17 weeks: blooming onion

Seventeen weeks: 12.21.11




Size of baby
: an onion according to The Bump, or a turnip by Baby Center's standards. The turnips at the store were sort of overwhelming and weird to me, so I stuck to a safer pick this time around. :) And now I am craving a blooming onion from Outback.

Cravings: not a whole lot this week, which is a first! I mean, I'm still eating VERY well and loving my desserts but haven't had true cravings this week.

What I love: wearing maternity clothes and feeling more and more pregnant each day.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Anatomy scan in just 3 more weeks!! And I can't wait for those big, intense movements that will make my entire belly move. Oh, and nursing. Seeing Andrea nurse baby Gabriella this week, as Gabby reached her tiny hands up towards Andrea's face made me yearn for that sweet bonding experience again. Can't wait!!

Worries: I should get a call from my OB's office before the end of the week about my Quad Screen blood work results. Have I ever mentioned I HATE waiting for test results via phone calls? Every time my phone rings my heart also skips a beat. Hoping they call sooner than later...

What is different this time around: Wearing maternity clothes at 17 weeks.

Symptoms: Nothing really, but I did need a 2 hour nap on Sunday. I think I got a little overly excited about updating my blog tabs on Saturday night and stayed up until almost midnight working on it! Nate jokes I haven't seen the midnight hour in years. Slight exaggeration but party animal, I am not.

Sleep: Yes, love it.

Movement: daily movement with no-joke kicks. I got a massage on Saturday and figured I'd be fine to lay on my stomach with a pillow under my hips but it was SO uncomfortable, and baby was totally freaking out and kicking like crazy. I was totally worried I was smooshing my baby to death but didn't get the courage to speak up, so I just tried to keep shifting my hips back and forth instead. But wow, this baby can really show off some movement when he/she isn't happy!

The belly: It's big. Like 'for real pregnant' big. In fact, I think I 'popped' this week. I think we are due for comparisons between Truman's pregnancy and this one, right? Observe the insanity (but ignore how pale I look this time around, should have just used the darn flash for a better comparison to the first time but whatevs):


And I think I am basically 8 weeks ahead of 'schedule' at this point. Yep, two whole months. Compare and see for yourself, wearing the same jeans for better effect:


Boy or Girl: Still thinking girl but I noticed whenever I use my doppler, I refer to the baby as a boy? No idea why, but I was telling Truman, 'That's his heartbeat!' this morning and realized I just picture him a boy when I listen to him move around. So maybe I'm not so sure about the girl thing anymore, huh?

Milestones: Baby is 5 ounces now and 5 inches long. The skeleton is turning to actual bone while the umbilical cord gets stronger every day. And apparently he has sweat glands, too! This little baby is not messing around anymore.

Best moment of the week: Lois gave me a cash gift for Christmas so I could go maternity clothes shopping and let me tell you, I lived it up like it was my job to find adorable clothes at a decent price. I was at Motherhood Maternity for almost 2 hours trying things on. All of my current maternity wardrobe is just too big for me now, since I bought it all in my third trimester last time, so I got some great 'intermediate' pieces that should last me a good few months (I hope). Trying on fun, cute outfits that don't just make me look like I have a big beer gut does a lot for self-confidence. I think it's really important to feel attractive when pregnant and I'm hoping my new purchases help me feel more like a rockstar and less like an awkward pregnant but-not-too-pregnant-person.


  1. Mmmm a blooming onion sounds delish. Love that preggo belly!!!!

  2. Love the comparisons!! So glad you found some great maternity clothes - it really does make a huge difference. I wish I could justify buying a few more things too, but I know I shouldn't with just 2 months left to go on what probably will be my last pregnancy. Oh well, I'll survive with the too short shirts!

  3. Yay for maternity clothes shopping! I agree that it's necessary to feel fabulous while with child :)

    3 more weeks to the big reveal. Can. not. wait.

  4. I love that pic of the onion in front of the Christmas tree lights!

    I think you're right about maternity clothes--finding ones that fit well is key (and was also a nightmare for me!).

  5. You look awesome Julia! I hope you do a post of your new maternity clothes, like you did last time!!

  6. Looking great! The little kicks are amazing :)

  7. Love it! You look great and so happy! Love these updates! And how awesome of your mother in law!? Super sweet.

  8. eeeek, 3 more weeks! I can't wait...I schdule mine on the 5th and am going nutso!!!! EEEEK!ps, i'm so huge this time around.

  9. That is the cutest bump caused by an onion I have ever seen :)

    Annnnd now I am craving Outback too.


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