Thirty-Three Weeks

On to the second to last fruit, my friends. Only one more after this! We have entered the stage of a honeydew melon. Woah!



That's one veiny stomach! No, they aren't stretch marks. My magnifying glass is still failing to notice anything thus far. It's just a little too much contrast in my editing skills, I believe.

According to The Bump's timeline, baby can now blink and dilate his irises while light shines through my stomach. Um, weird?! He can also recognize and react to simple songs so apparently I'm supposed to practice my lullabies now. I feel like a lot of people ask me if I'm regularly talking or reading to the baby, too, which I have to honestly reply: "No, not really." I mean it's great that he can hear me and all but I just find it odd to carry on a conversation (or worse--an out-of-tune chorus) with my stomach. I guess I just feel connected to baby Carlos without directly speaking to him. Hopefully I'm not impairing his intelligence early in the game by forgoing nightly lullabies in the womb. :)

I've started to get used to strangers noticing my bump, even though that just started in the past two weeks, and I'm happy to finally be at the 'obviously pregnant' stage. When people ask when I'm due and I tell them March 14, I tend to get a lot of raised eyebrows in return. They are surprised to hear it's so soon and follow that up with the classic, 'But you are so small!'. Again, I've gotten used to that statement, too. I just inform them that I'm measuring right on for my due date and feel lucky to still be comfortable this late in the game. I'm sure I'll get to be as big as a house in a few more weeks but I still can't complain too much about pregnancy in general. Still loving it and trying to soak in every moment before it's over because time is passing with incredible speed these days.

So this week was certainly a busy one. We had our breastfeeding class on Monday night which was awesome and I'm totally in love with the Lactation Consultant at my hospital. I'm pretty sure Nate enjoyed the class, too, even though he was a little skeptical of a two hour class all about boobs (scratch that, he was probably excited about the topic). I feel like at least we have a little bit of background on how it all works, some common road blocks, time lines to follow, and resources to investigate.

Then on Wednesday, Nate flew out to Oregon to visit his brother while Henry and I held down fort back home. Work was insane this whole week, which lead to me being really grouchy and overly tired, feeling genuinely out of steam by Friday. But it was perfect timing because my prenatal hour-long massage on Friday was TO DIE FOR. It was absolutely the best massage of my life probably because I was so tired and haven't had a massage in over a year. I think I even woke myself up once during the session with a snort. Nothing like a fat pregnant lady snoozing away while her swollen ankles get rubbed down by a stranger!

All weekend long, I went completely nuts with nesting. I deep cleaned our place, did about 8 loads of laundry including prepping our cloth diapers and washing every single piece of baby paraphernalia, packed it all away and put together a some baby gear, made some crafty baby projects, wrote all of my thank you notes, grocery shopped, returned a few things at every store known to mankind, and bought a few odds and ends for the baby/storage in our house. You know nesting is in full force when I purged all of my old holey underwear from my dresser and decided to wash every bra I own--that type of thing just doesn't happen regularly, unfortunately. Oh yeah, and I learned how to use a sewing machine with the help from one awesome mother-in-law and we finally finished the baby bedding. To say that I'm obsessed with the end result is an understatement. Heck, I didn't break 38 threads while spending nearly 6 hours slaving away as a domestic diva for some ugly project. Baby bedding complete! Huge check mark, my friends.
I am in love with how the nursery is coming together. Now I'm working on hanging picture frames and shelves but really it's almost complete!

So 33 weeks: nesting up a storm and feeling truly pregnant. Not a bad place to be!


  1. You are so ridiculously cute! I love your nesting weekend, too! It makes me giddy, is that wierd?! The nursery is so colorful and happy looking, the lil' one will love it!

  2. Lookin' good, mama. Doesn't it feel wonderful to do some major cleaning. Jim and I overhauled every single closet, drawer and room upstairs last week and it's such a relief!

  3. Love the bedding, great job!

  4. Any baby would be lucky to sleep there!

    BTW, the color of the nursery really brings out Henry's eyes. ; - ) Love that little ball of fluff.


  5. Your nursery is adorable! And so are you. Good for you on the "you're so small" comments. That's what I always said . . . "Well, my doctor says I'm measuring perfectly!" Shut them up real quick!

    I like how bright the nursery is. I plan on going with primary colors this time and yours is a good example!

  6. The nursery looks darling and funky all at the same time. I love the colors and if I were to have another boy my nursery would look something like this, I just love the bright colors they make me smile!

  7. Isn't nesting fun? I loved getting everything ready and put away. And then I would just sit in the rocking chair and revel in the fact that everything was organized. :)

    I can't believe you are already 33 weeks!!!

  8. ahhh, the colors are fantastic. i love how they aren't overtly masculine. so tasteful! you are so cute!

  9. You look wonderful Julia! I doubt that you will get stretch marks- I didn't get any until my last week- they are very short (only about 3 cm long) and are a bit below my belly button -just low enough so I couldn't see them while pregnant and that now I can.

    I'm excited to hear how Henry reacts to the baby. My cat Chase is all on edge and everytime the baby makes any noise he looks over at her so concerned!

  10. That nursery is fantastic.

    How does a pre-natal massage work? Do you lay on your back? Does the table have a cut-out for your belly like it does for your face? I've been puzzling over this since the first time you mentioned it. Apparently I have nothing worthwhile to think about. :)

  11. I love how your nursrey came together. It's so cute and cheerfull. I think you did an amazing job.

  12. ah, the massage position: they do have a cut out where you can lay face down with your tummy sticking through. But my masseuse said she only uses that up to 28 weeks. So I was reclined on my back with my head elevated. She did the head and neck, then arms and legs, then had me lay on my sides to get my back. PHENOMENAL!

    Glad you all like the nursery. I am pretty partial to it but find myself just walking by and staring. :)

  13. Oh em gee! I LOOOOOOVE your nursery!

  14. You might have the most adorable nursery ever. I love the bright colors! It's coming along so well and can't wait to see pictures of baby Carlos with such a gorgeous backdrop!


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