15 weeks: mister orange

Fifteen Weeks: 12.7.11 {all caught up to real time now!}

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Size of baby
: an orange according to The Bump, or an apple according to Baby Center. Tough choice for me but I like the bold color of oranges better:)

Cravings: mostly sweets (ie Jo-Jo's in excess) but at the movie theater last weekend, I had some salty/buttered popcorn that was divine. I never eat popcorn but it just sounded too amazing to pass up and it did not disappoint.

What I love: embracing this pregnancy to it's fullest.

What I'm looking forward to the most: I scheduled the anatomy scan for Thursday, January 12, so I will be 20 weeks (plus one day)! Really excited about that big event and a twinge nervous about all that could be discovered to be wrong at that scan, too. But trying to hang onto the excitement of seeing our baby move around for a full hour. And yes, we will find out the sex but we are doing it a little differently than last time. Details to come in January.

Worries: I thought I had the faintest, teeniest speck of a brown spot in my undies on Monday. All of my familiar worries came crashing down on me and it was hard to sleep that night. But nothing else has appeared since so I'm trying to go with the 'push the worries out of your mind' idea.

What is different this time around: The incredible bump.

Symptoms: Headaches were better this week, but a glimpse of The Fatigue came back to haunt me a bit. Probably because we had a totally hectic weekend that left me exhausted---I needed naps and still felt tired most mornings this week.

Sleep: Yes, please. Can't get enough again.

Movement: Still with the little jabs a couple times last week. Really can't wait for daily BIG kicks---one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, for sure.

The belly: Still fluctuating over the course of a day but not ever 'flat' even in the mornings anymore. Only have one pair of work pants that fit now but I'm trying to use my Bella Band for the other pair that nearly fit. I really dislike the Bella Band though and have decided it's time to buy 'real' maternity pants for my job. Again, I wasn't in maternity clothes until after 20 weeks last time. Insane.

Boy or Girl: I still catch myself saying 'he' and 'him' a lot for this baby but I'm not sure that's really intuition or just what I know. We'll find out NEXT MONTH!! :)

Milestones: Baby is 4 inches long, 2.5 ounces, and is breathing amniotic fluid now. This is the week that baby can sense light which is great to know for when I'm jamming a flashlight onto my belly (?).

Best moment of the week: My OB appointment last Friday went very well. I am in love with my OB and she is sort of in love with this champion baby, I think. No ultrasound this time but she did clear me for light exercise (ie zen-like yoga or something to that effect) but she doesn't really think I need to be running and stressing my body too much. Also, I wasn't going to talk about weight gain but I was really surprised to see I've only gained 3 pounds so far without any exercise in the past 9 weeks. A nice surprise indeed. We scheduled the blood work for the 16 week Quad Screening, scheduled my anatomy scan, and I have another appointment with her at 18 weeks. Moving right along now, aren't we?


  1. I just realized it's going to be really funny when you're holding a watermelon at the end. ;)

  2. The first picture looks amazing!!! I wish I could get my husband to take pictures like yours ;-) I'm always just standing in front of our yellow living room wall ;-)

    That's SO exciting that you have scheduled your ultrasound already!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
    I will have to wait until I'm at least 21 weeks since we won't be home when I just hit the 20 week mark. Although one week doesn't seem very long, it IS for me *lol*.

    And I agree with Julie, it will be very funny to see what all you have to hold at the end of the pregnancy :-)

    Looking forward to week 16.

  3. I don't usually comment - Looks like I have missed a few entries lately! I just wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy, I cried reading about your loss earlier in the year and am so pleased for you! Sam

  4. This just makes me soooo happy! Happy, happy, happy.

  5. I hope you find out via gender cake this time! :)

  6. You look so great. Props to Nate for being such a good photographer!
    I'm so excited for Jan when you find out boy or girl. I'm not so secretly hoping for a girl for you, little girls are the best!

  7. SO CUTE!!! <3 The bump is getting bigger and bigger! :D

  8. I love that you have a cute little bump already! It's crazy to think about how I was reading all of these updates when you were pregnant with Truman and now he's in the pictures with you. Is it crazy to already be feeling movement? I've read that that happens sooner with your second baby. Can't wait to find out what you are doing about finding out the sex!


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