Porter's Nursery Reveal | My Take on the Woodland Theme

I'm so excited to FINALLY share Porter's finished nursery with you guys today! I love decorating nurseries for my kids (here was Cecelia's and here was Truman's) and this one is my favorite room yet. Something about the color scheme and my first real attempt at a loose 'theme' makes me extra happy when I'm sitting in our glider, taking in all of the details. I'll do a source list at the end along with the other links from posts I've done about this room along the way.


Let's take a full tour of Mister P-man's room (that he has yet to truly use for anything other than diaper changes and rocking in the glider. Ha!) :

Come on in...




And now for a few details:

I made this wooden name sign for our boy using random old wood I found in our attic.

I have no idea how old the wood is, but Tony thought it might be close to original to the house, so 1925-ish? I had to clean it off in the bathtub, sanded it down, and stained it. Then I had Nate cut each piece to make the points like little mountains and glued it all together. I added nails for good measure and to add to the rugged look. Then I bought wooden letters and shapes at Michaels, painted them with acrylic paints, and glued them all together. Nate hung this for me on the wall and immediately it became one of my favorite focal points of the room during my pregnancy. Something about seeing his name on the wall made me slightly giddy with excitement to meet our boy.


And then on the wall above our changing table...

This wall hanging is my most favorite part of Porter's nursery, for sure. Our little family of five (plus Henry!) captured with tiny fabric characters? Yes.

My friend Hannah sent me the link to this wall hanging when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. I fell in love and HAD to have one for myself. Etsy seller Pink Cheeks Studio was a breeze to work with, and the owner Nichol was also pregnant at the same time as me so we were able to commiserate a bit with messages back and forth. I couldn't decide if I wanted a true mobile for Porter's room or this wall hanging, but went with this version so that it's no so 'babyish' and maybe I can move it to other rooms of the house someday (i.e. Playroom? Basement?). I provided some guidance for outfit choices, hair color, eye color, etc and then sent her a picture of our family so that Nichol could work her magic. I could not be happier with the results and almost cried when she sent me the first picture of her masterpiece.

I mean...Henry's little collar? My camera around my neck with my favorite tank/cardigan/skinny jeans outfit? Truman's Angry Birds tee shirt? Cecelia's crown and silver tutu, and Nate's golf club and ski hat? I love it all. It's us and it's even more adorable in person. Totally worth the ten week wait to have this made custom for Porter's room and I cannot sing Pink Cheeks' praises enough.


And then the shelves above the wall hanging have lots of fun little items to share. The shelves themselves were a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel:

I found a lot of fun wooden 'plaques' at Michaels and painted the big arrow and the bracket plaques. I turned the bracket into a chalkboard with leftover paint from the back hall project, and then added fun Scrabble letters to the arrow (again, found the letters at Michaels.). The little white gnome is probably supposed to be painted but I loved how the white looked against the gray walls. Little vases and these cute chalkboard 'signs' made the shelves complete.

And the birdhouses! Another Michaels find.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had Truman and Cecelia paint these for their little brother. They did a GREAT job and I only had to clean up a few giant globs of paint at the end, but otherwise it's all them.

So many shelves in this room and I love it.
Moving on...

On the wall by the glider, I have these little painted wooden boxes full of fun toys. I bought the boxes at Michaels (sense a theme here?) and painted them with acrylic paint.

Most of the toys are vintage McDonald's Happy Meal toys that Lois had saved from Nate's childhood. There is also one new Thomas and Friends train. His name is 'Porter' and seeing this train at Target is how I discovered our boy's name. Yep, Truman is especially happy about Porter's name choice given that it's a Thomas name! I remember seeing the train before our 20 week ultrasound and it kind of just hit me that 'if this is a boy, he has to be Porter.' I mentioned it to Nate that night, afraid he would shoot it down, and he said, 'I love that one.' And so Porter is named after a train!


And my ombre lampshade that I tackled with acrylic paint turned out better than I thought.
Camera Roll-304

On top of the shelf that we made from a simple Home Depot board that I stained and polyurethaned, are a few other little gems.

I bought the letter P at Michaels and stained it, used an old round frame for an US pic, and a sweet blog reader gifted me her owl and raccoon prints after seeing me pin them on Pinterest. The little wooden peg people were an Etsy find from seller 2HeartsDesire


All of the books are classic ones given to us by Memaw. Someday I might move the books and place one of Porter's birth announcements there instead. We will see.

I also collected ceramic owls throughout the pregnancy and put these five on top of our radiator. And then there are the awesome Roman Shades my mom made for the room.


Camera Roll-190


In the crib it seems like stuffed animals are rapidly accumulating. These won't stay there once Porter sleeps in the crib but for now they are cute!

And my mom made Porter his own baby quilt, just like she did for the other kids. Truman's is full of rectangles, Cecelia's is chevron, and Porter's has triangles. LOVE. And also, this random monster dude with glasses? Nate and Truman picked it out on their own one day when they went to the local farmer's market. The log pillow mom got from Etsy. This glider is styling for it's second debut in a nursery and I'm still SO glad we splurged on an expensive glider for Cecelia's nursery.




All together:

Other links for Porter's nursery:

How I applied our wall decals

How I repainted the dresser and refinished the wooden bench

Making that long shelf and all about the awesome prints in yellow frames

How I repainted our crib YELLOW

Source List:

Wall color: Glidden's 'Seal Gray' in satin finish, Home Depot
Crib paint color: Behr's 'Saffron Thread' in semi-gloss finish, Home Depot
Rug: RugsUSA Tuscan VS88 Orange rug 5x8
Fabric for Roman Shades: Squirrathalon by trcreative, Spoonflower
Wall Decals: InAnInstantArt on Etsy
Wooden Peg People: 2HeartsDesire on Etsy
Custom Family of Five wall hanging: Pink Cheeks Studio on Etsy
Prints in yellow frames (DIY painted white frames from Michaels): TADAsRevolution on Etsy
Stuffed Sock Animals in crib: supersockmonkeys on Etsy
Brackets for DIY long shelf: Target
Crib skirt and changing pad, Roman Shades, quilt: made with love by GoGo ;)
Crib: Craigslist find, DIY paint job
Changing table/dresser: Craigslist find, DIY paint job
Glider and Ottoman: from My Urban Child, the Baby Letto Nara Glider and Kyoto Ottoman in Ecru
Bench: found in our basement, DIY refinishing
Shelves: DIY and Crate and Barrel


  1. I seriously love it- what a beautiful nursery! Love all the personal touches.

  2. It looks great, Julia! So cute. I love the quilt the most and I love the way you found P's name. :)

  3. Looks great! I really love the wooden sign you made, so unique and special you made it yourself with wood from the house. I remember you telling the story about compromising on his name at Target haha, glad you shared!

  4. It's awesome of course. Love the story behind his first name.

  5. You are one crafty lady, girl. The nursery is amazing. Lucky little boy!!

  6. Love this room, and it will always hold an extra special spot in my heart since it's "Luke's crib" :) ha! (maybe the only kid so far that has slept in it in it's yellow state???)

  7. That is such an amazing nursery! I love all the things you DIY-ed and everything comes together perfectly. It's so bright and cheerful! Love the window shades- can't believe those were made by your mom! I need to learn how to sew...

  8. Porter's nursery turned out so cute! I love the wood sign you made with his name. Such a perfect touch!

  9. Have your mom guest post a diy on how to make roman shades! Please?

    1. She did!! The pictures may not work but this should still help. http://julia-transition.blogspot.com/2012/05/how-my-mom-made-us-bajillion-roman.html

  10. What a beautiful nursery! You are so clever.

  11. I was walking through Target the other day and saw Porter the train and thought, "I bet Truman has Porter and it might've been inspiration for Julia!"

    Sweet, sweet room.

  12. Porter's nursery looks amazing Julia. You did a fantastic job with everything. I love the theme and colors and owls. I love it all! :)

  13. absolutely adorable! you did an amazing job. also, your mom should start an etsy shop. those shades (and quilt) are fabulous. :)

  14. I. Love. It. All.

    Like, whoa. I just had to look back through the post mulitple times. Every single detail is fabulous.

    My eye was first caught by the pennant quilt and skirt. And then it went to the mountain top sign (LOVE) and then I started drooling over all the stuff on the shelves.

    Just too awesome. You've outdone yourself. Which is saying something.

    1. Aw, Kim. You are so sweet and this comment coming from you means a lot!


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