Carlos the kicker

I shall not give up on my quest to capture baby Carlos kicking my innards like a champion soccer player. This video is pretty decent. He's doing more sudden jabs and waves across my tummy, so focus mostly on the lower right side of your screen. Just ignore the obnoxious noise in the background...that is Henry throwing around his Canine Genius, trying to get the treats out of the darn little hole. He's being tortured while his mom films her belly. Classic, really.


  1. That just gave me chills. I miss those days. The only thing better is when they do it in your arms. Enjoy every second. Hugs.

  2. Bug totally hangs out on my right side too - I see almost all of her movement on that side.

    And seeing you touch your belly button totally gives me the heebie jeebies. I cannot stand to have my belly button touched!!

  3. He's moving around in there, that's for sure. Your belly view from the top looks very similar to mine [line, old ring piercing]. My belly button is on the verge of popping too! [and from what I can see, it's the top of button that's about to give way, right?!]

  4. I love seeing videos like this!! I can't wait to see him on the outside :)


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