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A few things...

-I will likely post The Announcement for baby boy on Instagram, my Facebook fan page, and also this blog pretty soon after he is born. I'm not promising anything, but I'm guessing I will probably post in the order I just listed those sites since that tends to be the order I prefer in general;). Therefore, you should definitely follow me on Instagram @mrsjuliagoolia. And you should also follow me on Facebook at My Life in Transition Blog. Because even after baby is born, I'm not sure how much I will be posting here versus just throwing countless pictures at you of a certain baby boy. IG and FB seem much more phone/picture friendly and 'chaos of having three kids' friendly, too.

-But I promise not to totally forget about the old bloggy blog, either. One very exciting bit of news is that I have scheduled 24 new Moms Make it Work posts to last us twice per week, through the middle of September. I'm also expecting at least 7 more posts in the next week or two so I think we will be set through October! Isn't that amazing?? Just check out that link to see all of the icons all lined up to get a sneak peek of who will post. So many wonderful stories are ready for you to read, from moms in many walks of life. I've been working hard to get these posts formatted, get the intros written, icons made, links provided, and all of it scheduled NOW so that I'm not trying to do it all when I'm on maternity leave. It's sort of a bummer to ask these new posters to get me their posts right now, but then I'm not posting them for a few months...but I hope everyone understands why I'm pushing the posts through the summer. It's a lot easier for me that way!! And then we will have some good reading material guaranteed to post on the blog even if I'm knee-deep in sleep deprivation and 'OMG, why did we do this' with another newborn. We shall see. I'm still loving this series and am grateful it's continuing on through this year---many more stories to be heard!

-Speaking of the blog--apparently I'm approaching 1000 published posts over here. Woah. Probably have to do some sort of giveaway or something to celebrate the wordiness that is this blog! ;)

Still pregnant! Not in labor! (feeling like I need to include these phrases in every text, email, and post I send out right now) 


  1. I love the Moms Make it Work series! It's so great to see how other families function, and how we can relate to each other as mamas. Hope you're doing well in the home stretch of this pregnancy!

    Oh, and I totally get the needing to include 'no baby' clause with everything. I always loved when my coworkers or friends would see me and say, 'No baby yet?' Um, duh?

  2. The phrase "Still pregnant" gives me PTSD a little from when I was working from home after my due date with Luke and had to write that in an email every morning for FIVE DAYS. (and on the sixth day, he was born. And there was light. And all that jazz) And then I'd get 3-4 replies sayi

  3. ugh sorry, hit enter too fast - saying something like "Oh!!!! I thought FOR SURE you'd have had him by now!!"

  4. I am excited about your baby boy coming! I love your rambling posts about everything and will miss that until you get back at it. Good luck! I do enjoy the MMIW series.


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