Thirty-Two Weeks

8 months along (if you go by the confusing '40 weeks=10 months' of pregnancy thing). Nearing the end, folks! And here is one of my 'very pregnant' new maternity tops, as Nate likes to call it:)

I think the belly is just rounding out more, becoming less torpedo-like but is still growing up a storm along with my chesticle region. And although I doubted the lady who measured my boobs as a 38C last week, I must admit my defeat. I went to Target and tried on a bunch of bras thinking I was probably more like a 36B since I have been wearing an old, grungy 34B that I found from my college days and was finding it to be more like a torture device than a bolder holder. But the lady who measured me was right because the girls are a TRUE 38C now. I cannot freaking believe it. Do you know what it's like to move from a 'barely A' to a near D cup? Freaking amazing and scary at the same time, that what it's like:)

Other body news: my belly button suddenly gave way and is teetering on the edge of being an outie. I noticed this for the first time on Saturday night when I was all, 'Um, I think part of the button is poking out a lot more right now' and Nate was all, 'Yup, it's on the verge.' It's held on for so long and now I'm preparing myself to see that little nipple-like nub pop through very soon. The view from above is pretty entertaining at this point:

Note to any wild and carefree 18 year old girls reading this (aside from the standard 'why are you reading this old lady's blog right now?' question I'd like to ask): if you think getting your belly button pierced is cool and trendy right now, fast forward about ten years when your tight little belly is housing a little human being. That extra hole you just acquired will always remind you of your previous life, even when you are an old pregnant hag like me sporting a baby bump with accompanying belly ring hole. Fun stuff:)

Also, I started my prenatal yoga class last week and I'm kind of obsessed. It's all zen and stretchy and meditation based just like I thought. But I also got more of a workout than I anticipated, although it's not anywhere near those cardio/running sessions I so often crave. It was me with about 15 other pregnant ladies in all different stages of our pregnancy trying to be all calm and stuff. I even met a friend who is due 2 weeks after me. We walked out of class together and she said, 'You look really great' so immediately I wanted to be her best friend and hold hands singing songs together. I told her the same, we made small talk, and then she said she'd see me next week. I'm totally in Kindergarten again, making new little friends, but it's pretty fun to bond with a random stranger who shares the event of prepping for their first born with me. Can't wait for this week's class already.

The other big even from the week was the trip to Missouri for baby showers #1 and #2. These are going to have their own rightful posts but let me just summarize: I am the luckiest chick in the whole wide world. The feeling of gratitude and humility I have after these two showers is overwhelming. Our friends and family are amazing people and both Nate and I feel incredibly blessed to have them in our lives. Yes, we received a lot of baby gear but more than that....spending time with our peeps from all walks of life really makes you feel loved. This baby is entering a world with a ridiculous support system and it's enough to make a pregnant lady get all emotional over the whole thing. I just can't help it, you guys. And OMG....I have a lot of organizing to do in the nursery now:) Pictures to come. We also have our breastfeeding class and my 32 week OB appointment on Monday, plus I am getting a prenatal massage on Friday. It's going to be a great week, folks.

I'm off to go snuggle with my first born baby Henry because I missed him so much this weekend it hurt a little bit. Perhaps the hormones are a little out of control at week 32, huh? :)


  1. I definitely understand the overwhelming feeling of gratitude regarding the showers. And I also know I was a little stressed out at the thought of organizing all that stuff! :)

  2. Can't wait to hear about the showers!

  3. Yay 32 weeks already!
    I loved organizing all the baby stuff after my shower. You get to look at all the cute stuff again!

  4. Looking good, girl! I can't believe you're 32 weeks already - so exciting! And, I agree that there is nothing more humbling than seeing close friends and family go out of there way to do something nice for you, like throw you an awesome baby shower :).

  5. The belly button comment had me cracking up. I got mine pierced when I was a super wise 20 yr old. Had a child at 23 (belly button ring still in tact) and than about 38 weeks into my second pregnancy (age 25) my belly got so big that one morning I was stretching and the thing just flew out of my belly...yes, very gross but not Third pregnancy now (age 33) and I am disturbed just looking down seeing the scar tissue from the tear. Not cute or sexy at all.

  6. You are such a cute pregnant person! :)

  7. Hi, I've been your silent reader since the start of your pregnancy. I'm really happy for you reading your progressions and knowing you have so much love and support from your family and friends. I think you are truly blessed! Stay happy and continue writing, I love reading your blog everyday!

  8. Hello, I love your blog its so cute! And now that I am pregnant its even cuter :) I do have a question for ya...did you all paint the crib you got or did it come in white? We have the same crib but I want to paint it white. I was just seeing if you have any tips for me if you did paint it. If you could email me back and let me know that would be awesome! Thanks:)

  9. You're really pregnant. :) I know you wanna kick me now.

  10. Hi there, I've been reading for a while and you are an adorable momma to be! Pregnancy was definitely NOT on my mind when I got my belly button pierced at 19. Then I had my daughter and was kicking myself afterward, because the area around the piercing was the only place I got a stretch mark!

  11. Hello there! I wanted to tell you that I was following your blog for the longest time (from the beginning almost). I've been away for a while now (planning a wedding!) and I have missed a few months of posts. I am just now catching up and I wanted to tell you I am so happy for you and Nate!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Even though I'm only is definitely within sight for us in the coming year.

    I am surprised you don't have more people have some great material. Are you on Twitter?

    Sorry, I'm a publicist, I can't help it.. ; - )

    best wishes and blessings,

  12. Hi! I've really enjoyed looking through your blog! My husband and I are TTC right now (shhhhh :) ) .. and i have a Q for you. I've had my belly pierced for just over a year now and I love it... but I also, am not looking forward to being pregnant and having a huge hole there. I don't know if you've had yours out for years or not, but do you think it would have worked at all to leave it in?? Jw.. Thanks!

  13. "random stranger" - now someone pretty important in your life, that is so fun!!


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