nursery updates

Two more projects to share:

1. The DIY mobile that Mom and I made over Christmas.

We drew our inspiration from Etsy and also this bad boy: the actual mobile that my aunt made for me as a baby:

I love me some farm animals but the colors weren't exactly right, nor were the animals. But we decided to make something similar with just birdies and thus, the project began...






I love the end result! We will definitely have to raise it up higher once he can stand so he doesn't pull it down, or maybe active kiddos in a crib don't really even need a mobile by then? But either way, one more project has a big fatty check mark next to it. And of course it was DIY so it was practically free.

2. Another print for the nursery, made by me in Photoshop, highly personalized but without his name (still can't show you a few of my creations)

Between Christmas and New Years we got to see all of our immediate family. So I knew this was the time to pull together my vision. I can't take full credit for it, since I did see something similar online somewhere, but I tweaked it to make it more us.

F=baby's parents, and doggy brother:)

A=baby's Missouri Grandparents and doggy auntie.

M=baby's Great Grandparents in Missouri

I=baby's Uncle Michael in Missouri

L=baby's Grandparents in Wisconsin, plus another doggy uncle

Y=baby's Uncle Jon in Oregon

Yup, his family may be pretty spaced across the nation but I love having this to remind baby boy of his loving family.

I have this printed and framed, ready to be hung!

Just one or two more prints floating around in my mind and then I'm going to get to work on a wall gallery of sorts with everything hung together. Other than that, we still need to finish sewing the bed skirt, the ties for the bumper, will make the pennant fabric banner when my mom comes up in February, and I need to organize the closet/dresser after washing everything. Not too shabby! I seriously don't know what I'll do with myself once the nursery is done, though. I have a feeling I might create more projects for myself just because I love decorating it so much.


  1. Wow-I'm so impressed with your nursery thus far! It's so bright and colorful and most importantly, personal! Little Carlos is going to love it!

  2. Your creativity is kind of making me sick...and jealous!

  3. Love it! The mobile reminds me of one my cousin made for her little boy. He was born in early November.

    Here's photos if you want to check it out. :)

  4. The mobile looks amazing!

    I love the "family" photo idea. Very cute!

  5. julia! the mobile looks great and i LOVE your family picture idea! it's amazing! you're for real my favorite blogger. just an fyi. happy tuesday!

  6. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the mobile. Birds [and etsy/vintage looking birds] must be very popular right now. I have plans to do birds/owls for our nursery as well. Everything looks great!

  7. I saw the FAMILY pics on Flickr and fell in love. Brilliant idea!!

  8. Hi Julia-I've never commented before but have been reading for a couple of months and love your blog. I think you are so creative and this baby will be so lucky to have you as a mom! Thanks for your thoughts on pregnancy and all that goes along with someone with that to look forward to I appreciate your tips, opinions and humor!

  9. So cute! You have so many great ideas, it's very inspiring!

  10. You're so creative!! Everything is just so gorgeous :)

  11. You are on a roll with all of this custom artwork! The mobile is adorable.

  12. That family print is fantastic!!! Great job!

  13. Oh my goodness - that is SO SO AWESOME! I love the photos - what a FANTASTIC idea!

  14. That family photo thing is so creative! Nice work! Your boy is going to be so talented if he takes after his mom!

  15. You are so creative its inspiring!

  16. Oh, you so need to make lots of little bird mobiles and sell them on Esty! (I would totally buy one)

  17. love that "family" pic!

    re: "I seriously don't know what I'll do with myself once the nursery is done, though." You will have a b-a-b-y to care for, girl!

  18. The room is looking great, kudos! QUESTION: where did you get the painting/artwork above the baby's bed? That is SO adorable!

  19. I love that FAMILY idea! You are so creative. I have to buy stuff to look creative, lol.

  20. Thanks, guys!

    Jen~ I made that canvas, painted it myself. I posted about it awhile back if you search under 'nursery' tabs. :)

  21. Thanks, Julia. That is too cute. The lettering reminded me of Sandra Magsamen, and I just l-o-v-e it, probably because I've been told I have the handwriting of a boy, which is why I could never do this cutesy stuff! So neat how it's personalized especially for him :)


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