14 weeks: My Lemon Baby

Fourteen weeks: 11.30.11



Size of baby
: a lemon--and finally Baby Center and The Bump agree this week!

Cravings: since last week was Thanksgiving, I can safely say I craved EVERYTHING. Sweet, salty, and anything edible. Notice I'm not doing a 'weight gain' topic because I'm not weighing myself at home. Just not interested in the freak out mode this time:)

What I love: being pregnant. Plain and simple.

What I'm looking forward to the most: I have an OB appointment in a few more days and I'm going to twist her arm to let me schedule our anatomy scan at that time. We'll see if it works!

Worries: Definitely had to check baby's heartbeat with the doppler multiple times on the day I announced the pregnancy to the internet. Still have those nerves that something could go wrong at any moment. Not sure that will ever leave me.

What is different this time around: Showing earlier. Otherwise I think I'm pretty much on track with everything else for 14 weeks compared to Truman's pregnancy.

Symptoms: headaches! Ugh. They sneak up on me almost every afternoon/evening and are pretty awful. I tried having a little caffeine but that doesn't even help much--I think I need to be better about eating regularly and not waiting until I'm famished.

Sleep: Very, very good. Took a 2 hour nap today in fact.

Movement: In the past few days I have had some DEFINITE jabs, like, 'Woah-that was totally the baby!'. I love it so much I cannot even explain.

The belly: Still fluctuating depending on the time of day. I took off my jacket the other day and Truman pointed to my tummy and said, 'Baby!' really loudly. Must have been a 'big belly moment' or something. :)

Boy or Girl: Nate admitted he sort of wants a girl this time, so I've been letting that idea marinate a bit this week. But honestly, I'll be totally thrilled with either option as long as baby is healthy (cliche but true). Truman would love a brother close in age I'm sure, and we could reuse some of his clothing. Plus we just 'know' baby boys if that makes sense, it's our comfort zone. But frilly pinks and girlie things would be wholly welcomed, too. I guess we will find out in about 6 more weeks!

Milestones: baby can squint, frown, grimace, pee, and maybe even suck his thumb! When I think about such expressions in the womb I can't help but imagine my little Truman, who is so expressive outside of the womb, and wonder if this little babe will be just as dramatic. Baby is also 3.5 inches and 1.5 ounces now. Grow baby, grow!!

Best moment of the week: coming out to the internets. The love and supportive comments on this blog, Facebook, and then texts/messages/emails were totally overwhelming in the best way possible. Definitely glad I timed the reveal with Wren's due date because I'm feeling the love, and it makes this pregnancy seem even more real.

{almost caught up! Will be 15 weeks tomorrow on Wednesday, 12.7.11 and I'm going to attempt to do a 'real time' post for that week tomorrow. No more backdated posts!}


  1. Love your pregnancy pics- so cute!

  2. Whoops! I read yesterday's post but totally forgot to comment. I wanted to say that you are probably feeling that sweet baby of yours moving away. I felt Gabriella really early too and I was afraid to admit it in case people thought I was crazy. But when you're pregnant for the second time I think you *just know* the difference.

    Enjoy every yummy treat that comes your way! You look great, you gotta feed that baby of yours and you know you'll lose every pound :)

  3. Love your outfit! These pics are great. Glad you've made it up to the present day, although I will miss the daily posts :)

  4. SO happy to read about all of your family's wonderful news!

  5. I love reading those weekly (well, right now daily ;-)) updates. Your belly pictures are beautiful!!!

  6. OH how I miss feeling his little kicks and loves from inside the womb! So cute! You are just so cute!

  7. You are so pretty, Julia! Is Nate taking these photos for you? He's doing a great job!

    I'm gonna vote girl although I'm usually wrong ;)

  8. I will miss the daily posts! Wonderful photos! x

  9. Do you mind if I ask how long it usually takes you to find the babies heartbeat? I used to find it fairly quick but the last few times it took me forever.

  10. I dont think you could possibly look any cuter! Love the outfit and I'm loving these posts! Adorable!

  11. You're totally adorable. I love that Nate would love a girl! I cannot wait to find out what you're having. And whoo hoo for movement, best part of pregnancy!!

  12. I'm pregnant with my first and have been going back through the archives to reread your pregnancy journeys. I'm a long time follower, but love revisiting the old posts as I hit the same milestones you did with your pregnancies. Just thought it was too funny that you wondered if this babe would be "as dramatic" as Truman. Made me laugh...little did you know who would be coming in May!

    1. LOL I don't remember Truman EVER being dramatic. Maybe Cecelia just outshines him so much in this category, but hilarious!!


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