn't stop chuckling at these knuckle heads and their snow gear. Poor Truman still needs a warm winter coat for the year, so he is wearing a heavy fleece with his rain jacket on top. And Cecelia in her snow pants is the best.

Daddy's gloves were also a hit.



Real life hugs from a brother to a sister. Love. 2013-12-11_0010

Ready to get outside, lady!
We took Henry outside with us to play, too, and Cecelia thought it was her mission to walk the doggie all around the driveway. Truman was obsessed with snow angels and running/falling into the snow. I mostly just took pictures and laughed. It was a great time.

















Eventually Cecelia figured out that she hated wearing gloves and wouldn't wear either pair I tried. It was all over at this point.


And what better way to warm up inside but to make some amazing hot cocoa? Also note that radiators make for GREAT places to dry snow gear. Nothing like grabbing them when they are dry and warm---same for bathroom towels after a shower.

I told Nate that night: 'Winter is a lot more fun with little kids.' To which he replied: 'Winter is awesome.' I'm still not ready to proclaim that questionable statement just yet, but it sure is fun to see our kids play in the snow and enjoy winter weather. I have awesome winter memories from my childhood in Missouri, too, but I think my Wisconsinite children will have more snow, more often to remember. And I think they are fine with that;)


  1. Your kids make me smile. :) Such awesome pictures you got!

  2. These pictures are absolutely precious. It makes me want to have a second baby when I see how adorable T and C are together.

  3. We have these for Annie (and she's worn them for 2 years) and they are amazing: http://mimitens.myshopify.com/

    I love days when it's over 10 degrees and there is snow so the kids can play! So fun :) (especially when Ben goes out with them and I can stay inside ;)

  4. I was going to ask which winter boots you like for your kids. or if you found any mittens/gloves Cece would tolerate. My daughter hates mittens and wants gloves so she can hold things. Having trouble finding any for 3yo hands :P

    1. Marinabeth--see Erin's link above. I am going to try those gloves! Cecelia's boots are by Carter's and she loves them. Truman's are from target. Good luck!


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