Newborn Clones

So many people have commented that Porter looks JUST like his siblings, and I mostly agree! I mean, he is a LOT bigger than Cecelia (she was just 7lbs 5oz at birth to his 8lbs 9oz) and even Truman was only 7lbs 10oz. So I think Porter's cheeks are taking the cake for fatness, but I definitely see a lot of similarities to his siblings as newborns.

The boys have the EXACT same baby fuzz hair and I love it. I think their mouths are alike and maybe their chins, but Porter has this cute dimple on his chin that T never had. I think Porter's nose is gigantic and awesome.

Truman vs Porter:

Camera Roll-190

Camera Roll-180

Then there is CC compared to her baby brother. Both have the same eyes and grumpy face, for sure. But little brother cannot match C's hair!

Cecelia vs Porter:

Camera Roll-191

Camera Roll-209

Love comparing so much. Porter is his own little person, but man---Nate and I tend to make clone babies!

All is going well at the second day of life for mister man. He was very alert and awake most of yesterday until last night, then he got circumsized and wiped out after that---poor buddy had quite the day. He wanted to be held and to nurse/suck most of last night and I think his manly parts were pretty tender despite tylenol, so I didn't get a lot of sleep again last night. Tonight I will probably ask that he goes to the nursery except for feedings so that I can try to recharge a bit. We will go home tomorrow around lunch time and then will face reality then!

I truly love the time we spend in the hospital after birth. It's like a magical little bubble, where the real world doesn't exist and everything seems so new and special. I will gladly order my meals to the room, have the staff bring me lots of ice water, clean up the room, answer any questions I have, and help take care of my baby and me after birth. LOVE IT. I'm also just partial to this hospital in general since the staff if phenomenal and I have such great memories from working here and now having all three babies here. My OB is still one of my favorite people in the world and I have now had about 3 of the same nurses this time as previous labors and deliveries, too. Such a comfort zone and I know I will be a little sad when we leave tomorrow....although I'm excited to start the next chapter of life at home with three kids.

We've had lots of visitors already---mom and dad are here from Colorado and have been staying with the kids at night. Of course Tony and Lois are coming to visit, and then Erin, Dizzy, and Andrea have come by already, too.

Truman seems to have a bit of a fever today---he got very tired and whiney last night before leaving the hospital and I was *hoping* that was just due to all of the newness of everything. But mom said he woke up with a temp and needed Ibuprofen to keep him comfortable. Poor buddy. NOT good timing and of course I am praying this little bug does not get passed to Porter since fevers in newborns are kind of scary. We are playing tonight by ear to see if Truman should come up and visit again or not---can't keep Porter in this bubble forever anyway, but I hate to worry about him getting sick, too!

So overall, things are going well! Super tired but still running on adrenaline. Surrounded by friends and family that love us and are excited to meet our newest addition. Kids love their brother and their first meeting yesterday was exactly how I pictured (aside from a sick big brother later on). And Porter is doing great--eating well, sleeping a lot, being generally adorable. The Pediatrician gave him his first exam and says he looks awesome, and the nurse just took him to do the pulse ox test now, too. Always a relief to hear he looks healthy since there are so many scary discoveries that can be made after birth----but truly, a lot of my anxieties and worries are on pause for the moment as we soak in this special time with our baby boy.

Nate and I just keep telling each other, 'I cannot believe he is here. Babies are so freaking cute and helpless.' Love it so much.

Some pictures from today:

Camera Roll-182

Camera Roll-186

Camera Roll-192


  1. Well, that's it. I'm having a 4th. Haha!

    Love comparison pics....beautiful babies! <3

  2. So glad things are going so well. Hope T feels better fast! It really is wild how similar your kids all look. You make darn cute kids!!!!! Good luck with heading home - see you again soon!!

  3. That is crazy how similar they look! My kids definitely looked NOTHING alike as newborns! Love the comparisons, hope you get some rest tonight!!

  4. Congrats on the new baby! And I have to ask, in the picture where you are feeding him, what are you wearing? It looks really comfy and cute

    1. It's a nursing nightgown and robe from Pea in the Pod. Worth it!!

  5. Glad things are going well. Just relish in the awesomeness of a new baby!!!

  6. What a cutie and yes, definitely looks like his siblings! Enjoy this sweet time.

  7. Congratulations! Glad things are going well. Hope Truman feels better soon.

  8. So precious and yes, they all look just alike! You look fantastic too. Congratulations!


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