Baby #3: 35 weeks

6.3.14: Thirty-Five Weeks! I guess this means I am claiming the fun 35/35 milestone (35 weeks down and 35 days remain).

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I'm going to say this a lot in this post: "Woah. So close."

I'm working on a lot of 'general life catch up' posts right now, so maybe I can actually keep this post alllll about the pregnancy. We shall see, but it's been another fun/wild/crazy week around here!

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Last week I still had some timeable contractions in the evenings, like the week before. And we aren't talking 'just' Braxton Hicks, but more worrisome like semi-painful and fairly regular ones---maybe 6-8 in an hour. Like, 'Crap, this better not continue or I should probably call the office because these could be legit.' I've been extra tired and after I lost my voice the weekend before, I gained a fun little cough that wouldn't quit...along with a creepy wheeze in my lungs when I would exhale. Eventually I realized that all of these things (contractions, fatigue, cough/wheeze) might not be the best things to ignore anymore.

So at my OB appointment on Friday, I had her listen to my lungs. Sure enough: crackles at the bottom of my right lung, and therefore 'walking pneumonia' that earned me a Z-pack to kick this thing. She said it was no wonder I was having more contractions: my body was telling me that I'm sick even though I didn't FEEL bad. Fun times. Sickness and this pregnancy seem to be best buddies, and this is my second time on antibiotics since March. The meds seem to be helping my cough and I haven't timed true contractions for a few days now, which is good. Although I'm totally fine going a little early with this babe, this still seems 'scary early' right now. In about three more weeks I'm sure I will be less panicked about practice contractions and will welcome them with open arms. They have to turn into something SOMETIME, right?

I still can't get over how much bigger my bump is at night versus the morning. So last night I took a picture when I was feeling realllllly stretched and this morning? Huge difference! Baby must like cuddling up at night or something. Is this odd to anyone else for being so late in the game with major belly size changes?

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Other stuff from the OB appointment: blood pressure was still good but a little higher now (120/78 instead of the one-teens over sixties). Baby's heart rate was 132 and he is definitely head down, kicking the doppler like a pro at the appointment, and he has hiccups ALL the time. I'm shocked that I've only gained one pound in the past 4 weeks but I'll take it! This means I have now gained less with this baby (27 pounds total) compared to my other two at the 34 week mark, but there is plenty of time for that to change;) I felt decent enough to brave a bikini at the pool over the weekend because, when else can you let it allll hang out at the pool but when super pregs? Sorry about the white, veiny belly and super sweet tan lines, general public. I'm trying to embrace this pregnant body and avoid the negative thoughts about how I can see those 27 pounds aside from the belly, because really? It's all temporary! And I know I'm going to miss this bump when it's melted into a soft puddle of skin and an empty uterus :(

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I scheduled the rest of my appointments for 36, 37, 38, and 39 weeks----four measly little appointments left? Group B Strep test (first internal) next time? Holy crap. Looking at the calendar to figure out the remaining appointments along with it hitting the 'I'm due next month' milestones have me totally freaking out/excited. I have four more Fridays at work, at the most. SO CLOSE NOW. Where has the time gone?

Will this be our last belly shot together?? Almost 27 weeks and almost 35 weeks at Cecelia's party. Woah.
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Belly button is looking a little obscene in the Target dressing room. Hence why I wore another tank under this one for CC's party. Also in love with my new maxi skirt and think it might work post-partum, too:
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Final To Do list is mighty small, but maybe I should pull out the old pump and order new bottles/parts, and pack the hospital bag? That's really it! We are almost ready for you, buddy.

My belly: I still feel like it's really hard, compact, round and still 'big' for me at this point. I've had a lot of people marvel at how I've 'popped' recently---and I tell them, 'I HOPE I've popped by now, I only have five weeks left!' and then they usually bug their eyes at me. He is a wild man in there and doesn't seem to be slowing down at all, and I find myself rubbing my belly frequently. I'm peeing a ton during the day but still not waking up in the night to do it (nice!). I constantly need to remind myself to take it easy, because I pay for added activity with contractions later in the day. It's just been so busy around here lately, with our MN visitors over Memorial Day weekend, then one day of 'rest', then Mom and Memaw came right away, too. Memaw flew back home on Sunday evening but Mom is still here until this evening. Again: I cannot believe that the next time they come, I will have a baby on the outside. Eeeeeek!!!

Before our anniversary dinner---belly looks big, Truman looks sad we are leaving.
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At 35 weeks with Truman: I was a little shaken up by my newly diagnosed high blood pressure. A few days of bedrest, constant monitoring at work...ugh. So much for an uneventful first pregnancy. I was up to 36 pounds at this point, taking daily naps, and remember being Much more than right now, which I'm sure had to do with working on my feet full time and also the pre-E stuff.

At 35 weeks with Cecelia: I was apparently 'tired' but very very productive with buying baby things and completing the nursery. It also seems like I was anxious about nearly everything at this point which is interesting to read now, and I guess I'm more laid back/less nervous this third time around. I was up 29 pounds and eating a lot even though I felt like I was running out of room.

Complaints: only that the top of my belly still hurts like woah, my upper back gets really achey no matter how I sit/lay/stand, and I'm annoyingly tired. But still sleeping great at night and haven't napped in about a week, so I really can't whine too much. I still love to be pregnant and still feel shocked that it's moving so quickly this time. Still ridiculously excited to meet our boy and I'm beyond ready to be finished with work for 12 weeks. Beyond.

Most entertaining comment of the week: from a 94 year old patient's wife, mind you. 'So you are having a girl, right? (Nope, a boy). Are you sure? (Yes.) They can be wrong about those things, you know. I just carried all of my girls like you---right out in back (as she gestured to her butt) and my boys were more in front.' She had seven kids so she knows, guys. My butt is big so I'm having a girl. Interesting. And thanks!! Awesome compliment! 

So another week down: antibiotics for a sneaky pneumonia, contractions, tons of movement in this compact/hard belly, and feeling like the end is near.


  1. LOL, what butt is this lady speaking of?! You barely even have a butt!

    I think your belly looks a bit smaller this week, like little man has changed positions or settled a bit lower or something. But maybe it's just the difference in when you take the pic? Because that day vs. night pic - crazy.

    35/35! Can't believe you are so close.

  2. Aww yeah a little junk in the trunk :) The difference between night and day is nuts! Love that little basketball belly of yours - but I also can't wait until it's melted into a puddle of skin and empty uterus so we can all meet this baby! :)

  3. Ha! Funny old lady. You look amazing. Rock that bikini, girl!

    35/35 is seriously WHOA. Fun milestone!! I'd say you're out of the 'scary' early phase, but a few more weeks would be good, mister man!! Cannot believe we'll be on baby watch so soon - yay!!! Can't wait to snuggle that little dude!!!!

  4. Your belly is a-DOR-a-ble!!! So so so cute. And that butt comment made me almost spit out my coffee laughing. Ha!


  5. Oh dear lord. And now I see I posted under Chad's gmail account again and this time I'm talking about your butt. Lovely.

    1. LOL I knew it was you this time. Hilarious!!

  6. LOL! That is the most hilarious comment I've ever heard! At least it's not true for you…you are all belly, right out in front! Sooo close!

  7. I can't believe we are at 35/35 already!! I am totally fine with going a little early as well ;).

  8. You are so freaking cute in that bikini! I have also been getting comments from people who can't believe when I am due based on my "small" belly, and I have several clients who just noticed I am pregnant in the last two weeks, lol. Also, I am wearing that exact tank from Target right now.
    And I know this was a different post, but I absolutely love the yellow crib! It looks great, and your post made me really happy that I didn't have to end up painting a crib :) Can't believe it is all so close now!!

  9. If I looked like you I'd wear a bikini too! At this point I'm certain I'll scare the world if/when I step out in a maternity tankini!

    Freakin' hilarious about that old lady's comment. She's definitely an expert on these things ;)

    I say it every week but man, you are SO CLOSE!

  10. You look awesome - I would totally be rocking that bikini if I were you too! Can't believe you are SO close to delivering! Also obsessed that baby boy's heart rate is so low b/c since we don't find out the gender of our kids, I tend to go by that old wives tale and yours is following correctly!!

  11. You look fabulous and I love the bikini. 35/35! Sooooo close(ish) :)

  12. good for you rocking that bikini - way to go!

  13. You are totally rocking that bikini, lady! You look amazing! 35/35 is so close! I can't believe it's right around the corner. Are you doing a sibling class with CeCe? Did you do one with Truman? I'm curious as to how much you think she understands and what you guys are doing to prepare her? I'm at a loss as to what to do with Mac. I think a class is too advanced for him, but I'd like to try to do something so he's not freaked out when she arrives.


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