16 weeks: holy guacamole!

Sixteen weeks: 12.14.11



Size of baby: an avocado! Both The Bump and Baby Center agree on this one. Makes me crave guacamole for sure.

Cravings: still with the sugar. We threw a little holiday party here last weekend so Truman and I made peanut butter blossom cookies and then these amazing oreo truffles. To say that I had my share of both treats would be severe understatement.

What I love: feeling little kicks, seeing an actual pregnant bump, and mostly just being pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Anatomy scan in just 4 more weeks!!

Worries: Surprisingly sane this week. I mean, I'm still using my doppler daily but mostly I feel fairly relaxed at the moment.

What is different this time around: The 'second-timer' bump is freaking out of control. Also, I'm not spending every spare moment researching baby gear, nurseries, etc etc.

Symptoms: Not much at all. In fact, I was just reveling in the idea that I feel SO much better now than I did in the first trimester. I don't have to nap when Truman naps, I can actually amp up my caseload at work, and I have energy in the evenings to do fun Christmas-y things (and learned to blog again). No complaints here! Well except I did have a few days of lower back pain after standing or sitting in one place too long, I had some weird acid reflux one day that made me want to gag for a whole evening, and then I thought I might be getting hemorrhoids. But at the moment I feel great, so I'm going with that!

Sleep: Yes, lots. No naps but really good sleep at night, but that urge to pee as soon as I awaken for the day is back.

Movement: A few more strong jabs, nearly every day now. I love feeling the babe move so much it's sort of sickening. :) Also, at exactly 16 weeks I promise you that I felt the baby kick from the outside, with my hand on my belly. It was fairly light but I am 100% sure this was baby. You may be rolling your eyes at me for this proclamation because it's ridiculously early but I have to document it anyway!

The belly: Not really fluctuating anymore, staying out there all the time. I officially brought my maternity clothes out of hiding because I just cannot stand how short my shirts have gotten and how uncomfortable my pants have become. I can still wear my regular jeans and one pair of work pants but that is it. Of course, most of my maternity stuff is still way too big but I don't even care, it's comfortable. And according to this blog I didn't wear maternity clothes until 24 weeks with Truman. INSANITY.

Boy or Girl: Honestly, I'm going out on a limb here (because I truly pride myself on guessing the sex of babies right in most all of my friends and myself in the past). But I really think girl right now. VERY weird to admit because I've thought boy for so long, even before I was pregnant---I just pictured us with another boy. But for some reason this past week has been a 'girlie' week. Maybe my intuition will change but for now I'm thinking of girl names (all of which Nate will surely shoot down).

Milestones: The babe is 4.5 inches long and 3.5 ounces and apparently is gearing up for a major growth spurt in the next few weeks, doubling in weight by then. And baby has grown toenails by now. Cue the Juno quote with that one:)

Best moment of the week: It's really just been a good week overall, sorry to be cheesy and annoying and all high on life. I really think 16 weeks seems like a hurdle of some sorts, since being 4 months pregnant makes it feel pretty darn real, you know? I did have my Quad Screen blood work done on Thursday but I'm trying not to worry too much about the results just yet. And look at this adorable ornament my mom sent me tonight: remembering baby Wren will always help put things into perspective for me.


{and because I hadn't updated my blog layout and header since FEBRUARY I figured it was high time. Loving the new color scheme and pictures, might keep it this way for another year or so:) }


  1. 1. Love the new header.
    2. You are adorable.
    3. So sweet of your mom to send that ornament! Very special.

  2. I love seeing these updates! Love the new look and all I can think about is guacamole right now... and salsa.

    That ornament is a treasure. What a wonderful gift.

  3. Julia you are too cute!! I also picture myself with another boy...but I'm not pregnant yet. Weird eh? I can't wait to find out what you are having!!

  4. Your pictures are just way too neat! And I love the new blog theme! So cute :) Congrats on getting to "4 months" status. I can't wait to find out if your "girlie" intuition is right!

  5. Glad you busted out the maternity clothes already - if you've got them, might as well wear them! I too share your hatred for too short tops... now the maternity shirts are also getting there. Very annoying. I have about 4 tops that are actually long enough (one is that ON one I was raving about) so those will be in heavy rotation for the next 2 months!

  6. I love that ornament! So sweet. I'm so glad you're feeling good at 16 weeks. I really don't have a guess now although I love it when moms of boys have another boy. Helps me feel like I'm not alone in my crazy little boy world ;)

  7. Loving the new blog layout! I need to get on that asap.

    I will adore your child if it's boy or a girl, but, ahem...like I said before, Gabriella needs a girlfriend ;)

    Can. not. wait until that reveal!

  8. Yup, still tearing up everytime I see you pregnant. Freaking amazing.

    Love that ornament. It'll hit you like a ton of bricks next year when you take it out to decorate the tree, just saying.

  9. julia,

    i'm glad that you're 'cheesy and annoying and all high on life' you deserve to be!

    take care mama!

  10. No eye rolls here on feeling the baby! Chad was able to feel this baby move from the outside at 16 weeks and last week at 18 weeks we were able to see my belly moving. The early movement is so crazy since I though feeling butterflies with Charlotte at 16 weeks was crazy early!

    Love the new header!

  11. Your blog looks great! And you look so ridiculously cute. Reading these progress reports make me miss being pregnant-I really enjoyed that time as much as I love having my little girl on the outside.

    What a beautiful ornament to remember Wren by.

  12. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog when trying to find a picture of a pregant lady to show my two little boys so they can understand what is going to be happening to their mommy's belly soon! :) I love your blog! I am also a native Wisconsinite (now living in Idaho) so I think you are even cooler now. However, I must say that you am 16 weeks is about how I look today - at 7. So... that's a little discouraging! :)


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