Miss Matilda is growing up way too fast if you ask me. Last time I saw her she was 4 weeks old. Now, at 7 weeks, she is getting such a little personality. Of course, she's still an absolute supermodel if you ask me and her future boyfriend in my belly was kicking up a storm the whole time I held her. So he's either in love with Tilly already or he is extremely jealous of her being on the outside.





While I drove to Jeff City on Friday, Nate stayed in St. Louis and baby sat Matilda for two whole hours. I admit, I was a little nervous about the whole thing because Nate has never taken care of a newborn all alone before. But of course, Miss Tilly was an absolute doll. He was bragging later that he got her to fall asleep in his arms by his amazing swaddling skills and then he was too afraid to move once she was down. So he watched TV shows on the laptop while she snoozed. Honestly, I think Nate loves her more than I ever expected. When she whimpered he'd go over and try to soothe her immediately. A few times I caught him staring at her with googly eyes and he kept saying, 'She is SO cute. I hope we get one this good.' I can only imagine how blown away I'll be watching him with our own son. It makes my stomach flutter just thinking about it.

I mean, look at these two buddies:


This is my favorite shot for sure:

That little mouth!

And tiny feet!

We love you, Matilda! Don't go growing up too fast on your Wisconsin 'Aunt J and Uncle N'.

Oh, and for my baby shower I had the honor of getting Matilda dressed. I was so proud of myself (even though those darn tights took FOREVER to get on right) I just had to snap a pic of my handy work:

And we sort of matched! Obviously, Tilly is really excited about this:
Yes, being around this amazing little girl makes me even more excited to have one of my own. And I seriously hope we get one just like her...totally relaxed, able to sleep in loud restaurants, and adorable as can be. The male version of Tilly would be just fine....do you hear that, Carlos?


  1. LOVE that Nate babysat. So sweet!!

  2. What a little doll. You definitely have the baby photo thing down pat! I can't wait to see your lil man!!

  3. Adorable! That black and white photo is to die for. Aren't you so excited you're going to be able to take a million photos of your little guy?!

  4. Seeing your husband with your baby will melt your heart. Seriously. Best moments of my life are when I watch my son and my husband playing together.

  5. Wow - yeah, she's pretty darn adorable. And, there is nothing sexier than a man with a baby :).

  6. She is soooo cute! I love Hannah's changing table linens! They are adorable!!!!

  7. She is very sweet. And Nate's a champ for watching her all by his lonesome! :)

    They grow up WAY too fast. That's why pictures are wonderful -- you get so busy with the day-to-day that you totally miss the growing. and suddenly, they are sitting up on their own and stuff.

    If Carlos is like Little Boy, he will be totally in love with Nate, all the time. :)

  8. That is one cute little baby!!


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