12 weeks: margarita, tequila...

twelve weeks: 11.16.11


(my new idea for weekly belly pics, totally inspired by Pinterest but excited about putting my own twist on it. My goals are: using the weekly fruit, always taken outside for the best light (yay, WI winters!), take in front of different backgrounds/locations, and use different poses each time. Not going to do the same exact pose in front of the same exact wall each week this time just to spice things up and make this pregnancy it's own. Fruit hunting should be fun and I realize it will be harder to see a perfect inch-by-inch progression of the belly but that is okay.)

Size of baby: a lime (again) if you go with Baby Center or a plum if you listen to The Bump. Either way, pretty freaking big!

Cravings: this week I have been yearning to lick a salt block. Or more specifically, pickles are like a slice of heaven and cheddar/sour cream chips are enough to make me salivate just typing the words. I bought both in the grocery store this week and while checking out I had to fight the urge to eat both containers immediately. Oh, salt. Love you this week.

What I love: the bump, making it to one of the accepted 'second trimester' markers of the world, and telling more people in our lives. Telling is fun. Telling does not jinx a pregnancy. Repeat mantra as often as needed (note to self, mostly---trying to do some inner-self convincing here).

What I'm looking forward to the most: surprising Memaw with our news next week at Thanksgiving with Truman's new adorable tee shirt. It's her 80th birthday and the first time we've made the trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving since 2006. It's going to be quite the surprise!!

Worries: see above re: jinxing pregnancy with announcing it.

What is different this time around: definitely showing more this time around, but otherwise I feel pretty much the same as I described in my 12 week post with Truman.

Symptoms: Inflating boobs, random fatigue (naps only sporadic now, thank goodness), and gas. Will my GI issues ever resolve???

Sleep: yes, please. If only my toddler slept past 5:15 each day.

Boy or Girl: no idea. Still not 'going there'.

Milestones: baby has reflexes now! He can move his fingers, his mouth can suck, and there's a ton of movement going on in there! I felt movement with Truman really 'early' at 14-15 weeks and I swear to you there are moments I feel like the baby is already making me feel kicks this early. Could be gas, but I'm starting to think it's for real. We'll see.

Best moment of the week: did I ever mention I bought a doppler for home use? Yep. Best decision of my life. Nate was not sold on the idea because he knew if I couldn't find the heartbeat one day I might actually go insane (it could happen). But so far, so good, and I even found it really early on my first try at 9w1d although it took a few minutes. This week I found it very quickly with each attempt (ahem, daily---each morning, with Truman's request to hear the 'baby'). Rate in the 155 range which is a lot higher than Truman's standard 140s. Could this mean girl?? I love hearing that precious sound and I think the highlight of my week has been making this something Truman and I do together each morning. So what if he's calling the doppler the baby---he's getting there:)


  1. congrats!! so exciting :)

  2. Oh wow... I just saw you are expecting and I am SO happy for you and your family!!!!

    I just have to comment and tell you HOW similar our lifes are right now...

    And even though I never miscarried I am a crazy worrier. We didn't tell most of our friends until I was 14 weeks either. I wanted to make it past the first trimester mark AND see the baby at the ultrasound.

    I am due on May 24th :-) and since I'm such a huge worrier I bought the doppler as well and it has saved me from going CRAZY. Everybody makes fun of me for buying it but I can't even explain how thankful I am to have this. Hearing babies heartbeat when I feel like something is wrong is just so wonderful and helping me to stay calm.

    Oh, and a family member (my fahter-in-law) turned 80 on Thanksgving as well :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and that you can enjoy it!!!

    And I LOVE the fruit idea :-) Very cute!!!

  3. 1. You look adorable.
    2. Now I want guacamole with lots of fresh lime.
    3. Sorry if that makes it sound like I want to eat your baby, I promise I don't.

  4. I LOVE the new style for your weekly photos. So adorable!

  5. Love the weekly photos!! Such a cute idea - I can't wait until you have to find some of the more odd fruits that they choose :)

    Also, I remember feeling like my intestinal track would never get back to normal, but it seems like I remember that around like 17 or so weeks, I was pretty "regular" once again :)

  6. Just so you know...Gabriella is squawking over here next to me begging for a girl friend to play with :)

  7. Yay for a baby heart monitor! I'm so glad it brings you reassurance!

  8. I think the doppler was a great purchase. I tend to be a worrier too, so I see nothing wrong with it. :) You look adorable!!

  9. So excited for you! I'm 16 weeks now, and have the little ticker with the size of the baby on the side of my blog. Love the picture ideas (or even Truman holding the fruit!) I enjoy looking back at your posts from a few months ago because my son is just a few months younger than Truman, and I see many similarities.
    I am a worrier also, and got to see my baby moving around and kicking at 12 weeks. VERY COOL.
    I'll keep checking for more updates:)

  10. these photos are just so beautiful :) And a big congratulations to you again!

  11. Congratulations!! Wonderful, wonderful news for you and your family. The pictures are so fun!

  12. A question about your doppler - where did you buy it? I noticed that most rental sites require physician's approval so most people say they buy them on ebay. What kind did you get? Did you do any research into the best ones? Just curious. :)

  13. Allison~I got my doppler on Ebay and it's by 'hi-bebe'. I really love it. There are cheaper ones out there, one called Sonoline B that a lot of girls love but I got mine because a friend has one and had great success with it early. Mine was $100 and the Sonoline B is more like $60. Didn't do a ton of research since my friend loved hers so much, but I say go for it!!


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