Airplanes, turkey, teeth, and a black eye

A lot of photos from my real camera to capture our amazing Missouri trip's memories:

(fun with Thomas at the airport)

(really excited about being allowed to watch a DVD on our laptop here and also in the air)

(home! My mom has officially converted her famous 'wedding tree' into a 'Thanksgiving tree'. It only took 5 years for our wedding pictures to be overtaken by grandkids;) )

(Truman's new bedroom is FULL of amazing finds from my childhood. Case in point: this awesome land line phone that I had in high school, painted with my nailpolish. Gah!)


(the crew on Tuesday afternoon)

(freshly squeezed OJ = only something he gets with Go Go)

(someone loves Golf Digest)

(and new barrettes from Go Go)

(Wednesday morning--full of smiles with her first tooth!)

(Memaw and her great grand)

(a very Go Go/Pinterest lunch)

(Hannah's fam came to visit a bit! Everyone is looking and half-way smiling!)

(pool shark--and my parents have the best game room ever in the basement)

(Thursday morning smiles!)

(this kid)


(Truman let me line up old match box cars into a rainbow. Both kids are thoroughly impressed, obvi)


(one of the chefs taking baby girl out for fresh air. Why do I love this pic so?)


(loves his new room with toys, I told you)

(warning: Great-Grandpa and Cecelia are TOO cute. Framers.)


(loves to cook)




(great attempt at a shot with me and the kids)

(and our impromptu photo shoot by mom. Love these!)

(the chosen one for cards, although T isn't looking at the camera. Still a winner)

(Cecelia! Why that face?)

(a new all-time fave--my kids and their great grandparents)

(playing with Great Aunt Beth and a new book/Thomas toys)


(Friday morning with Po Po)

(these two!)


(sink bath time)

(Uncle Mike came in from Colorado! First time meeting his niece)


(puzzles are a tradition for our visits in MO)


(she cracks me up with her prop sitting!)


(Sunday--anyone remember this Marble Madness game?)


(her with her TWO teeth now!)


(fun with bubbles--another Pinterest thing, no doubt)


And now my awful story for this post:

Truman got his first black eye on our trip and it was seriously horrifying to watch. We were all downstairs and I was about 3 feet away from him as he started running toward the foosball table, really excited to play the game with us. I saw him trip---which happens at least 2-3 times per day---but this time it was right in front of the table. As he went down my heart literally stopped and when the loudest CRACK known to mankind rang out across the house, I felt ill. I thought he had knocked out every.single.tooth we'd all suffered so much to get. I thought that as I pulled him off the floor I would see a ton of blood. But he was screaming in pain and I just rocked him and searched his face for any signs of blood. At first I didn't see anything and then I watched his right outer eye swell up immediately with a small cut along side of it.

Is there anything worse than seeing your child get hurt? Truman is a typical 2.5 year old boy and he definitely has his share of bumps and bruises. But nothing like this. His first black eye was a doozie---both Nate and I were questioning a trip to the ER to rule out any fractures or issues with bleeding behind his eye socket. Nate is usually so calm and collected in situations like these but even he was freaking out a bit. My mind just went into 'medical focus' and all I could think about was how our insurance might not cover an ER trip outside of the Wisconsin network, and how if I was with Truman at the hospital Cecelia might actually starve to death. Very rational, right? But I don't think I could wrap my head around the fact that Truman was actually going to be okay. How was it possible that he didn't need stitches after an injury like that? How did he not break his nose or teeth? I really do believe that it could have been 100 times worse and thank God for protecting him during Truman's fight with the table. He was so brave and surprisingly got over it pretty quickly, considering that even a scraped knee means at least 4 days of constant talking about his owie.

It was incredible to me to watch his black eye change with time. Kids are SO resilient and the human body is so cool!

Night it happened: Sunday

The next morning: super swollen!



Not even 24 hours later, at the airport: swelling went down and it got a lot darker

And about 36 hours after the fight with the table, Tuesday morning: ready to show off his owie at daycare, which is a LOT better already



He has been a trooper and is NOT being extra careful at all right now. Meaning, he is still running full steam like a mad man and I'm constantly telling him to slow down and be cautious. Boys. Makes a mama extra nervous to watch him be so wild.

The best part is that on the plane ride home on Monday, a lot of people had been commenting about his shiner all day. And as we walked to the back of the plane down the aisle, he just started pointing at his eye with a very serious face, looking around at the strangers to make sure they noticed. Such a ham. Gotta milk this one for all it's worth!

Quite the eventful trip, but worth it! It's good to be home, trying to regain some sense of a routine again, though. And now it's time to focus on Christmas!


  1. I love the nostalgia of your trip home. I no longer have the house I grew up in, but would love to take my family home that. So cool.

    And poor T! I got a black eye just like that in 5th grade gym class, but had to get stitches. It stuck around for a month! and I was so proud of it, haha - such a tomboy. Glad he recovered so quickly!

  2. So many awesome photos!! Where is the blue shirt from the family photos from?? Any shirt that is long and semi-loose is a winner in my book. Truman's eye is amazing. Seeing the pics here all big is way worse than just on instagram!!

    Welcome back to the tundra ;)

  3. Glad you guys had a good trip, but my stomach totally dropped with your story about Truman. So scary, and SO thankful he's recovering quickly. Can't believe Miss Cecilia has 2 teeth!!

    And love all of the photos!

  4. LOVE all the pictures! I've done a horrible job of commenting the last few posts but I have loved it all.

    So glad you had a great trip!

  5. All these pics just warm my heart. And those pics of Truman and his black eye just kill me - as I said, they will be priceless to look back on one day!

    Love your scarf in the family pics!

  6. Great photos!! Makes me wish I'd made it a priority to get my 'big camera' out at Thanksgiving.

    And poor Truman! Watching your kiddo in pain is the absolute worst. My little guy fell onto a plastic drum just after he'd learned to walk and split his eyebrow open. I still remember the sound of the fall, the anxiety I felt, the inability to stop my hands from shaking, the scary drive to the ER... ugh! I think I know why the grey hair are multiplying!

  7. I'm glad you had a good trip!

    Brigham had an injury that looked just like Truman's. It was awful! I can imagine the freak out because I had one just like it :)

  8. I have to say how awesome I think your family is. I find that there are so many family events that I go to on my side where I feel like my children are just a bit of a nuisance to people, you know? They're loud, they get in the way of the football games, the spill and make messes. So seeing pictures of your extended family peoples all totally into it, on the floor, playing with the kids, constantly holding the baby, it's just really really cool. You are lucky to have so many people in your life that dote on your kids that way, even if you have to get on an airplane to see them. ;)

    Now this is my extended family, on Dan's extended family side, they are ALLLLLLLL about the kids, those family functions are a huge break for us because we barely have to watch our children, there are so many people around who want to do it for us.


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